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  1. Excuse them they cannot leave my perfect blue angle at the bottom of the ocean and then say "No more episodes this year." YOU CAN'T DO THAT TO ME. I need more smol Peridot that has somehow become canon.
  2. Back from the dead. Glad to see the caveman cop at least hasn't changed...
  3. BrokenSelkie Fuse with turtle.
  4. *Starts shooting pinapples out of my hands*
  5. ((Sorry I died there for a while)) Viathen was curious as to what new abilities the strange thing had given it. It didn't want to use up too much mass, as it didn't have a lot to work with. The slime tentatively grew a bony ridge down its back. It thought that that would be helpful for protecting itself, but soon found it made moving very difficult. It tried breaking the ridge into tiny segments. Perfect! It didn't seem to serve much purpose now, but Viathen was proud of itself for growing the bony thing. And hungry. Seemingly always hungry. Viathen slithered off in search for something a bit more substantial that would give it more mass to experiment with.
  6. Shinigami-san Bleach or Death Note? Some sort of anime…
  7. Voting ended in a three way tie and was then generally disregarded. You are all now on the moon because I said so. *Sets 4th dimensional time bomb to 1 hour* Mwahaha! *Spawns an assortment of witches*
  8. i liked it as a joke episode, but if it had been canon I probably would've strangled someone. That thing with Lars and Sadie's ship was hilarious, but now I'm kinda scared.
  9. I saw a promo for the crossover and may watch it for Pearl's reactions alone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REC1fRsrpoI I'm just going to hope Rebecca Sugar knows what she's doing. SHe gifted the world with happy littl elesbian space rocks, so the lest we can do is keep an open mind.
  10. ((Esko, Haley kind of fell off a cliff, so if you maybe want to help her not get impaled by rocks that would be nice))
  11. Viathen dug further into the fluff, feeling the dry surface underneath. It was strange and almost uncomfortably hot, but so was everything else. The slime took a chance and started to absorb the dry thing.
  12. I personally am enjoying yelling "happy little lesbian space rocks!" at my friends at random points during the day. I'm pretty sure everyone in my class wants to strangle me by now. I'm not sure how to feel about the upcoming Steven Universe/Uncle Grandpa Crossover…
  13. I vote for Muchsyrup! Path Light, *Roars at the monkey robots and slashes them* is not participating in this forum game.
  14. Haley clung desperately to the cliffside as it rumbled under some unseen weight. A yelp escaped her lips as bits of rock began to fly loose. She thought she heard Mercedes say something about a Minotaur, but that couldn't be right… Another rumble shook the cliff, this one accompanied by a horrid metallic screech. Haley heard Cade yell something angrily at Aphrodite and could help but smile a bit. Obviously her mother was not very popular among demigods. While debating which was a worse plan of escape, climbing the cliff and taking her chances with the Minotaur or jumping off the cliff and trying not to hit a rock, the tiny ledge under Haley's feet crumbled and she dropped towards the sea. All thought of trying to remain quiet disappeared and Haley screamed bloody murder.
  15. The organic didn't seem dangerous, however, Viathen had learned that things weren't always what they seemed. It strained to see the details of the organic and the inorganic that contained it. The slime's flat eyes could only make out blobs of color, but its facefins could detect the strange texture of the things. It cautiously poked its facefin closer to the organic. It recognized the texture as similar to the kind that puffed through breaks in its makeshift armor. The organic was fluffy! Viathen rubbed the rest of what might be described as its head against the fluffy organic. It was one of the first pleasant experiences the slime had had, as it didn't involve pain or being hungry.
  16. It is now the end of the week because I said so. I hasn't been like a month. What are you talking about. *shoots colorful fireworks into the skyyyyyy* Let the voting commence! You may vote once for the person who has been the most imaginative and is not you. The winner will get to pick the next setting!
  17. Did anybody else catch that the swings in the credits were the ones from Stan's mind? I had seen a theory about the rotted side of the mind-swing representing Stanley, but never actually believed it! Also right before I watched the episode one of my friends siad "I can't believe its over," meaning the episode, but I thought she meant Gravity Falls as a whole. After having a twenty minute panic attack, I googled it and found out that it wasn't over, thankfully. But I am upset about ANOTHER hiatus. But hey, I could be into Sherlock.
  18. I would like to either be a veeeeeeeery stereotypical angel or a veeeeeeeery stereotypical demon. Because throwing stereotypes at non stereotypes is fun. Whichever one is needed, I guess.
  19. Haley fell down when Zeditha released her, gasping for breath. She cringed at the thought of how long it would take her to wash the dragon stink out of her clothes. When the Eskimo guy and his dragon showed up, the purple dragon seemed to immediately forget Haley. She wasn't sure if she was happy or annoyed. The conversation that followed was a blur to Haley, but the boy and the dragon soon flew off and the deranged girl limped away. She couldn't fly, so Haley followed the girl from what she hoped would be a safe distance. Mercedes officially terrified her. The decision paid off, though, as Cade appeared and approached the girl. By the time Haley got close enough to hear what they were saying, they had hopped in Mercedes's truck and were driving away. Haley cursed herself. "Now would be a great time for some godly help or something, mom," she spat at the sky. And then she was on a cliff. Haley could hardly stifle her scream. She was on a rock ledge that was much too small on a cliff that was much too high. She would have screeched down an avalanche if she hadn't heard voices above her. Mercedes and Cade's voices, to be exact. After listening for a while she almost felt bad for Cade. He didn't want to do this any more than she did. She might've felt bad for Mercedes too if her attitude wasn't so annoying. But as she didn't really have the means to stop eavesdropping, Haley stayed on the cliff and spied like a good daughter.
  20. Viathen attempted to move off of the uncomfortable spot, irked that it didn't seem to be able to get a moment's rest. It tentatively touched the uncomforable area with its face fins. The slime jerked them back quickly, as the place seemed to only be becoming more and more uncomfortable. Viathen crawled away from the place. It was beginning to think that organics were everywhere, just dangerous, or under something, or impossible to get. It was all very frustrating to the slime, which knew very little.
  21. Viathen wildly tried to absorb as many of the organics as possible. They tasted awful, but the slime's hunger began to subside as it absorbed more and more. Viathen could vaguely see a few escape through the hole it had made to get in, but it managed to catch enough to make the hunger less noticeable. Viathen wormed its way out of the container and flopped down. Exploring was hard work.