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  1. ((Hm…All of a sudden, I’m thinking of a new character.)) Day 5, Forest “A little chat does not involve a weapon in hand.” Green growled in response to the comment the first man made. When the other humans made themselves known with knives while one of them aimed a crossbow at him, it made the situation more difficult. Hearing Kat’s words, he knew he had to think of something. “Stay close.” He spoke softly before raising his voice while watching the one with the crossbow. “Let us leave, and I will let him go.” Day 5, Windfall, Market Street Colin got lunch for him and Skaia further down the market area. They left with a to-go box for grandpa back to the store. On the way back, Colin noticed him outside the store. He found out that his grandpa decided to close early today to do what he put on the list. In the meantime, it was suggested that Colin should go to the carnival and head home when the two are done. The apprentice was bothered by this, but then though that maybe it’s time to enjoy something after all that’s happened. Leaving the to-go box with his grandpa, he walks with Skaia to the edge of town. Entertainment, games, and food of all sorts filled the area. Colin played a few games that wouldn’t harm Skaia in any way. He thought the popgun game was weird because lethal guns stop working. Regardless of some odd things, he got a stuffed bear for Skaia. He wasn’t sure if the hatchling would tear it up, but it feels comfortable enough to be a throw pillow. Colin didn’t find anything that interests him, but he does enjoy the time being spent here. He felt Skaia clutching onto him suddenly. He was startled until he noticed she has a frightened look on her. Something’s frightening her, and Colin can’t figure out what.
  2. ((Okay, I’m really sorry for all the wait. I finally get a break for a week, so I’ll try to get back on this.)) Day 5, Forest Green nodded after the excitement. “It’s what I can do to help. Making something to hold that book shouldn’t be a problem.” A sudden voice caused the dragon to tense. Just the sight of a human alone was enough to put him on edge, but the large knife clearly shows an immediate threat. Vines form on the around the man and started to ensnare him. “You made a mistake coming here.” Day 5, Windfall, Alchemy Shop Colin saw the door to the other room open and saw Skaia crawling toward him. Puzzled, he knelt down and picked up the hatchling. He found out she’s getting hungry. “Grandpa, do we have any more apples?” “Sorry Colin, there’s nothing here.” Since there hasn’t been another customer in a while, he thought it’s time for a break. “I’m gonna lock the place while we’re getting lunch. You want anything?” While his grandpa gave him a list, Colin got a sign out telling they’ll be back in an hour. Taking the essentials, he carried Skaia in his arms, locked the door on the way out, and started walking through the market area.
  3. ((Days are really keeping me busy…)) “We’ll have enough time later on when we find an area.” Green said in response to what could be inside the book. Humans killing other Humans aren’t a rare thing. There are usually several different reasons, whether it’s robbing, different views, or sick pleasures. If there’s any reason for this, it may be in the book. If not, then at least it served as a way to pass the time. He watched Kat try to put the book away securely, and contemplated on whether he should help secure it with the vines. He figured he should ask. “I can help hold the book in place if you need me to.” Kat finally ask on the part where they leave the area. “Lead the way.” He said as he started to follow.
  4. ((“Tragic ending found!” Mind’s at a blank… )) Green thought about what he heard. “I doubt this government is around now. The Spell left the Humans by themselves and with that city. If this something was taken, there’s no way of knowing what it is unless it is in the book.” He thought about the skeleton in the outhouse being with the one who wrote this book. “If there is nothing else here, we should move on.”
  5. ((Busy day last week. Also, got a defective keyboard, so I got a new one.)) “Do so. The quicker the better.” Green said when Kat entered the church. While waiting, he took the time to explore the outside. For a while, he wondered why Humans built this place far away from their towns and cities instead of inside them. Parts of these walls already crumbled away from wear, so this building would crumble away in time. Circling around the back wasn’t much different either. All he could find was an outhouse distances away from the church. Finding nothing else, he walks over to the outhouse. As he gets closer, he picked up a terrible stench getting to his nostrils, and not from excretion. The outhouse reeks of something else, and as a finger of his claws opens it, it was confirmed to be decay. Insects poured out from the outhouse, and Green could make out the shape of a skeleton inside. With a groan of disgust, he closed the door. “Gross.” He muttered, walking back to the church. Something happened here, he could tell that much, or that skeleton wouldn’t be there. His mind changed to Kat taking a while inside the church and continues circling around to check on her. Soon afterwards, he heard her yelling something incomprehensible and picked up the pace to find her dropping a book on the ground and explaining what happened. “A fight…Does this book say anything?”
