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  1. this wonderful 3G autumn from spriters alt Radiant Angel. I'm in love~
  2. ^Congrats Summoned my first GoN today too!
  3. Taking:nothing for now. Leaving: 4G avatar of change from solstice.lineage. 9G bronze shimmer from red.lineage. 2G PB autumn.lineage. Claim my AOC egg! Claim my bronze shimmer egg! Claim my autumn egg!
  4. Taking:nothing for now. Leaving: 2G PB golden wyvern. lineage. 2G PB seasonal from winter parents. lineage. 9G silver tinsel. lineage. 8G silver tinsel. lineage. Claim my golden wyvern! Claim my seasonal! Claim my silver tinsel! Claim my silver tinsel!
  5. Nice eggs.Got one of each. Can't wait to see the adults!
  6. Taking:nothing for now. Leaving: 2G PB golden wyvern. lineage 9G bronze shimmer. lineage Claim my golden wyvern! Claim my bronze shimmer!
  7. offered on this. left two tinsels.
  8. Taking:nothing for now. Leaving: 8G silver tinsel with beautifullineage Claim my silver tinsel! 8G bronze tinsel. lineage Claim my bronze tinsel!
  9. Yay,new eggs! Ill catch some tomorrow when the biomes are not so crowded
  10. They're only available at midnight. Where can I get a leetle tree?
  11. The idea is good.I wished it was real
  12. tests before holiday? just no.
  13. cloudy and cold,since it's night here.