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  1. One of mine is vamp gone neglected gone zombie. Anyway, it's pretty much like leaving lineages on a neglected, so I am in favor of this going through.
  2. The angels and archangels If they ever came out (hopefully uncommon) then I'd hoard them more than metals. unicorns come in second and third are alabaster dragons
  3. Wow, forgot to update before I returned my books to the library -.- . I'll stop procrastinating now. Book Number: 86 Number Of Pages: 192 Book Title: The Outsiders Author: SE Hinton Summary: The greasers and socs are always facing off in a never ending war, but some want to break the cycle of violince. Book Number: 87 Number Of Pages: 172 Book Title: Owl in the Ofice Author:Ben Baglio Summary: An animal shelter is in trouble, and Mandy and her friends must help fundraise to keep it from closing down and falling into disrepare. Book Number: 88 Number Of Pages: 164 Book Title: The River Between Us Author:Richard Peck Summary: A HF book about the civil war. Tilly Pruit's brother leaves home for war, and she and her new friend must try to bring him back Book Number: 89 Number Of Pages: 213 Book Title: Somebody's Horse Author: Dorothy Nafus Morrison Summary: Jenny wants to take jumping lessons on her favorate horse, Cinnabun, but can't as she has to leave for the summer. At her cousin's house she finds and nurtures back to health a horse dumped in their stables, wondering if she could keep him. Book Number: 90 Number Of Pages: 165 Book Title: Outstanding in My Field Author: Patrick Jennings Summary: A Story told through a game of baseball, Ty Cutter tells of his strained relationships with his father and his wishes to be something better. Book Number: 91 Number Of Pages: 133 Book Title: Gooseberry Park Author: Cynthia Rylant Summary: A squirrel, Stumpy, is seperated from her friends and babies after a huge ice storm, and her ever faithful friends journey to find her and bring her back. Book Number: 92 Number Of Pages: 216 Book Title: The Case o the Missing Marquess Author: Nancy Springer Summary: Enola's mother runs away on her birthday, leaving her two older brother, sherlock and mycroft holmes in charge and to search. However they soon have to add Enola to their list of missing as she sets o to find her mother and has the adventures o a lifetime. Book Number: 93 Number Of Pages: 158 Book Title:Pigs Might Fly Author: Dick King Smith Summary: Daggie Dogfoot, a runty pig, is born with a curios defect and takes advantage of it, becoming the only pig ever to swim. The once outcast becomes the hero of the herd when he saves them all by swimming for help during a storm. Book Number: 94 Number Of Pages: 256 Book Title: Black and Blue Magic Author:Zylfa Snyder Summary: Harry is having a boring summer so far, but when he meets a magical man with a magical suitcase who gives a gift to him, saying that he has magic inside, things get a whole lot more interesting. Book Number: 95 Number Of Pages: 190 Book Title: Could Dracula Live in Woddford Author: Mary Howarth Summary: Sam, a shaggy dog, comes to live in the neighborhood and befriends two girls, dragging them into an adventure and makng them try to help her catch the vampire they are sure lives in a creepy house. Book Number: 96 Number Of Pages: 205 Book Title: Dixie Storms Author: Barbara Hall Summary: Dutch gains a whole new outlook on life when her cousin Norma comes over for the summer. Book Number: 97 Number Of Pages: 548 Book Title: Inkheart Author: Cornelia Funke Summary: Words have more power than they seem, especially when murmered by a silvertongue, who makes everything he reads come to life. Book Number: 98 Number Of Pages: 196 Book Title: Shimmer Author: alyson noel Summary: On what was supposed to be a vacation Riley disobeys the council and takes on a task that's too much for her to handle on her own. Book Number: 99 Number Of Pages: 274 Book Title: Dairy Queen Author: Catherine Murdock Summary: DJ is failing English, and writes about her summer as an assignment to let her pass. However, it escalates quickly into an inside look at the deepest parts of DJ's life. Book Number: 100!!!!!! Number Of Pages: 242 Book Title: Hatching Magic Author: Ann Downer Summary: A Bolt Hole through time connects a bunch of unwilling people, including 3 first class wizards, a pregnent wyvern, and a bared girl who will soon have plenty to do. Book Number: 101 Number Of Pages: 233 Book Title: Lucky Author: Rachel Vail Summary: A rich, popular, and smart girl suddenly has her luck plunge down to zero when her mother is fires, her friends leave her, and her crush hates her. Book Number: 102 Number Of Pages: 128 Book Title: Flying High Author: Annie Dalton Summary: Angels are called in to fix a mishap that's threatening to ruin the entire world, and Mel somehow gets sucked into it all. Book Number: 103 Number Of Pages: 138 Book Title: Otherwise known as sheila the Great Author: Judy Blume Summary: Sheila's summer starts of fantastic, but then everything takes a flop. She attempts to restart it, but everything just won't work out. And maybe, just maybe she's the problem? (sorry i any "f's" are missing, the key on my laptop is stuck. Last time I'm letting my sister use it again )
  4. http://dragcave.net/lineage/IAe0O XP I don't even know why, but it funnies me up.
