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  1. Wish granted, but now Shadoe starts looking at Tiga's other wishes. GIFT FLOOD! I wish that my bed was warm
  2. Yep, and some days I wish it had geared pegs since on-stage tuning is a pain. I wish Tiga posted a wish so I could corrupt it.
  3. Granted, but it also happens to be during the (_insert your standardized test here_) and the last possible retake days. I wish that my g-string would stay in tune for at least an hour without going flat.
  4. Much as I feel that some of the best words are short but have better quality than long words, I guess rules are rules. so, thanks for the ├ęclaircisement (is it one or two s's?)
  5. This thread is now about people who spend more time with pixel dragons than their real life, myself included.
  6. 9/10. I don't know you, but your EVERYWHERE
  7. Granted, but you got strong using steroids. Oopsie. I wish I had some cornstarch to make corndogs.
  8. This thread is now about a paradox of a thread which is of a paradox of a thread which is a paradox of a thread which is about llamas.
  9. Granted, but they turn out to just be chrysalis's changlings. I wish my mom would praise me for once instead of making me seem a failure.
  10. Granted, but you are doing homework when the scene comes on. (idk, my sister's the fan yu-gi-oh, not me) I wish someone would give me a hug.
  11. Book Number: 29 Number Of Pages: 240 Book Title: The Moorchild Author: Eloise McGraw Summary: A half fairy-half human child is taken out of her fairy home and put as a changling into a villager family's home, where she is bullied by everyone else. Book Number: 30 Number Of Pages: 240 Book Title: The Shamer's Daughter Author: Lene Kaaberbol Summary: Dina, a girl who inherited the shamer's gift from her mother, is taken hostage and used as a threat for her mother to make an innocent man seem guilty of murdering his family. Book Number: 31 Number Of Pages: 116 Book Title: Over My Dead Body Author: Kate Klise Summary: a "Dick Tater" is trying to ban halloween and spooky stories and nearly succeeds in breaking apart an odd book writing family of a ghost, grumpy old man, and 11 year old boy. Book Number: 32 Number Of Pages: Aprox. 125 pages, would it have killed them to put page numbers in the last "chapter"? Book Title: Till Death Do Us Bark Author: Kate Klise Summary: Seymour Hope adopts the dog of a late millionare in his town without his parents knowing while the deceased's children fight over his fortune, which everyone but them can find a piece of. Book Number: 33 Number Of Pages: 136 Book Title: Phantom of the Post Office Author: Kate Klise Summary: An old friendship is unveiled, causing disease between a married couple who's son, Seymour, has falling under a strange "phantom flu". Meanwhile, the haunted yet functioning post office is going to be torn down, to be replaced by "VEXT MAIL" Book Number: 34 Number Of Pages: 135 Book Title: Hollywood, Dead Ahead Author: Kate Klise Summary: The bookwriting family is tricked into signing a contract that took away everything that they had worked on. They attempt to get everything back with the help of another unfortunate contract signer, a 95 year old actress, and the tricks of a wily old ghost. Book Number: 35 Number Of Pages: 314 Book Title: The SHamer's Signet Author: Lene Kaaberbol Summary: Dina is kidnapped right when her family is starting to feel at home, and is forced to abuse her power as unrest grows under the tyrannical rule of the Dragon House. Book Number: 36 Number Of Pages: 516 Book Title: The Red Pyramid Author: Rick Riordan Summary: Sperated twins Carter and Sadie Kane join back during christmas and accidentaly unveil their family's deep, dark secret, and soon begin to realize their powers, which they use to help fight to get their father back and bring the world back from doomsday to ma'at. Book Number: 37 Number Of Pages: 452 Book Title: The THrone of Fire Author: Rick Riordan Summary: Sadie and Cater have founded a sort of school as brooklyn house, and continue the fight against the approaching darkness. (and I forgot to log these in with the mockingjay book, , stupid me) Book Number: 38 Number Of Pages: 374 Book Title: The HUnger Games Author: Suzanne Collins Summary: Katniss Everdeen is put into an arena with other teens to fight to the death in a brutal Hunger Games merely for entertainment, where her one true love may the the one she will have to kill to live. Book Number: 39 Number Of Pages: 391 (haha^) Book Title: Cathcing FIre Author: Suzanne COllins Summary: Katniss' close circle is threatened to be killed by president snow, who conveniently arranges the next hunger games to include katniss and peeta, hoping to kill off the rebellion.
  12. The water egg for me ^^ next is the egg with the starry background, the changing red/black/earth/eclipse/stars/alien one (am I the only one who noticed that the end frame was a white background?), the raven, and that shiny bronze egg
  13. I guess I know what I'm going to be doing while I'm "researching" on my laptop today. Using a proxy server or a secure web link (https://) is usually enough to bypass the website blocks if you are at school or work.
  14. Cool, creeper egg and psychedelic egg.