  6. (( )) Day 5, Forest The trip has been quiet for the two dragons. Green could feel the plants everywhere they go, and though some feel a bit cut off from life due to animals, it’s natural since they do what they do to survive. Within time, they’ll pay their dues, so it doesn’t bother him. He noticed Kat stopped at a clearing and saw a human church in an area. From the shape, it looks as though no one has been here. “They build anything anywhere, do they?” He muttered before hearing Kat’s question and eagerness in the tone. “I don’t mind, but the doors are too small, so I can’t go inside.”
  7. Day 5, Windfall, Alchemy Shop Colin heard someone came in. The person’s a little shady looking, but there are a lot of those nowadays and he doesn’t turn down customers. “Welcome. Take a good look around. If you have any questions, I’ll try and answer them.” He said. The prices for everything are labeled on the counters, shelves, and items on sale. The person didn’t say anything, but got some things that he took note of. Before Colin had a chance to say anything when the person came to the counter, a large amount of gold landed in front of him, and the person left. “That was…different.” Shrugging, he took inventory on what was sold, the amount for each and in total, and how much was paid. “Ninety-seven out of two-fifty…That is way too much.” He mutters. ((@En: Well, there’s a few I can think of. Random encounter, place of interest, or the trip going by pretty much uneventfully.))
  8. Green made a vine bridge and crossed over to the other side. Day 5, Forest “Alright.” He said, then to the river and began to note how they would go over it. When Kat said she’s going first, he thought he should be ready to help in case something happens and she fell in. It turned out to be next to nothing when she landed gracelessly on the other side. He heard it was his turn now. He started taking flight by unfolding and flapping his wings, raising his forelegs up first, and then his hind legs. Getting up to right height, he made his way to the other side and landed on hind legs first, then his forelegs. Folding his wings, he looks Kat. “After you.” Day 5, Windfall, Alchemy Shop They decided to open. Not a lot of people came, but there were still a few. Colin thought about going to the carnival, but he needs the money, and he already spent some of it on himself and Skaia. “It’s almost been a week since that day…And meeting Skaia.” He mutters while by himself. He grabs his pack and looks inside to see a necklace with a jewel encrusted on the slab. While he went to get his dagger he left on the white dragon the day after the Outbreak, he had to make sure Skaia doesn’t see her mother with a pack. He found this necklace around the dragon’s neck and thought he should take it as a memento for the hatchling. The only problem is that it’s too big for her to wear. “I’ll figure something out.” He mutters while putting the pack away.
  9. Day 5, Forest He thought about the question asked and what he said so far. “Right and you know my story.” He remembered something else that Kat said. “I rather be nameless than make up one for myself, but I still need one. So I’m fine with you calling me ‘Green’.” When he hears Kat’s explanation on her wings and her options, he responded. “Do what you think is best. The road to Solomos is long.” ((Still thinking about what to do on Colin's part.))
  10. Noting the conditions of the back, he thought about Kat’s comment. “No. I kept thinking about it. Repeated it to myself sometimes. The words themselves mean life and greenery, but to me, it’s just empty names.” He took a few seconds to think. “A name you come up for yourself, not a gift given by someone who cares.” At this point, he was done with his examination. “A lot of scales are rotting on the back where the wings are attached, probably the most out of the rest. That could have an effect on your flight.” Day 5, Windfall Home “Day five…” Colin thought as everyone in the house gets ready for the day. While making breakfast, he read the newspaper. Something happened in city square last night. Buildings went down, and numerous people died, actual number unknown. Most of them apparently have some relations with a terrorist group that opposes the Dragons and anyone with respect for them in this city, and among them was the leader himself. “Huh…” He looks at the white hatchling playing with some toys. “If this keeps up, this place would be safer for us.” He took a moment bringing the food to the others, then brought his and the paper to his spot in the living room where he continued reading. The paper went on saying a man and a dragon were involved in this incident, as well as saving people who are members of AED. “I think I saw that guy there. Even with a dragon, it was two against an entire terrorist group. Not just any person.” He turned the page since that was everything. “…There’s a carnival today.” Colin spoke out, getting his grandpa’s attention. “A lot of people might be there instead of the market. Are we still gonna open today?”
