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  1. I took the oath too <3 It's horrible that people would do this just out of jealousy or for cruel humor. People like that deserve to fall in a hole somewhere.
  2. Thank you so much for the help though. I'm glad to know she still counts and gets to keep her name then ^-^
  3. This counts as a thuwed.... right? My Christmas Dragon
  4. I caught this dragon and named her The christmas dorkface But I'm not actually sure if she IS a dorkface. Her lineage is missing the name which really saddened me. Does it even still count?
  5. Pink Pancakes I'm so jelly, I want a pink dragon too ;-;
  6. ilia

    The Evil Project

    I would like to be a part of this evil plan! Scroll Name and Link:ilia's scroll Your best evil laughter:I thank my friend for this laugh *cough* ahem *cough* Huehuehuehuehue
  7. Human Tongue Oh my gosh That one even made me raise an eyebrow. very interesting
  8. @Lollipop00 Swiggity Swooty I'm coming for That Booty Oh my gosh! I never would have even thought of that
  9. ilia

    Stop BSL Lineage v.2

    @Kurane Thank you so much for caring. It truly does mean a lot to me, even after many years has passed since then.. The link to my dragon is here: Ripley I truly hope we can help raise awareness for this. It's such a shock that people would think of doing this to these poor sweet animals. And in truth, maybe a few dogs are bad by nature, but most are from the direct acts of humans. A Labrador or any other dog can be extremely sweet or extremely mean, it's all about how you treat them..
  10. Moisturize me I'm a doctor Who fan so I literally laughed so hard at this I get the feeling people barely ever even read down the lists of dragon names and that they just post the first funny name they come to, but I feel the more you read, chances are you'll come across one that'll REALLY make you laugh. Lol
  11. ilia

    Stop BSL Lineage v.2

    I'd like to be added to the list I grew up with a Labrador retriever and she was the sweetest dog in the whole world. (excluding while eating. Gosh she loved to eat ) Even in old age with a messed up hip and who knows what else, she was always there to give people comfort and she loved hugs. I can't imagine the heart break we would have gone through if someone had taken her. We already suffered so much sorrow when she was poisoned intentionally because our neighbors hated how much she barked. I'm adding this to my signature in the hopes that someone will stop this and I'm raising a Brinestone to carry on my dogs name.
  12. nanananannanana BATMAN Lol, hilarious! Although I feel this name would have been better suited on a male dragon. Still, I literally laughed myself to tears Lolz, I just found this emoji for the first time.
  13. Mouseketeer That's a brilliant name for a cheese dragon
  14. @MessengerDragon I absolutely LOVED the name Whoops-a-floatsy
  15. Bell bottom jeans Oh my gosh that was hilarious! I laughed so hard I also love your avatar btw. Totoro for the win!!! <3 @*silver fox* I do too, trust me >.<
  16. This butler knows everything Brilliant! I just recently started giving my dragons clever names. Originally, I named them all fantasy names, but one day when reading through their lineages, I realized that the names I payed attention to and liked the most on scrolls, weren't the fantasy names, but clever or silly names. And from then on, I've started naming all of my uniquely. It'll just take a while to catch up ^^;
  17. Definitely "Skittles make me hyper* I freaking love that name <3
  18. I have no idea what you are That was a good one.
  19. Awww, thank you so much for adding her. <3 And I know it's been a long time since I lasted posted but I finally bred my Peppermint ^D^ The egg hasn't hatched yet but I'll post the name as soon as it does and I can name it. Newest minty <3
  20. ilia


    Granted, but after you take a bite, you realize there are bugs in it. I wish that I could finally get to the end of the rainbow
  21. ilia


    Granted, and you're given an umbrella. I wish to meet a real live fantasy elf.
  22. My little mint is all grown up now. She's so cute. <3 I named her Peppermint-Breath in honor of the peppermint legacy, and I'll probably be breeding her to the Cave Born mint, Shamrick, I caught a long while ago. Here's the link to her <3 Peppermint-Breath
  23. Forum Name: ilia Scroll Name: ilia's Scroll Preferred contact for 4th gen breeding requests: I um... I'm not sure actually ^^; Number of self bred Doctor Who 4th gens you already have if any: No, I don't have any. All of the breeding pairs seem a bit touchy and it'll take me a bit to collect the ones I want Secret Word: I'm so sorry. I read the post several times over (I kinda had to because the rules are confusing ^^; ) But I couldn't find it. Is it connected to that Star Trek quote maybe? I would very much like to join though. This looks like so much fun and I already have a quote in mind. I'm gonna have to read through the list though in hopes that someone else hasn't used this >.< ------------------------ Possible quote. Please let me know with this one. The Doctor: [the Doctor is transmitting his image from the TARDIS] Here you are, living a life day after day. The one adventure I can never have. Rose Tyler: [crying] Am I ever going to see you again? The Doctor: You can't. Rose Tyler: What are you going to do? The Doctor: I've got the TARDIS. Same old life. The last of the Time Lords. Rose Tyler: On your own? [the Doctor nods] Rose Tyler: [crying] I... I love you. The Doctor: [with a weak smile] Quite right too. [pause] The Doctor: And I suppose... if it's my last chance to say it... Rose Tyler... I.. [fades away] I'll have to rearrange it and clean it up, but first I'm a little confused on if anyone has used this yet or not ^^; Nevermind. I searched through the list by episode and it seems no one has done this yet. Now, to pick some caveborn pairs...
  24. May I please have a peppermint egg? I don't know if anyone is still keeping up on this, but I love the mint dragons and I would very much like to join too <3 I have no particular gen in mind since I'm new and I don't really understand the concept or importance of 2nd gen vs say... 6 gen or something. ^^; But I would like it to be of the Peppermint Effect lineage though. I really hope this is okay and that someone will maybe see my message. I'll be leaving an opening spot on my scroll in case anyone is willing to donate <3 Thank you so very much ^u^