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  1. Mine are coming off in a little less than a year, and it's been an uphill battle all the way. I'm one of those unlucky souls with rubber bands, chains, and an orthodontist who frequently forgets o-rings or to cut my wire
  2. Eragon is up there with Harry Potter to me, as for twilight.... I've never been one for romance stories. Hate 'em, I write them well, but I hate reading them. Eragon was more adventure and fantasy, my two favorate genres, while twilight.....
  3. < has lost track of how many times she read the series It's always between ravenclaw or slytherin, but I prefer wisdom over trickery, so ravenclaw.
  4. Favorate vocaloid? Don't make me choose, please, that's painful. as for favorate songs: Magnet Outer Science Purple Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder Story of Evil Series World is Mine Alice of Human Sacrifice Four Seasons My Crush is a Monster Boy Madness of DUke Venomania The tailor shop on enbizaka (I really like the 7 sins series) Two Faced Lovers Alurring Secret: Black Vow Fire Flower Bad End Night Night Tales Decieve The Riddle Solver who can't Solve Riddles Just Be Friends Imagination Forest Remote Paranoi Night Tales Decieve A Young GIrl's Self Harm Habit ^ wow, I listen to all/most of these in one night O.0
  5. Aside from sight reading and playing tottaly relaxed I'm a pretty good violinist, with about 15 other instruments on the side.
  6. dA always and forever. I've gotten comfortable to the features, and crackdown on art theives is pretty good. Not to mention most people are nice
  7. Sunny after the non-stop raining for the past few days.
  8. Here I mostly do poetry and a few stories will be uploaded as soon as I get the motivation to type them out (they're on paper now) as well as the odd stamp or drawing you can find.
  9. If we can be close friends than we can go beyond friends with me, simple as that
  10. Biromantic Demi here Try explaining that when you try to come out "well, I like guys and girls but only after I have formed a close and deep emotional bond which results in me crushing on my besties pretty often. however, that doesn't stop me from finding random people attractive. I just wouldn't want to date them." much harder than just saying something like this: http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2014/185...999-d7p8w11.gif So most of the time I just say that I'm bi. Close enough.
  11. I think I might have solved the mystery of the familiar looking egg. remember this year's festival of eggs? or I could just be really tired and seeing similarities out of nowhere
  12. "Magic seems weaker when it is near" I stand by curium as the dragon name.
  13. We'll get better guesses once TJ's decide to stop being stubborn and hatch already I'm leaning more towards curium, which would make the sort order correct.
  14. Pink and wobblies and bronzes between canopy and cheese. caterpillar something for the pink anyone? (jungle being a good clue here) caramel sounds good, or "curium" for the radioactive element, hence the uneasiness.
  15. I've only hidden my scroll once, when a bunch of rare egg of mine were in trades and getting viewbombed, but otherwise I like showing off. One of my goals is to one day be that scroll on DC where a newbie looks at the 10+ pages and all the badges and says "wow".
  16. When you see a bunch of balls like this in walmart and it's like "DINO EGG MUST CLICK"
  17. I'm tired and groggy as hell, and I have camp tommorow, but my dog's a mommy now! Should probably get back to helping, she's still laboring. Edit: 4 Puppies at 7:26 am est
  18. Was planning on going to comicconn (comiccon ct) this year but school is in the way -.- Otherwwise, I'm working on a DM pygmy costume.
  19. Dink the Little Dinosaur Edit: also Dew Drop Dead Guessing no one loved that show as much as I did? (even though I wasn't there when they came out, I have a few on DVR)
  20. That dragon has really good taste This guy is Nozy to the power of 3 edit: just picked up this Palindrone from the alpine http://dragcave.net/lineage/IHPHI
  21. When hunting for red dorsals and tan ridgewings it's best to do so right before you go to school/work/sleep. Therefore you don't have it clogging up an egg slot for 5 hours while playing and don't have to bite or kill it. Then, once you get back online, you just AP it.
  22. If my papers aren't named for a piece of music I really like they will cast a spell on all my instruments so that I'll never play the piece on it well again. Must be why I am aiming to grab a bunch of papers before August/September when pretty much every orchestra is holding auditions.
  23. The code went something like Cowww D'Artagnan the Protector I put a similiar name for my GoN Wierd minds think alike
  24. Golden Rhino for a gold I never really noticed that the sprites look that way.
  25. I was just about to come out to a group of friends who had no idea that I'm not straight, via webcam. I set this up for MONTHS so this would be easy on both me and you. Then what? I get a PHONE CALL HOME FROM MY ****ING TEACHER RIGHT WHEN I WAS ABOUT TO TELL THEM. COuldn't even bring good news, couldn't you? Had to break it to me that I lost valedictorian by .004 GPA points, then you scold me for not doing as well on my last essay, otherwise I wouldn't have been second. All the while, I begin crying, and you ****ING YELL AT ME for being a SISSY. Excuse me, but do you think that having four of my friends looking at me wierd while I cry because A ) now its gonna be pretty impossible for me to come out to them and B ) you think it's ok to call me a a sissy AND make a home phone call at the worst time possible. Then you tell me my speech is due in 5 waking hours. I ****ing hate you.