  11. ((Getting to the Northwest region was one of Green/Verdant's choices, he chose to go south to Solomos.)) Examining the wing, he noticed the membrane doesn’t have any trace of rotting while everything else does. “Yes, since I suggested that you practice. But since I know about this, I need to see if it has also affected flight.” He said as he looks toward her back to see how much of the wings are attached to it as they play an important role in flying. If the part of the wings attached to the back is small, flying will be difficult. But if it’s the right size, then practice will be all she needs. He heard another unrelated subject, and noticed the tone. He mentally sighs. “…It hardly feels that way.” He said in response, feeling that there’s something missing.
  12. “I thought about things that relate to greenery and giving life. Those names are what I came up with.” He said as he was watching her catch fish. He thought about her condition and some ideas that could be done about it. “You were in that city. Was there anyone who could tend to it?” He had another thought. “…May I see your wings to see how they are?” When he heard if he wants any fish, he figured it’s a change of subject, but he wasn’t going to let it change so easily. Health is important in traveling. “Herbivore. I already ate.”
  13. ((I’m trying to wait till the fight in the middle of the night is finished before I get back to Colin. But I guess it got to me in more ways than one. )) “Good morning.” He said before listening to Kat muttering something. “Did you sleep well?” He noticed her glancing over something that turned out to be some rotting scales. He noticed this during his shifts, but he didn’t say anything just to avoid causing unnecessary alarm. The time when she spoke about breakfast and cleaning seems appropriate. “Is that supposed to happen to your scales?” He asked as he followed Kat to the river. He noticed the amount of fishes and watches what she does to get them while thinking about the question asked to him. “I had a few in mind.” He said as he recalled what he got. “Verdant, Stride, Zest…”
  14. Day 5, Forest It was his turn again, and he kept watch of the area. He hears sounds coming from the distance, but it was just something harmless. He was doing his own line of thinking regarding a name. He had some ideas while thinking about the few flowers he created during his shifts, but nothing that comes close to being a name, at least until the last shift. When it was over, he went over to Katherine to wake her up. ((I'm gonna wait a bit for Colin's part.))
  15. Night 4, Forest “Alright then.” He said before resting his head on the ground. He watched the grass move against the wind. His gaze stopped at the flowers. “Such a short life, yet they live it to the fullest.” He closed his eyes while continuing the thought. “In the long life…” ((Not much to do there. ))
  16. Night 4, Forest “I noticed.” He said, following Kat until he did a double-take. “Wait a minute, nickname?” He figured that may have been a mistake in word, but sill. He observed the clearing they arrived in, while hearing the part about first watch. He recalled something about the old slavers mentioning watch, guard, or shift. They have more definitions than they should. “…Maybe.” He picked a spot to settle in, and looks at her. “I’ll see you when it’s my turn then?” Night 4, Windfall, House The three made it to their home. Colin was making dinner while his grandfather plays a game of solitaire and the hatchling stays in a cradle playing with some toys. When dinner was done, the two talked about various topics, such as work, the new city, card games, and most recently the injury Colin had on his arm. The conversation ended with them going to sleep for the night, though Colin noticed the hatchling’s way of looking at him while he moved the cradle to a room. “…What? You don’t like your room?” She crawled up to him. “…Alright, you can stay in my room.” He drags the cradle to his room and sets it where it won’t cause trouble. He walks up and looks out the window. “…It’s been four days since the Outbreak. But everything felt like it just happened.” He closed the curtains and went to the table, setting his lance on it while the dagger stays on his hands. The dagger has a history with Dragons. Even though it was passed down to Colin, it still draws blood from them. By him, it was the hatchling’s mother and the two Dragons that ambushed him. And each time, it comes back to the owner’s hand. Who knows how many lives it took beforehand? Despite its history, it saved Colin numerous times, so he couldn’t just leave it collecting dust. He placed the dagger next to the lance, walks to the hatchling, and placed his hand on her. “Goodnight, Skaia.” He said, and then went to bed. ((I feel like summarizing most of his prologue in this post. Any other details I think are missing are gonna be covered later on.))
