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  1. Sunny, no wait, overcast, no wait, sunny again, nevermind, its raining, owait its bright again..... One gets the idea
  2. There's also a really nice one for kids who prefer animal versions of everything: And Tango Makes Three here's a link to a reading of it
  3. *high fives* I keep my nails short because of violin playing too, though I've never liked long ones anyway.
  4. Someone tells you a baby is (insert gender here) and you think "wow, it matured and got it's wings very quickly"
  5. Impressive! http://dragcave.net/lineage/7ROeT Epicest stairstep ever. all (but the cb) were fails from the ap.
  6. http://dragcave.net/lineage/UGAy1 I have the perfect description planned out for you, fellow rainbow!
  7. http://i59.tinypic.com/350ph0j.png ~Linked for size~ You have to move out of the hatchie room now, little neb. You're old enough to hang out with the big dragons on my scroll now
  8. I don't want to audition for gbyo or western regions or any other orchestra. You have to understand, my family has no extra cash to spend on something like music. The musical financial support got me an expensive violin, and pay for my strings, and the lessons you give me, so how will I come up with the money to audition? $20 for one to audition, and then $500 just to join the begginer orchestra. $600 or more for the orchestras I can get into. and the other one, I can't even pay $20 for my strings, how the hell do you think i'm gonna be able pay $50 just to audition for a top notch orchestra that I probably wont get into. you know who gets in those places? Rich kids, well off, financially secure, kids who have been getting violin lessons since they were two. Kids who practice 4+ hours a day who's family all plays an instrument. Not kids like me who've played for barely 4 years and only had private lessons for one of them. Not kids like me who come from one of the most dangerous, broke, and worst rated city in town. thats why i wont play as hard as you want me to. maybe you'll think that i'm not good enough to audition. maybe you'll think im lazy and suck and cancel my lessons scholarship. that would be good. you'll open up some time for a kid who actually has a chance. someone who does exactely what I do, maybe even less, but lives in your rich side of the state, with loaded parents. she'll succeed, not me.
  9. Currently in second place here: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=ST&f=7&t=162647 I didnt think i would get any votes at all.
  10. Be a dragon, providing it isn't a drake, leviathan or eastern. I want wings!
  11. CALLING ALL VIOLINISTS So, I've been playing violin for almost 4 years. I started out in a public school program, and last year I won a scholarship for free violin lessons. I do three octave scales a bit messily, am in suzuki book 4, kinda know most of my positions but am not really comfortable playing in a few of them, and am working on viotti's concerto number 23 to get into a really good orchestra. Is this normal for a violinist who has played 4 years? If not, what is? (preferably people who learn in traditional or half traditional/suzuki style, full out suzuki students learn way too differently from me to understand)
  12. My tinsel finnaly bred right, now, to just remember who I owe it to.
  13. Tried again and got a 54. Well, I only need to tell the difference between black and white for my sheet music, and I can do that pretty well, so who cares?
  14. Chicken sandwich with a capri-sun and a few foods out of my friend's bookbag.
  15. remind me to never attempt pixeling mist again This egg focuses your energy. Element: (and im just sharing this one on a black backgroun 'cuz it looks cool)
  16. Oh, the way TJ trolled us with the "bluetip" description LOL
  17. http://dragcave.net/lineage/di0TU You are meant for you http://dragcave.net/lineage/jA2Vz thanks moonbeam!
  18. Actually, DragHatch does have a feature like that.
  19. When will the next contest happen?
  20. Pesto, a spoon of ice cream, raw ramen noodles, an egg roll, some vegan meatballs. Being on your period makes you crave the randomest things.
  21. Going on the vulture theme for the pinks: Condor perhaps?