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  1. No matter what layout I try, the links for the forest and jungle ONLY won't work, so I can't catch the new eggs!
  2. There seems to be no bachlorette in my cave.
  3. I got a late start on this. I hope it lets me finish attracting a mate. This is awesome, TJ and spriters!!! Thanks so much!! I love the event and the eggs are so beautiful! Love and luck to all!
  4. Maaa. No win here. Hopefully many long years to come to try again. I love all the events in any respect and the little badges on the scrolls for each one. Congrats to everyone who got a new baby!
  5. That would be my goal too, if I win. Squeeeeeeee!
  6. Thanks, TJ! Good luck to everyone!
  7. I think it was a great idea for the color changes. I ended up with one blue and three rosey wings, but at least I know I can dictate which colors I get next year. I'm really happy to know we can get both colors. Awesome job, TJ and spriter! Sorry, I'm horrible at remembering names of spriters for some reason.
  8. Very awesome and thank you, TJ! Good to know we can have both wing colors on the solstices.
  9. I think it would all work out best if prize dragons only bred the one egg, but actually gave an egg more often than not. Though... I believe I've found a good way around the ratio thing. I'll share my personal experience. I have a low gen shimmer and I find it's more willing to give me an egg to give away right after a release of new common dragons. Hope this helps those prize breeders out there. I did a bit of experimenting with that. It didn't make it 100 percent, but it pushed up the success rate quite noticeably. Either way, I wouldn't really mind if I had a prize and it was multi-clutching. I'd just say good luck to the ones who were hunting the AP at that moment. I'd even send a message out to everyone to warn that I was doing that breeding so everyone would get a fair chance to catch the offspring. Personally, I just love seeing my dragons' offspring get caught, grow up, named, etc. A little extension of the family. Edited for typos at 2:30 am. Ugh.
  10. I've thanked TJ, the dragon spriters and the story writers, but I forgot about the spriters of the Christmas bars and presents. Thank you for the beautiful sprites. The presents and bars were really excellent! My favorite was the bells with the balls hanging down and I love all those mana bars. Very pretty. Hope everyone has a really great New Year. Edit: Even those little mana crystals were awesome! And I love playing that game over and over just for fun.
  11. Awesome event, stories and dragons, guys! Thanks so much! Can't wait for the raffle drawing.
  12. Wow. This Christmas will be my 1-year anniversary of joining DC. This is so awesome. Thank you, TJ and spriters, for the wonderful badges, eggs, dragons and all the wonderful minds that go into the games, events and story lines. It's been an awesome year and I wish you all the best. Man those hollies are hard to catch. I finally had to get two from the departures board.
  13. I think these would go good with the brutes for a lineage.
  14. Beautiful eggs!!! Thank you TJ and spriters!
  15. Thank you TJ for fixing the event so we could go back and re-start the adventure. It's strangely important to me to have all the little items. Awesome!
  16. I've got 44, counting the duplicate in my top row. I waited more than an hour and nothing else has dropped.
  17. I've got 44 so far and there hasn't been another for at least 25 minutes.
  18. Yep, the two that aren't animated have slightly different faces. One has sharp teeth and the other doesn't. Edit: I just picked up another one. So four jack o lanterns total. The two that look exactly the same, one has glowing eyes now and again while the other doesn't.
  19. Three jack o lanterns so far, each with a different face. One is animated, the other two aren't. One is a kind smile with no teeth, the other has sharp teeth. I'm not having doubles yet.
  20. My invisible ones just showed up too. Plus another one I just grabbed. I think that's 41 now. Edited: Typo Queen.
  21. Yep, just got my third invisible treat.
  22. Yay! I got an invisible treat! Haha!
  23. How many of the trick or treat goodies are there?
  24. Hmm. Not sure what I missed. I got 23 and tried to start over several times, but it won't let me go through it again. It just takes me down the path, then gives me the option to go back to my scroll at the end with no other choices.
  25. Anyone know if clicking "restart" in the carnival will erase the items already collected?