  17. The Dragon took his time getting settled for the night. He heard a somewhat rushed response regarding the hiding method, but didn’t feel bothered by it. “It’s no trouble.” Other than the dirt, there’s also the part about moving while sleeping, and a moving hill would be strange to anyone. When he heard the apology about the name, he shook his head in response. “I doubt I’m the only one who lives nameless and parentless. A thousand years of slavery, anyone could live like that their entire lives.” He thought about Katherine’s suggestion on having a name and what she thought up. He didn’t think much about names because he doesn’t have one, but it’s been long overdue. “That’s…a little too direct, but I’ll think about it.”
  18. “I see. Being too far would put a strain on anyone who tries to keep in touch.” He said. When Kat mentioned being at the river, he observes his surroundings, noting areas to make use of for whatever happens. He sits down after hearing the question. “If we sleep during the day, we’ll need cover since we’ll be in one place. I can use the ground to make us look like hills, but I don’t know how you feel about the dirt and mud on you. I think sleeping during the night is a good option.” He paused at the personal question asked to him. “I don’t have one.” He figured he would get asked about it. “I was taken away before I hatched, so I never knew either of my parents. The slavers called me things like dragon, beast, monster…” He scoffed at the last bit. “No name.”
  19. “That’s why you should be ready.” He thought about these words, remembering that he doesn’t have a lot of offensive abilities himself. Throughout the years, he was only creating things, or clearing areas, so he mostly knew restorative properties, and how to move things. He only overcame his slavers because their weapons stopped working. He lets out a breath of air. “Then at least there’s a backup in case something’s off about the road.” He went around the trees since the branches are too low to go over or under. “Family…You have relatives you stay in contact with?” He thought about the suggestion to rest near the river. “That’s fine. My only problem is how safe we will be throughout the night. There are plenty of plants for me to use right now.”
  20. “Good. That way in case something happens and you need to run, you’ll be ready.” He said. He fumed somewhat in thought about the word about new roads and no idea of what lies beyond. “The land shouldn’t have changed too much. The Spell did cause the ground to rumble, but nothing catastrophic to the land itself…At least as far as I know. If we’re using this old road from your maps, things should be fine…How old were those maps?” He looks around the forest, noting some of the trees that have fallen until he was asked about a new home. “Yes, I heard other Dragons are making a village in Solomos. Getting there would be a good start for a new home.”
  21. “It sounds like you should practice when you have the chance.” The Dragon said to the explanation. The comment about how dangerous the road felt like an implication to something insulting, and thus, irked him somewhat, but he decided not to respond to that. He thought about not getting lost as he started to catch up to Kat. “I know its south of here until you reach the coast, though that’s about it. So yes, clear directions would help, since I barely know anything beyond the old Human city.”
  22. Day 4, Outside Windfall Maybe it was the sudden appearance, but the plant dragon noticed that Katherine seem uneasy even when she spoke. He didn’t question it and instead respond to her guess. “I am.” He listened to her explanation on why she wanted to walk and not fly. He glanced at her wings, wondering what the condition is, before looking back to her. “Why can’t you fly? The road is dangerous, and walking the entire way could make anyone an easy target for attackers. Word has been around that some have died.” Was it a warning saying not to go? He wasn’t sure, only that out there, anything can happen at any moment. Dusk 4, Windfall, Alchemy Shop It was closing time, and Colin had everything in the shop put away for the next day. He got his weapons, pack, and jacket on despite the condition of the sleeve. Holding another pack carefully in his arms, he waits for his grandpa at the door. “Was there any trouble taking care of her?” He asked as the alchemist heads to the door. “A bit clumsy, but otherwise alright.” Colin felt movement from the pack and saw a little dragon peeping out of the pack. He covers her up. “No, you have to stay inside until we get home.” “But what are you going to do when she gets bigger?” “That won’t happen for a couple years. We’ll be fine.” The alchemist didn’t respond to that and opens the door, leading the two outside. They decided to walk pass the city square before heading home. Colin noticed another incident going on. “Geez, it’s too much to ask for quiet.” “So, applesauce is it?” Colin’s thought trailed off. “…Yeah. Mom used to make them.” Day 2, Old Windfall, Damaged building The crying sound fills the room inside the building, waking Colin. He recognized where he’s at, and was more confused than before. “Why am I still here?” He touched his back to feel no pain at all. Not even the injury was there. The crying made him remember the newborn out of the egg and he crawls over to it. Its scales are white, meaning only one thing. He wrapped his hands around it as he tries to stop the crying. When it finally stopped, he carries it in his arms as he decides to look around the place. He found out it was a weapon shop selling medieval gear, got a sheathed lance with a structure similar to a long sword, and money. “I don’t like stealing, but I don’t think it matters at this point.” Arriving at the door, he braced himself for anything and opens it. The city was in ruins, sunlight probably being the only positive thing to happen here. “When I said I want the Dragons to be free, I didn’t mean this.” After the thought, he looks at the sniffling hatchling. “Well, let’s see what we can find for you.” He spoke as he started walking through the ruined city.
