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  1. I wanted to be a vet, a zookeeper, a singer, an authour, and an astronaut. I became an entomologist.
  2. My dog was barking, so I had to go grab him and AFK autoattack a boss fight in Runescape. It is not a difficult boss, but it took a bit to catch the dog. I came back to death.
  3. Oh I love it! Holidays can be pretty busy for people, so people often miss out on getting all the eggs. Plus it would be really nice to have the full collection even if you started late.
  4. AAAAAAAH! Yes! I love this one! I am such a big fan of this movie! It is my favourite animated film ever. ❤️
  5. Yeah, I know he is fine. I use small jerks for corrections on the heel, but it was a seriously hard jerk of the leash, enough to physically yank him into the air a bit. He was REALLY confused and upset. He is fine now, of course, but I felt like total ****, and I was super angry that I was forced to do that to keep him safe.
  6. Today started out SO well. I had a fantastic ride (horse) and was feeling really on top of the world. Then my advisor took forever getting suggested edits to me on the application due today. Then I call the office to double check a formatting thing regarding the application and discover my second letter of recommendation writer had not sent in my letter yet and had just left for Spain. So I email him, and I figure I will take my dog for a while while I wait for a reply. I didn't even make it to the park (a few blocks away) when some self-absorbed jerk came flying out of a parking garage and very nearly hit my dog. If I had been a split second slower in yanking him HARD backward by the leash/collar, he would have probably been dead. And the guy looks down at my dog, then just speeds off. Didn't even have the decency to look upset about it, let alone apologise. My poor dog was so confused and frightened by suddenly being yanked by the leash (not something he is used to), and I have been in a fit all night about it. All the stress has given me a killer headache, and I have a quiz tomorrow morning. Ugh.
  7. Animals purposely abort their fetuses a lot more than people realise. In fact, MOST mammals have the capability and do abort fetuses. Only a few mammals (great apes, certain bats, elephant shrews) have "invasive placenta" in which the fetuses grow a placenta around them that attaches to the uterine wall so they can't be aborted easily. In other mammals, females will absorb/abort the fetuses any time that conditions are not right (whether they be lack of resources, poor health of the mother, or even social problems in social species). Many marsupials are super callus from a human perspective. They produce and give birth to several underdeveloped young, and only a few can possibly survive. The ones that don't get to a teat first fall off and just die. Animals also mate all the time when they do not want to have offspring. Nature is super brutal. CW: mention of forced animal mating, insects And regardless of whether the initial words were your own, you can't just say "don't talk about it" because you don't like the answers you were given. You chose to put those words there. You chose to continue talking about abortions quite vehemently throughout the thread. As such, people can address those poorly-informed opinions in this public forum.
  8. I love them! So happy! Enby rep! ❤️❤️❤️
  9. Ion uses they/them?! ❤️ Aaaaah....!
  10. Try pressing spacebar if you are on your computer. Not sure how to do it from mobile.
  11. It's go time! OMG is this event an otome?!
  12. How many trick or treat items are there? I think I have 49, which seems a bit low, but I have not seen any more pop up.
  13. Thanks, Knifesmile, for this really pretty combo with caligene! Not at all what I was looking for, but too cute to toss back.
  14. Ribombee

    Pokemon Go

    My partner got a shiny shuppet. I am so jealous. I got a shiny beldum last community event, but I really want a shiny shuppet. If anyone wants to share friend codes, send me a PM? I need two more for the task.
