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  1. It's not finished but here's what I got:
  2. I'm currently reading "Dragons: The Myths, Legends, and Lore".
  3. 1. Royal Crimson CB 2. Striped Dragon CB 3. Speckle-Throat Dragon CB 4. Blacktip Dragon CB
  4. Most are named from books that I've enjoyed that have dragons, or games. Most have been names from Eragon of dragon names but I throw in names from other books that I feel fit.
  5. I, Argetlam350, agree that if it has a face, it has a name. I take the oath that I will always name my dragons and none shall go without names as long as they live.
  6. "I will not make more than a single scroll. I'm perfectly content on just a single scroll. I frown upon those who use multiple scrolls and holding scrolls. REAL family members and friends are not holding scrolls and will not be used as such. I will not make a holding scroll and claim it to be a family member or friend." I took the oath.
  7. 3rd January 2014 Dear Journal Oh it's so difficult to write with these wings, maybe next time I could get one of the others to help me who isn't a wyvern, but I have gotten quite good with writing with my feet. Master finally gave me a name. He sat down with us hatchlings and took us in turns, giving us selections of names until we picked one we liked, my name is Garjzla. Master says it means 'light' in some form of tongue. I think it is fitting since my scales reflect light and leaves a gold hue in the cave There's another wyvern like me, I believe he went with Gedwey, which means
  8. Dear Journal, At least that is what master calls you I guess. Oh he hates being called master actually, he would rather be called friend but master always seems so more fitting since isn't that what he is? Then again he allows us to have free reign in this spacious cave and go as we please with few rules to follow and he never asks much of us. This time of year though very few leave the cave, besides me and those holiday dragons, mostly we stay around the fort watching for those that would attack it since it is quite a nice fort and we would hate to see all that work go to waste. There
  9. You've been playing to much Dark Souls when: -When you drop the soap in the shower, and then wonder how long it will take for you to get summoned. -When you put a ring and try to do a ninja flip, then wake up in a hospital. -When you wonder why you can't run while carrying a refrigerator on your back. -When you try to use bonfire as a word in scrabble. -When you rub some moss you found on a cut, then flip out not from the fact that you just infected your cut, but from the fact that it wasn't red moss and now you're screwed. -Someone tells you to go to church, but you refuse and say
  10. Favorite Transformers series for me has to be Beast Wars. I do enjoy most of the other cartoons of the series. However the Micheal Bay movies I'm not to much of a fan of.
  11. Didn't see a topic for this so I figured I would make it since I love Godzilla, though the 1998 movie was pretty terrible, but that is an entirely different topic. This post is for the upcoming movie that is coming out in 2014 called Godzilla which is kind of a reboot and new take on Godzilla and looks brilliant. Especially since they seem to be doing Godzilla right unlike the 1998 movie with Godzilla appearing to look more like his past self in the old Japanese movies with some slight difference and being even larger then ever.
  12. Eragon (though the movie is terrible when compared to the books) Dragonheart How to Train Your Dragon Reign of Fire The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaugh (movie did really a brilliant job on portraying Smaugh) Then a lot of B rated movies that I can't remember the names of.
  13. Oh it's fun, though can be a challenge at first, I wouldn't necessarily say the game is hard but it does give new players a run for their money due to the learning curve which is a pretty steep curve but once you get past that the game isn't that difficult and quite fun.
  14. Looking to be a pretty great sequel. Can't wait for it to come out.
  15. Favorite: Rob Zombie Runner Ups: Blind Guardian and Miracle of Sound
  16. Anything screamo I can't stand, along with rap. Trying to mix rap and metal is even worse though.
  17. Hard to pick from what is my favorite, they have a lot of great tracks.
  18. Rob Zombie, Blind Guardians, Korpiklaani, Nightwish, Dropkick Murphies
  19. Dog person. To many bad experiences with cats, though I've know a few nice ones (heck one acted like a dog ) but I've known way more mean cats then nice ones while with dogs, I've never known any mean dogs only ones that love to be around people.
  20. Mine comes from Eragon and has been with me since I ever actually signed up to a site which was Runescape. The 350 was merely one of the suggestions I got when I typed in just Argetlam and it was the best choice so I took it and it has since just been my main user name I've used since then.
  21. If we are just talking about the first three books of Maximum Ride, then I would say both series are about equal but if we include the final three books of Maximum ride then Hunger Games win hands down. All three books are great, while Maximum Ride went downhill with the final three books and felt forced.
  22. Oh there is: -The Inheritance Cycle -Dragon Rider -The Age of Fire series -The Rain Wild chronicles -Legends of the Dragon Realm -The Dragon's Eye
  23. First book was great, second book was a good follow up, and the third book was perfect end but then he made Max, Fang, and Angel and then the story fell a part in my opinion. Really the last three books just felt forced and overall rather dull and unappealing. I haven't even managed to get through the final book because I just do not like what he did with the series. I especially hated what Angel was becoming and her split personality issues as I like to call it. Going from good to bad, bad to good. It was rather annoying rather then adding anything to the book and then how he just threw Dylan
  24. Eragon all the way. Granted over the years I have read far better books but I personally still enjoy the Inheritance Cycle, the only issue I had with the series was really the ending of Inheritance which seemed to kind of a poor means of ending the book a bit. I had been hoping for something more climatic. Also I have seen far worse books then either these two series yet these two series seem to fall into the categories of either you like them or you don't, there never seems to be an inbetween ground for them. As for Twilight, sorry to those that might like it but I dispise the books al