  23. Day 4, Forest outside Windfall “Windfall…” The dragon muttered to himself as he exited the forest. He avoided the place mainly because he was a slave there until a few days ago. He heard the city has been rebuilt under different conditions, but that didn’t change his mind, especially after what happened not too long ago. He felt wary about the place of meeting, but it’s an easy place to find, and if what he heard is right, there are dragon guards in case something happens. With that, he made his way to the south end of Windfall. Eventually, he got to the south entrance and spotted a dragoness smaller in size. This was starting to support his previous guess. “Katherine?” ((I figure from the distance, Kat would be there first.)) Day 1, Old Windfall, Outbreak “Great…” Colin thought, his hand was on a part of his back and he moves his hand to his front to see the blood. “Just…great…” He barely escaped from the dragon’s sights by hiding next to a dumpster, but it left him with a gash on his back, and the pack he was carrying, emptying most of what was in there. He peered from the dumpster to see the dragon was still looking for him, and is doing a noisy and messy job at it. He went back into hiding and lets out a breath of air, realizing the chase is not gonna stop until one of them goes. He took his dagger out of the sheath and set his pack to the ground. “Not everything could’ve fallen off.” He thought, checking the inside and the other pockets and found a vial with a purple liquid. He recalled it being something he picked up while packing and that it should be used when something like this happens. Hearing the continuous roar getting closer, Colin knew he had to move, and as he took the first step, the ground rumbled and caused him to lose his grip on the vial, causing it to bounce away. He cursed as he went after it, getting in the dragon’s sight. As it went after him, he stomped on the vial, breaking it, and coated the dagger with what he could. He turned around, seeing the dragon getting closer, and waited for the right moment. When it arrived, he threw the dagger. All he could do now is move away. After a while, it started to slow down, and eventually collapsed. Colin fell back shortly afterward, trying to catch his breath and deal with the pain. A few seconds later, there was a sound, making Colin look to see something oval shaped several feet in front of the dragon. Puzzled, he crawled over to see what it was. It was cracked, but removable, so he took the pieces off to find a surprising sight. The cry makes it clear as well; he just orphaned a child. Colin heard a growl from the dragon, no doubt that it heard the child. He guessed that it wanted to see the child, but it started to bother him. The child hasn’t seen the parent yet, he could prevent the child from seeing a scarring image, but that would prevent the parent from seeing the child. Shaking his head, Colin took the egg containing the child and ran off. He heard the dragon roaring in desperation, but he didn’t turn back. Eventually, the injury on his back took its toll and he started slowing down. Gasping for breath, he found a building that’s still standing despite the damage it took. He went inside and shortly collapsed afterwards with one hand on the floor. He set the egg beside him and went lying on the ground, eyes feeling heavy. He finally closed it, thinking this is it for him. ((Boy, I hope I don’t write something that long for a while. ))
  24. ((Nah, it’s my fault for not even asking. I added him to the wiki, though Green’s gonna be temporarily. )) Day 4, Forest outside Windfall The green Dragon got a response, though it wasn’t exactly the best response considering the condition laid out for him. The idea of walking would leave them exposed to attackers the entire way, though being alone makes the risk greater. Although flight can make the trip faster, it takes more energy. While walking may seem slow and take less energy. He decided to go with the one who made the response, wondering if this one needs the help instead. “It’s risky, but I can do that. Where do you want to meet?” He responded back. ((I’ll get back to Colin later.))
  25. ((I should've asked if anyone could respond to that. My bad. Can someone?))