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  1. I, Shadoe66, agree that if it has a face, no matter how ugly, no matter how inbred and messy, it deserves, and under my guidance, will have a name. or if you are REALLY picky, here's the boring version -.- I, Shadoe666, agree that if it has a face, it has a name.
  2. I found this Guardian 9th gen inbred dorkface in the AP a while ago. http://dragcave.net/lineage/p0H7C When I was looking through the lineage at first I thought it was mean to call your dragon dorkface, but a couple of months later I found out it was a great lineage. I nearly died going through all my dragons to find it and rename it to include Dorkface, but I eventually did. Didn't realize until about half an hour ago that it was inbred though .
  3. Picking up a pebble in the abandoned page when right next to it was a gold. Using incubate on an egg that had 4 days and 1 hour left. Breeding dragons while my scroll was locked. Viewbombing myself by putting my eggs in about 10 sites. The first egg I got was a Vampire. I abandoned it because I didn't know better and got a deep sea. Abandoning a Magma because my screen had so much glare on it I thought it was a normal stone. Trading a pure bred pink with my friend for an inbred sunsong. Saw a gold and found my scroll was locked with pebbles and shallow waters. There's more.....
  4. "I Solemnly swear that I will not make more than a single scroll. I'm perfectly content on just a single scroll. I frown upon those who use multiple scrolls and holding scrolls. REAL family members and friends are not holding scrolls and will not be used as such. I will not make a holding scroll and claim it to be a family member or friend. I also solemnly swear that I am up to no good.
  5. Ben-Drowned (two finned bluna) Peppermint-Stick (yulebuck) New-Year's Party (ribbon dancer) Gold-Scales (ochedrake) Bloody-Soul (red finned tidal) Death Song, Phantom-Mask and Forgive Me my Love (vamps) Then again, I used - in my names
  6. view/1iPIx[/url] Why would anyone drop it? Not only is it a Nebula, but it's descended from a spriter's alt too. ~Please use /lineage/ links for growing dragons~
  7. I honestly hate vaccines, the needles scare me. I don't like normal medicine, I prefer natural herbs and remedies, but that's just my opinion. I also don't refuse pills and other medical breakthroughs, bandages and stitches are better than cobwebs, and antibiotics are a must when I get hurt, so I'm basically standing with a foot in each camp. I feel good and don't get sick often, so, whatever works!
  8. I check up on them often, I want them to be happy and well cared for when I abandon them (usually by accident because I forget I am at my egg limit). I hate when I see an egg killed or released, it reminds me of what a horrible trainer I am. But sometimes people do really nice things, like naming the hatchling after their parents and in the same style I name them, or calling them "lucky Catch" or other names that suggest that picking up that egg made them really happy.
  9. "MY NAME MUST INCLUDE CHEESE" I have the wierdest feeling ever this guy has cheeses on his wishlist
  10. Leetle trees. Where do they grow, and how do you pick them up if they are rooted to the ground? Paper dragons. They are close to reds on a scroll, so why don't they ever go up in flames? Time in general. How do we know when an egg was laid and when it would die, and how would that be visible on an abandoned egg page? The fact we can actually steal dragon eggs while guardian dragons are listed as extremely common, shouldn't the momma dragon on the guardian be able to keep us away?
  11. Here in Ct we just came out of a cold spell, and it's around the 40's, unbelievable warm.
  12. Tal Tal Heights From Legend of Zelda Super Mario World Theme.
  13. Won second place in the raffle Snagged a copper, and a alt ridgewing
  14. A violinist, and hobbyist guitarist and pianist. I plan to take up flute soon, and I want to buy a jimbe. And I play recorder, it's a legit instrument.
  15. Thanks for the advice, not trying to show off or anything (nevermind, yes i am) but I won a second place this year and this has helped me . *didnt have any idea that my egg will get so many views and that I might want an open egg slot* *also has no idea what that yeti thing is doing on my preview box/post.*