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  1. I bred two winters.The outcome was a spring dragon Spring seasonals are my favorite
  2. ^all your names are beautiful. It was hard to find something funny,but then: Squashtail
  3. People on this forum like dragons.
  4. Gotta say that your banners are legendary here,on DC forum Keep up the good work
  5. Cool eggs. This release came as a suprise for me
  6. Cool. This is my first valentine event on DC. Can't wait to catch some dragons
  7. Cats. Because they puurrrr(I love that),they are clean,and they are CUTE
  8. Since I love winter,I'll choose snow
  9. I like the smell of grass,orange,and cheese(oh god I love cheese).
  10. cheese that(my parents say) tastes like soap.I love it
  11. The last dream I remember was: I dreamed that I was in secondary school(again,oh the horror) .Then I got out and I was in the middle of a red lake.The sky was so blue;there were huge white moons on it.Then I got on some hills,where some wild boars chased me o.o Then I woke up. Dreams are weird.