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  1. Path Light died when a dino punched him just a little too hard.
  2. Some things that made this movie my summer movie: -Alexander Rybeck the violinist wrote some epic music -Hiccup's new look *fangirls over awesomeness* -Toothless's NEW look So amazing -The Feels and -My godbrother bought us the extra big popcorn with unlimited refills. Edit: NEW. better?
  3. 5594 5595 when did that change.....
  4. because they get sick if they aren't fed pixels and refreshes. What's the least rare dragon?
  5. I'm cool, love music, and my fave color is red.
  6. Cuz I love cats. Especially those with wings. And hugs. I was tired of people not getting my avatar commissions right so I made this one myself. It's gonna get updated as I figure out how I want to make it better, this one took me about an hour from sketch to final product.
  7. Puppies....... crawling all over me and my keyboard.
  8. Currently working on a blue banded x silver kind of arrow at the moment. x x I admit it was kind of a derp moment......
  9. "I am highly unsure whether your limited cranial capacity can even begin to comprehend the sheer ingenuity of the statements/objects I am making right now" I've been modifying that one since I made it up to make nosy people who ask me what I'm doing/saying to leave me alone.
  10. You start kicking the wall in frustration and end up in the doctor's office when your 50th attempt to get an alt black/vine/right color nebbie fails.
  11. I knew the forum was feeling a bit sluggish today, but this......
  12. Peanut Butter. A PB dragon is one with at least one dragon who has the word "peanut" and one dragon with the word "butter" in it's lineage. What is the rarest dragon?
  13. its been going back and forth between pretty summer day and summer thunderstorms here.
  14. ice cream and some (insert hard to pronounce name of vietnamese food made out of rice and chicken in a kind of soup here)
  15. I just figured out what my method of shading is.
  16. I agree, but getting a second female CB gold then waiting for her to produce another gold and pray that the 2nd gens wouldnt refuse would take too long
  17. I was looking for a GW to make a lineage kind of like this but with golds on the inside and GWs on the out, but I'm not complaining about this guy Edit: http://dragcave.net/lineage/CMan9
  18. I just finished a cassare x gold lineage http://dragcave.net/lineage/D9d4q X X I agree it would look better if there was more cassare showing, but its still pretty to me, so I dont care that much.