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  1. Granted, but then you get hit in the head, losing 50 iq points. I wish the 250 book challenge was a 150 book challenge or a 100,000 page challenge instead.
  2. Come on, 5 hours until I can abandon it and all my vamps are all cooldown? One more hour until I can gift that red dorsal. HURRY UP! YOU ARE LOCKING ME!
  3. Book Number: 40 Number Of Pages: 377 Book Title: The Serpent Gift Author: Lene Kaaberbol Summary: Dina find out that her brother and sister are old half siblings, and meets her father, who was only interested in her mother because he thought that his child would be able to have the the serpent gift and the shamer's. Book Number: 41 Number Of Pages: 462 Book Title: Sapphique Author: Catherine Fisher Summary: Finn has escaped from Incarceron, and is trying to get his friends out too, while a civil war is on the brink of happening, and the unveilment of an ancient scandal may set everything in motion. Book Number: 42 Number Of Pages: 171 Book Title: After the Storm Author: Lauren Brooke Summary: Amy must learn how to tame Spartan, a rescued gelding who caused her mother to lose her life, or he may be put to sleep. Book Number: 43 Number Of Pages: 133 Book Title: Say Good-Bye Author: Laurie Halse Anderson Summary: Zoe learns the importance of training animals diligently and keeping responsibility, and feels the pain of having a close furry friend pass away. Book Number: 44 Number Of Pages: 106 Book Title: Trouble River Author: Betsy Byars Summary: Dewey and his grandmother must escape to safety from blood thirsty natives, down the most treacherous river in their area: Trouble River. Book Number: 45 Number Of Pages: 182 Book Title: A Dog's Life Author: Ann Martin Summary: Squirrel's journey through life is tough, being born a stray, losing her brother Bone, losing friends, making then, and being abused and cared for by humans, but finnaly she reaches a home where she will be happy forever. Book Number: 46 Number Of Pages: 442 Book Title: Incarceron Author: Catherine Fisher Summary: Finn, a prison born teen in Incarceron, fights his way to escape the living jail, while Claudia fights to escape her impending marraige to the false prince. Book Number: 47 Number Of Pages: 181 Book Title: The Ghost of Cutler Creek Author: Cynthia DeFelice Summary: Allie and her friend Dub try to piece together clues left by a ghost dog to solve the mystery of a puppy mill and the new kid. Book Number: 48 Number Of Pages: 132 Book Title: The Horshoe Trilogies: Sweet Charity Author: Lucy Daniels Summary: Josie must find a home for the last horse at her family's stables, as her family looks for a new home of their own. Book Number: 49 Number Of Pages: 184 Book Title: Summer's End Author: Audrey Coloumbis Summary: Grace's big brother burns his draft card for vietnam, and flees to canada, where his peace loving heart can't be pulled into war. She faces two arguing parents, and her extended family is beginning to fight with eachother, during which she learns one of the most inportant lessons in her life. Book Number: 50 Number Of Pages: 127 Book Title: Fingerprints and Talking Bones Author: Charlotte Jones Summary: A glance at how biological evidence, soil, and weapons are used to fight and solve crime. Book Number: 51 Number Of Pages: 248 Book Title: Black Beauty Author: Anna Sewell Summary: A Black horse goes through life and owners who abuse him, sell him, can't afford and mstreat him, and loses many friends, just to end up back home, where he lives happily.
  4. Granted, but then all your apps have either gotten ads all the time or cost way too much money. I wish the Thuwed breeding list would stay open for at least a day so I could get on it.
  5. Rhymes with: the fatty lump on a camel's back
  6. I'm not really a Transformers fan, but yes.
  7. That's a cute name, like a Sailr Moon x Darien thing. MoonShadow.
  8. *ogre voice* You are mine. You give hugs. Hug. Now. You named George.