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uTAbq5k.gif6fuips.jpg 2017 ~~Halloween Silver Tinsel Winner~~
                  I am happy to trade the prize offspring from my male Silver Tinsel for a reasonable amount of CB Commons, BSAs, and CB commons-uncommons. Don't be afraid to PM me! :3

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    Hmn, I dunno, maybe DRAGONS? ;D

    Currently prioritize my family over everything else <3

    **~~I reserve the right to fullfill IOUs out of order to get my list smaller.~~**

    Updated: February 22th, 2019

    Requests for Offspring from Silver Tinsel (Airgid Iontas):
    (This includes what I owe and others requesting for offspring)
    List is open. I am busy IRL so response time may be slow.

    Feel free to request a breeding from any of my other dragons for free! <3

    IOUs to others~
    1. Kastriia - Tinsel from Seasonal Winter

    IOUs to me~
    1. ????? (exchange for future Tinsel x Bronze Lunar Herald Prize)
    2. Kastriia - Trade pending

    Sometimes, I like to surprise people. If you have received a pm from me, and are in suspense, wondering why it may be taking so long... ...I have not forgotten you~. It is worth the wait!