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  1. Damn you! I post an egg, specifically telling the claimer not to place it's life in danger and to name it. And guess what? Two seconds after he's been claimed, vampire bite, AND no scroll name, so I can't yell at them. I put good effort into making a nice egg for someone to enjoy, and some people just disrespect. If you don't want an egg DON'T TAKE IT. Not so hard to understand, is it? and if you just wanted to make a vampire, wouldn't an AP egg or an egg you caught yourself work just as well? Heck, it would probably even be better, since there would be less time to wait for it to hatch.
  2. Granted, but then people begin enjoying everything you do so much that we all turn into clones of you. I wish Bach's double concerto for two violins wasn't impossible to play.
  3. Granted, but then you fall asleep. I wish this thread was easier to find.
  4. I would've had nothing, but my little sister made me french toast and gave me a banana nut muffin. It's days like these you almost feel bad for having such a loving sister. Usually.
  5. Just got told by my teachers on Friday that since my last couple of GPAs were always top (4.21 is the jewel in this year's crown) its probably me being valedictorian, so begin preparing my speech. I've made a bunch of people's days in the last few weeks. I feel fuzzy inside.
  6. 59...... *babbles on an on about how there are many other variables that could affect the results of this test and how I probably have good vision*
  7. January 3. It was supposed to be the first, but since there was a complication I wasn't born on 1-1-01 but instead 3 days later
  8. Murder of Crows. Goldfish in bowls are orang-er than goldfish in streams or rivers. The faster the water runs the paler goldfish are. Parrot fish females can change into males, but can't change back. Cuttlefish have awesomer color changes than chameleons, they can make moving patterns and can change at will.
  9. Slightly allergic to pollen, it only happens when levels are super high though.
  10. People who make stupid mistakes then have an attitude and are mean when you ask politely for them to correct it. People who can't just ignore an opinion and instead try to make it seem like you should die for having a contrasting view on a subject.
  11. Sunny, but it rained last night so it's horrible. I'm happily on DC all day.
  12. *Swipes those two lovely radient angels who are the variation I never seem to get*
  13. This thread is now about Roundup Max 365.