  15. Forum name: Ribombee PM address: List of Halloweens I'm willing to breed: WORK IN PROGRESS Full list here until I am finished! Cavebreds Will breed for Halloweens I need, free after I get the ones I need (except tinselkin) CB bronze tinsel male x Halloween mate of your choice Pumpkin: 4 males, 3 females Black Marrow: 2 males, 2 females Shadow Walker: 2 males, 1 female Cavern Lurker: 1 male, 1 female Grave: 1 male, 1 female Desipis: 2 male, 3 female Caligene: 9 male, 9 female Witchlight: 10 male, 11 female Omen: 4 male, 4 female 2nd Gens (Offspring 3rd gen, link goes to offspring example) - Will breed for free x- DOUBLE spriter alt base checker x - Nilia x Pumpkin x - Dark Myst x Pumpkin x - Pumpkin x Pygmy x - Pumpkin x Pygmy x - Red x Grave x - Red x Grave x - Grave x Magma x - Grave x White x - Pillow x Grave x - Kingcrowne x Grave x - Kingcrowne x Grave x - Brute x Black Marrow x - Silver x Black Marrow x - Silver x Black Marrow x - Black Marrow x Red x - Silver x Cavern Lurker x - Albino x Cavern Lurker x - Albino x Cavern Lurker x - Lumina x Cavern Lurker x - Lumina x Cavern Lurker x - Cavern Lurker x Flamingo x - Shadow Walker x Black Tea x - Shadow Walker x Celestial x - Shadow Walker x Lumina x - Shadow Walker x Moonstone x - Shadow Walker x Moonstone x - Shadow Walker x Moonstone x - Shadow Walker x Silver x - Shadow Walker x Silver x - Storm x Shadow Walker x - Storm x Shadow Walker x - Aeon x Caligene x - Aeon x Caligene (no offspring yet, each parent linked instead) x - Black x Desipis x - Falconiform x Desipis x - Red x Witchlight 3rd Gens Working on it! List of Halloweens I need: x 2nd gen Perma-enraged Aegis x Caligene (f) x 3rd gen Flamingo x Cavern Lurker (f): need 2, one for [x] and one for [x] x 3rd gen Silver x Desipis (f): mate for [x] x??? - 2nd gen tinselkin from Halloween dragon. Preferred mates are grave or black marrow List of commons from Halloweens I still need: None
  16. Sometimes it is not even an intentional lie. I have personally found mistakes in my trade where I had the wrong description on the wrong egg or offered the wrong egg entirely! Either way, automatic generations would be helpful. It would cut down the work required to find what you want. The AP is supposed to be a grab bag. Trading is not.
  17. Teleport could remain on the trading hub page, I think. Earthquake is an action for the whole scroll, so I think it would also be find to leave under the BSA itself. It is not specific to a single egg. That would only leave precog, influence, incubate, bite, and ward. That would make it at least a bit less messy. I could even argue maybe bite should remain on the vampire's page only, because a lot of people consider the biting vampire to be the parent and care specifically which one bites an egg.
  18. Exactly what I am doing. I just wanted fast growing messies, which I got from the AP. I save my CBs to trade for bulk mimic hatchies, and I did not want to wait the full time for freshly bred eggs. Even someone not fast in the AP or biomes could still pretty easily get purebreds in the departures thread or trade for a messy one in the hub by breeding something someone wants. Chuck them afterward. Even having something be all a common breed could still "restrict" a playing style by forcing us to raise up a common we don't care for, but they can still be released, zombified, or just killed after the requirement is done. If someone's playing style is SO narrow that they can't raise certain dragons or release afterward, that honestly is on them, not the system. The point is to have more varied raffles. The first one, sure, was likely a random roll for a rare (as CBs), but still easy to get as messies or even nice lineages. The next time it might be to raise 3 pygmies, and someone might hate pygmies, or to raise 3 westerns, and someone only collects easterns. They can make the choice to enter or not, if they are really that against raising that specific kind of dragon.
  19. The Trade Hub is where people can offer eggs and hatchlings for trade to other users and list what they want in exchange: https://dragcave.net/trading
  20. Now that some of my new releases have hatched, I have allowed myself to look through the improved Trading Hub. :) The pagination makes it so much nicer! It's really fun to just browse and see what might be interesting, and for my own trades, I can feel better leaving them up without the stress of constantly having to update them to have them be seen. I love that we can link to groups again. It makes it easier for me to see what people want that I might be able to offer. Thanks for listening, TJ and company! I'm excited about the intimidating hatchling. It might be a good pair with tinsels, golds, and some of the other chunky dragons. I just hope it is not too common so that it is impossible to get shinies from. 🧐 Time will tell!
  21. PAGINATION AND RULES. HALLELUJAH! Thank you! Proof that dreams do come true!
  22. I’m now collecting murder chickens (mimics).
  23. Thank you, anon, for a new lineage idea! It looks like the murder chicken is pile driving down on the nilia and flattening it. I love it! 🤣