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xximnotslyxx.pngI deeply regret the name of my scroll... That being said i hope i can change it someday, to something less immature of course :P

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    'Stralya (Australia)
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    Well.. I have a lot of interests, those of which being Music, Anime, Spending time with my girlfriend, Gaming (not so much any more and from quite recently Dragon Cave as i have just gotten back into this little slice of heaven after almost a year hiatus, glad i got back in time for Christmas.

    Wishlist: I'm pretty sure that this is what everyone has in their interests section i believe. So i guess i'll say mine.
    All Halloween dragons, i seemed to have missed out this year and in previous years bad timing i guess.
    2013 Valentines dragon, yet another species I've missed out on during my time away from dc.
    Red dino
    Neglected dragon (pff i wish :P)
    Copper shimmer, only other shimmer i need to obtain as i have already acquired gold and silver
    Guardian of Nature (one day..)
    Two-headed lindwurms
    and last but not least more coppers of all colours.

    If someone were to take a look at my scroll you'd see how many inbred dragons i have, partly my fault but also because if it's an egg i want i'll take it no matter what.

    So yeah.. that's all I've got to say, pretty sure i did this section wrong, whoops. Anywho, Cya ;)