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    The Elven city of ElmsFarore
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    I love elves, and I'm Fantasy author; thus I possess a deep-setting love for all things Fantasy. So naturally taking on responsibilities of raising dragons was an experience I couldn't pass up.

    Greetings, my name's iliana, or ilia for short. If you're looking for someone who knows everything there is to know about fantasy, or considers dragons to be the perfect pet, I'm you're girl ;)

    Fantasy is my life-line. So stumbling across Dragoncave and all the HUNDREDS of dragons to collecting was like a dream come true. It's the perfect past time for me and when it's nearing event time on DC, I'm just as crazy excited as the next dragon-obsessed collector xD


    For those wondering:
    I have waist-lenght brown hair and forest green eyes.
    I have extremely pale skin and I weigh less than 105 pounds.
    I'm 5 feet 6 inches tall.
    I'm 18 and I'm also a self-published author.


    I love to draw in my spare time and have actually drawn my Avatar ^u^

    I LOVE Fantasy Video games such as Zelda or Final Fantasy. But my all-time favorite game is Dragon's Dogma.

    Also, as an author who loves to read, I've fallen in love with the novels: The Lord of the Rings and have obsessed over the movies <3

    I also have six favorite bands:

    1: Imagine Dragons
    2: Linkin Park
    3: Rise Against
    4: 30 Seconds to Mars
    5: Coldplay
    6: Owl City


    Well, that's it. Feel free to contact me any time. I enjoy talking to others no matter what the reason might be.

    All fellow travelers, I wish you the safest of travels.
    Also remember that: ALL things happen for a reason.

    May your Swords stay Sharp.