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  1. Book Number: 52 Number Of Pages: 292 Book Title: Marie Antoinette; Serial Killer Author: Katie Alender Summary: Colette travels to france on a school field trip and has to solve the mystery of murders involving a secret order, and she's next. Book Number: 53 Number Of Pages: 131 Book Title: Shadow o a Bull Author: Maia Woiciechowska Summary: Manolo is expected to follow in his fathers footsteps as a great bullfighter, but ends up involved in a different way. Book Number: 54 Number Of Pages: 169 Book Title: In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson Author: Bett
  2. Six words: I am not going to graduate. ****ing idiots, why do you have to fight, why didnt you other ***s tell a teacher? why do you idiot seventh graders have to have a food fight when tension was so high? now I can't get my $120 back from the field trip, no one will graduate, and we are on lockdown for the next 6 weeks. ***s. all of you.
  3. Dragon's Code: DYHY Name Proposed: Cupid's Whims Breed of Dragon: Sweetling (regular) Stage of Dragon: adult Other Things to be Said: Naming scheme sort of like ancestor sweetlings Dragon's Code: Gamn Name Proposed: Magic First Christmas Breed of Dragon: Yulebuck Stage of Dragon: frozen S2 M Other Things to be Said: Named after the way christmas has such a magic for us at a young age Dragon's Code: QqM3 Name Proposed: Frozen in Happiness Breed of Dragon: Sunset Stage of Dragon: S2 frozen F Other Things to be Said: For all those sunsets we wished that we could
  4. Am I the only one who would have died of happiness if they stayed like the cute hatchie sprites??? Anyway, PRETTY!! I'm off to find some dragons that would make a pretty line with them
  5. Way to guilty for that one. Forgot to study, still passed, and when asked said that you studied real hard?
  6. No worries, it's just invisible, very light, not wet soup. Waiter! There is a whiny kid in my soup!
  7. attempting to climb mount everest on the first try
  8. It actually started showing cracks as well as hatchling genders now, to help move the AP along.
  9. Well, tell us, what did it say? WAITER! TJ coded my soup like a .png (aka nothing moves)
  10. Effulgent dragons? Emblematic dragons? Fairy Fyre? I am at a loss for reasonable names for those dragons with blue flames.
  11. F3 F1 F3 F1 F3 F1 (on chromebooks f3 is refresh, f1 is go back) ^My sister today. I told her that if she gave me two hatchlings of each release I would let her use my chromebook, headphones, and I "help" her with her math homework. So much better than dumping all my pretty stuff and stressing out over the new release. So... Between frilled and geode. Frost dragons anyone? And ember and fever.... Emblaze? There are about 50 pages of words between ember and fever in the RHCD.
  12. Stick it in a cage. Waiter! There is a gold egg in my soup!
  13. http://awesomescreenshot.com/07b2qwgi3c Daww factor overload.