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G5gO3Fm.pngg0ufzer.gif Prize info in profile. - LIST CLOSED

Art by Tango

IOUs usually accepted.

Will always trade 3G prizes for CB Xenos

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    Washington (State)
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    Actual interests: Sailing, reading (Brandon Sanderson!), writing, gaming (Age of Empires II, Super Smash Bros Melee/Project M), animals, photography, fantasy.

    If I owe you ANYTHING and you haven't heard back from me, please PM me with a reminder. Multiple harddrive crashes combined with near total inactivity from DC has very likely caused me to forget.

    I won a Silver Tinsel (skies) in the 2015 raffle. Info below. **list is closed for the foreseeable future**

    ►Second Gens◄
    I do trade second gens. List status will be kept current at all times, so if you're really interested, keep an eye on my profile. List will be kept short (preferably under three people at all times) but exceptions may be made for excellent offers. If you get a 2G, I request that you name it (thematically appropriate is nice but not required), and give the first 3G back to me.

    ►Mate Choices◄
    I would prefer to stick with easier breeders (see here for more info: http://pastebin.com/CxqF6Suv), but I will consider more difficult mates for suitably enticing offers. I have no Holidays before Solstices. If selecting a mate I do not have a CB male of at the moment, or said CB male refuses, you must provide a replacement or wait for me to find one myself. If your chosen mate is stubborn about successfully breeding a prize, I will give you the chance to choose another, easier one. If you decline, I reserve the right to put your pairing on the back burner for a while and play around with other pairings.

    ►Third Gens◄
    I'm pretty easy about trading 3Gs, and don't put a whole lot of value on them unless I love the pairing. If you're interested, feel free to PM me, although I make no guarantees.

    ►List Status◄
    List is closed indefinitely. I may still do gifting and spontaneous trades.

    ►Wish List◄
    ALWAYS: CB Xenowyrms
    2G Prizes*
    -F Bronze Shimmer from M Seragamma x F Bronze Shimmer
    -F Silver Tinsel from M Red Dorsal x F Silver Tinsel
    -M Gold Tinsel from M Gold Tinsel x F Lumina
    -F Shimmer from M Gemshard x F Shimmer
    2G Prizekin
    -M Tsunami from M Tsunami x F Gold Tinsel (not from SciFi)
    -M Spring from M Spring x F Bronze Shimmer (not from Huntr)
    -F ALT Undine from M Gold Tinsel x F Undine*
    -M Red Copper from M Red Copper x F Silver Tinsel
    -Red-colored Solstice from M Gold Tinsel x F Solstice
    -F Lumina from M Gold Tinsel x F Lumina
    -Mistletoe from any prize
    -Anything from F Silver Tinsel
    2Gs from Spriter's Alts*
    -Any in-season (same breed as alt parent)*
    -Radiant Angel from White RA**
    -Mistletoe from either alt Mistletoe**
    2Gs from CB alts/hybrids*
    2G Holly**
    CB Metals (Gold*, Silver, Copper)
    CB Sapphire hatchlings
    CB Halloween hatchling IOUs
    CB hatchlings of dragons I don't have CBs of yet (don't have a list anywhere)
    BSA hatchlings, especially pink
    3G prizes from lines I like

    *Will trade 2G prizes from easier mates for. In the case of 2G prizeswaps, I will be willing to breed to a mate of a similar difficulty as you are for me.
    **Super high priority. Will trade 2G prizes from harder mates for, and will add a LOT. Will trade regardless of list status.
    Items in subsections are simply specific pairs of note. They do not mean they are the only thing that fits under the header that I am looking for.

    NOT interested in trading 2G prizes for:
    -3G prizes

    Really behind on naming stuff. Everything will eventually be named though!

    If I owe you something and it's been a while since you've heard from me, PLEASE PM me with a reminder. I try not to bother people with constant updates, but with my fading in and out of activity lately, it's entirely possible I've forgotten.