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  1. flamma flamma fkamma fkamma flamma flamma flamma fkamma dla,,a fla,,a gla,,a g;a,,a I got it right less than 50% of the time
  2. Excuse me for the somewhat simple idea, but what if we could ascend dragons that have a high enough amount of views, UV's, or clicks? and we could have an option on dragons sort of like freeze for hatchlings but instead for adults we don't want ascended?
  3. Congrats, pretty things they are. I pulled a nebula checkered with a silver off the AP an alt dorsal out of the biomes one of my pinks gendered female AND a cb stripe all in 5 minutes! Must be karma, I bought icecream for everyone in my homeroom today.
  4. , my prize is going down that route too. Who can refuse CB metals? And how many lumina fails are there in the world? I found out tj's real name is: THEODORE J. LIPSCOMB and he does not look like the dragon raising, super intelligent, super buff artist that I imagined -.-
  5. CB ICE!!!!! And 20 people viewing the alpine at the same time!
  6. YOU LIKE NOMMING PEOPLE TOO??????? then again, i had 5 cups of sugar this morning
  7. You found a way to play dragon cave in your school (two points if it's blocked and you found a way to get around the block) You dance like an idiot when you grab a rare out of the AP. People tell you that you are too old for dc and should have stopped years ago, but you aren't listening because you're stalking the AP. Whenever you see or hear someone say DC (washington) you automatically ask them their scroll and forum name. When you know more about dc's history than your countries history. You start crying whenever you get ready to fry an egg (I keep seeing white dragons) or who hope that by cracking one of those eggs you will force a dragon out. You have more dragons than friends When you make a paper egg out of post it notes and try to hatch it. More than half of your bookmarks are either: a. DC b. this forum c. hatcheries You think cheese is rarer than gold You link eggs EVERYWHERE You just spent half an hour looking at this thread.
  8. Book Number: 3 Number Of Pages: 247 Book Title: the puzzler's mansion Author: eric berlin Summary: winston breen spends the weekend at a puzzling party at a famouse musician's house, and tons of famouse people are there, but so is a theif. Rating: (optional) 8/10 Review: (optional) love the puzzles, but the ending could have been less sad
  9. That Unnamed mint (or more like 20 of them) ARE MINE NOW!!!! *evil cackling*
  10. CutiePie666 Sounds like my little sister XDDD Um.... Fuse your name with: Annoying
  11. Book Number: 2 Number Of Pages: 215 Book Title: the puzzling world of winston breen Author: eric berlin Summary: Winston breen is a young boy who's life revolves around one thing; puzzles. one day, he comes across a puzzle he discovers in his little sister's birthday present, which sets of a chain of events which include an old ring belonging to a prince, two shady men, and old librarian, and a reporter who isn't what she seems. Rating: (optional) 7/10 Review: (optional) the puzzles require the reader to be actively engaged in the reading, but the story itself is sweet, though short.
  12. Book Number: 1 Number Of Pages: 213 Book Title: Smile Author: raina telgemeir (may not be tottaly accurate, im too lazy to check it) Summary: The author as a young girl is required to get braces, but a series of accidents with her teeth are causing her to get all sorts of wacky extra treetments, rubberbands, headgear, false teeth, and on top of that she's going through puberty, so she's basically going through the most worst part of her life. Rating: (optional) 5.5/10 Review: (optional) ok for reading on the bus or when your really bored. not very developed nor super interesting.
  13. My black alted.... OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG
  14. Count me in! *flexes nonexistent muscles* 250 books? I could do that in half a year! (which is exactely how much I have)
  15. Success: 1, but I gifted to a friend Reppeled: 2 Killed: none I don't really like biting my eggies, I get overly attached to them for no apparent reason at all.
  16. Got my prize from the raffle!!!! http://dragcave.net/lineage/shad2
  17. Grabbed a CB THUNDER!!!!!! on the down side, I ended up scroll locked right when my raffle egg was supposed to come in. -.-
  18. Yay! After I get my prize from the raffle I'll refuse to pick up any more dragons until the Valentines day thing begins.
  19. I'm kicking myself. I was drawn then I locked myself. ;-; just gonna be over there in the corner, crying about high school and science fair and my mom and everything else
  20. <a href = 'http://www.valleyofunicorns.com/pet=508853'><img src = 'http://www.valleyofunicorns.com/thumbs/508853.png'></a><a href = 'http://www.valleyofunicorns.com/pet=508856'><img src = 'http://www.valleyofunicorns.com/thumbs/508856.png'></a><a href = 'http://www.valleyofunicorns.com/pet=508857'><img src = 'http://www.valleyofunicorns.com/thumbs/508857.png'></a><a href = 'http://www.valleyofunicorns.com/pet=508854'><img src = 'http://www.valleyofunicorns.com/thumbs/508854.png'></a><a href = 'http://www.valleyofunicorns.com/pet=508855'><img src = 'http://www.valleyofunicorns.com/thumbs/508855.png'></a> I just joined and the site seems cool, not as much as dragon cave though.