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  1. *very glad that all my solstices were blue because I named most of them something that has to due with their coloration*
  2. Woke up 4 minutes ago and logged on. First groggy thought I had was "UNDINE x HOLIDAY 14 THUWEDS!" Christmas was 3 days ago. I still want to know how much sugar I consumed.
  3. i've had my own trick used on me now, to find someone else to spam nonstop with lyrical presents
  4. "I hope this meats olive your eggspectations. Have a happy holiday!" I had to read that about 7 times to get it, but afterwards I regretted it as I cleaned half chewed greenbeens off my screen. thanks Quinn'sGold!
  5. "this box has a faint green bow around it" black box, green bo, lots of laughs. thanks Nyastara!
  6. http://i62.tinypic.com/2m458b4.png http://i57.tinypic.com/264qqg8.png ~Linked for size~ This was my biggest goal this year for the christmas event: get every single square turned into a mana chrystal.
  7. *meep* Sorry for the spam then again, I sent about 30 gifts to one person within 10 minutes yesterday after a particularly high sugar binge, so you aren't the worst victim. o.0
  8. I can def. see someone working out a lineage between the pumpkins and these if they were.
  9. bunnybrine, I would LOVE to hear to rest of your soliloquy
  10. Yep, definately ace. My hopes soared for half a sec Oh well.
  11. Pansexual box???? WHERE? I can't find it
  12. just dyed my hair for the first time!!!!!
  13. *stalking this thread* I'm not sure what was in those christmas cookies I ate last night, but judging by all the stuff I did gift sending wise, they must have been EPIC
  14. looks like a holly bar again for today
  15. Most to least Solstice Snow angel (white, then tri colored, then full gold) holly ribbon dancer winter magi wrapping wing yulebuck but it's almost a total tie all the sprites are pretty
  16. The fact that the ace pride colors are in the right order and the purple stripe on the bi pride one is thin makes me think it was. And yeah, a rainbow flag present would be AWESOME!
  17. Am I the only one who sees the asexual and bisexual pride flags in the last two present boxes?
  18. Tj's little heart egg How much do you want to bet he has every fake egg and easter egg as well as the april fools day jokes on his scroll?
  19. http://i62.tinypic.com/2v3stn6.png Yes, the shell of this egg is soft. it is a cheese egg. there is nothing wrong. ~Edit for page stretching. ~
  20. Are the stories about gay kids getting beat up for their sexuality in high school likely to happen?
  21. If anyone can help from experience, how do you survive being the queer kid in a homophobic school?
  22. I write just as legibly with either hand (which means that my penmanship would fail me even in a kindergarten class) but right handed. I have a lot more finger strength and flexibility in my left hand though, since violin/guitar player.