  5. Book Number: 71 Number Of Pages: 189 Book Title: Rascal Author: Sterling north Summary: As a young boy Sterling befriends and has many mischeviose adventures with a raccoon he found called Rascal. Book Number: 72 Number Of Pages: 211 Book Title: Tomorrow Girls: Behind the Gates Author: Eva Gray Summary:In a futuristic, broken, warring world, 4 girls are sent to a school where everything seems normal enough, until they realise that they are in a sleeper cell school and must escape. Book Number: 73 Number Of Pages: 207 Book Title: Tomorrow Girls: Run For Cover Author: Eva Gray Summary: The Girls band together with three guys from an exact replica of their school, only all boys, and continue on their way home to Chicago. Book Number: 74 Number Of Pages: 137 Book Title: Here's The Thing About Me Author: Katy Kelly Summary: Lucy Rose adjusts to her new life as the child of seperated parents in DC. Book Number: 75 Number Of Pages: 175 Book Title: The Fire Pony Author: Rodman Philbrick Summary: Roy and his half-crazy brother are hired at the Bar-None ranch, and the owner gives Roy a pony. However, Joe, Roy's brother, will soon snap and bring trouble their way. Book Number: 76 Number Of Pages: 216 Book Title: The Case of the Missing Marquess Author: Nancy Springer Summary: Enola's mother leaves home, with only a book of ciphers and flower codes for Enola left behind. Her brothers try to find their mother as Enola does what her mother wanted her to do-escape as well. Book Number: 77 Number Of Pages:190 Book Title: Ramona Quimby: Age 8 Author: Beverly Cleary Summary: Ramona's life is in havoc, her parens are trying to make her grow up, Willa annoys her, a boy in her class is being mean, and nothings going right. Can she find a happy ending? Book Number: 78 Number Of Pages: 454 Book Title: The DaVinci Code Author: Dan Brown Summary: Robert Langdon iis a fugitive from the law when he is accused of a murder he did not commit and gets sucked into a quest for the holy grail. Book Number: 79 Number Of Pages: 173 Book Title: Beware the Fish Author: Gordon Korman Summary: Bruno, Boots, Elmer, and all the boys of MacDonald hall do all they can to keep the school from going bankrupt and closing. Book Number: 80 Number Of Pages: 201 Book Title: The Mysterious Matter of IM Fine Author:Daine Stanley Summary: A mysteriose author is causing the world to go ccrazy, and may even be trying to destroy it. Can two kids save the world from this crazy writer? Book Number: 81 Number Of Pages: 124 Book Title: The 13 Clocks Author: James Thurber Summary: In a faraway land time has stopped, a Prince tries to save a princess and restart time, freeing both from a tyranical duke with the help of the Golux. Book Number: 82 Number Of Pages: 295 Book Title: Marley and Me Author: John Grogan Summary: The life of a family and their dog, Marley, who makes the family what they are. Book Number: 83 Number Of Pages: 199 Book Title: Slob Author: Ellen Potter Summary: Owen is a fat, smart kid, at first glance, but he's much, much more inside. Book Number: 84 Number Of Pages: 218 Book Title: Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days Author: Jeff Kinney Summary: Greg has the bummer summer of his life as everything goes from tolerable to downright painful. Book Number: 85 Number Of Pages: 275 Book Title: The Trumpet of the Swan Author: EB White Summary: Louis is a mute trumpeter swan who uses music to conquer his speech barrier and find a voice that says all that needs to be heard.
  6. 3 CB golden wyverns at the same time. I sense a trading and gifting spree coming on..... Edit: WOOT! Grabbed a fourth fro the AP
  7. Um, just saying, you should use the lineage link instead, since it's illegal to use view links on the forums. Just replace dragcave.net/view/EGGCODE with dragcave.net/lineage/EGGCODE
  8. I Third on that https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B5T5B2aNbwf...it?usp=drivesdk Mass bred most of my available tinsels and shimmers to the AP. Judging by current AP time level, there should be a shiny flood somewhere around 2 days, 2 hours from now. Wed, 5:00 pm if your in TJ's time. Suprisingly, one refusal and only 2 no interests out of so many breedings
  9. Some days if I have extra scroll space and am bored I'll grab some eggs from the ap and viewbomb them myself until they have a huge hole. Then I'll redump them in the AP and watch as someone grabs them. It really helps with some of the commons, they're snapped up pretty fast.
  10. Congrats on your birthday Guardian Found a yoshi in the jungle and caught it :DDDD
  11. Pretty, it's wierd that the colors like eachother, but they do. I caught a magma out of the ap 5 refreshes after it appeared because it was next to a stone
  12. Dummy Egg A term used to refer to an egg placed on a two-way trade not as an offer, but so the owner knows where the egg will go. The egg is usually from the AP and most likely will return there after the swap.
  13. Just abandoned 2 thunders and an ice to the AP so, does anyone have news on how GoN's breed with tinsels???? Edit: updated sprite?! I wanted to see the old one on me scroll first.... Though, very pretty update anyway, my sister always complained that the old ones were "fat"
  14. I took a triple shot of caffiene, watched half a million episodes of Pink Panther to stay alert, took cat-naps all day, and sacrifed studying and doing my homework for this, but it’s all worth it! I just got my first GoN about 4 days ago! EPIC! Edit: FUUUUUUUUUU........ sites down Edit No2 cuz I forget everything: Tinsel x GoN FTW THIS SUNDAY!!!!!!
  15. Sorely tempted to start stalking the ap instead of the birthday event. Oh well, I'll just slip my little sister some candy under the table to pick up some eggs for me. This just made me happier than you would believe: http://dragcave.net/lineage/f1qXP
  16. Summon on the first try. WOOOOOOT Gonna name him something with D'artangan in it. ( get it? look at the names of the guys who summoned him http://dragcave.net/lineage/1bY2d http://dragcave.net/lineage/o1Gnc http://dragcave.net/lineage/OD9ox )
  17. SO pretty! http://dragcave.net/lineage/f1qXP The parents didn't refuse! Now, time to abandon.
  18. Their sprites will move and hearts will start flying off of them. Is TJ09 a wierd kind of food?
  19. (it that even a word?) boasts