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  1. Meow number that has become innappropriate
  2. So that's where it went.... Waiter! There is toe gunk in my soup!
  3. Open it, steal the chickens, cheese, and pumpkins and I'll make you some dragon dinner. Waiter! There is a pumpkin dragon in my pumpkin soup!
  4. Hmmm...... Book on left, right, in lap, above my head on the shelf, or the one I'm avoiding (aka history homework book) "'I was the one who told the news.'"
  5. Yip 36 (which reminds me, I gotta walk the dog)
  6. Banned for too many posts in games.
  7. nuetron (have you guys noticed that y, m, t, and e are like, the most common ending of words in this thread? someone end in a p or x or q please?)