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  1. > THROW ACORNS You throw some more acorns to the squirrel. One of them nearly hits it and it chitters at you indignantly and runs away. > THROW MUSHROOMS There doesn't seem to be anything to do that with. > THROW SWORD There doesn't seem to be anything to do that with. > THROW CARD There doesn't seem to be anything to do that with. > THROW ROCK There doesn't seem to be anything to do that with. > THROW PLANNER There doesn't seem to be anything to do that with. > THROW BONE There doesn't seem to be anything to
  2. yeah it seems that when I try to leave I fall back down into the bushes and have to free myself again... Thanks for the reminder!
  3. Stuck at this, what should I do next? You cross the creaky old BRIDGE and go down the GAME TRAIL, leaving the main PATH and RIVER behind. You have some extra time, and might as well explore while you're out here. The forest creatures all seem to scatter as you pass, and soon it is very quiet. You start to feel a bit unnerved at the sudden silence, but don't see anything obviously dangerous. Perhaps the rumors are just stories after all. With no monsters come spilling out from behind the trees you feel a bit more confident and start walking more quickly. Something swoops above yo
  4. I spent over a year on a rainbow lineage And finally!!
  5. The moment when you've finished 1/4 of your lineage project. Took me a few months to get a Copper from a Pillow mate, another few months of get a BBW from Gold-horn. Jan 10 is the one-year mark of this project. It should be celebrated
  6. (We're not suppose to discuss NDs in this site. If the information below is too explicit please remove my post.) Generally, ND eggs are low-time, ranging from merely a few seconds left to less than a day. To observe, the best way is to "hunt" for them at click sites, for example, Silvi's Lair, where lower time eggs appear first.
  7. I accidentally declined helping to deliver post. TWICE. And have my day completed! It seems like I missed out half of the day
  8. I... erm... I picked the flowers from someone's backyard %>_<% so no ham for me it seems
  9. A canopy dragon comes to visit your dragon’s den. She seems mildly interested, but doesn’t stay long. It seems she left to find a dragon with more sweets. I'm using GoN here
  10. How about something other than metals? And yes, I think the lowest gen of this CB available in the market are 4Gs of the pink line.
  11. Alright, so the new raffle is drawn. I bet next years 2G Hollies will have a horrifying price... I have this, 2014 line, gold shimmer, pairing wirh daydream. Any thoughts on what I can get from its offspring? I've bred it three times so far with one shimmer produced (and somehow no fails), so I guess it's not producing very well.
  12. I'm not sure about that, this lineage is quite common. Last time I traded a CB ND I got the firstborn of a 2014 Shimmer.
  13. And my frozen hatchlings. Half of my adult Coppers are fogged somehow....
  14. Can anyone tell me what have happened to my Golds?
  15. Get about 20 BSA hatchlings prepared, probably someone will be willing to trade a CB Gold for them.
  16. Just wondering, how are 2014 halloween hatchlings priced in comparison to CB metals and unbreedables? I've killed five papers this halloween and I need replacements for them.
  17. yup I was too excited about halloween and accidentally killed 14 hatchlings too early... so I decided to use the revive button and one actually did work!
  18. Speaking of inbred evilness... I've got this which started when I forgot to influence a certain egg, and ends when I run out of idea for names
  19. I got a whole set of PB 2G Trios for a CB Blusang some time ago. I reckon a CB Copper can get you two sets
  20. Add another CB Blusang/Trio/UB might be a fair trade but I doubt anyone would trade a CB Green Copper for it. The difficulty of catching a Copper and a Blusang/Magma is very different. I see at least a Blusang every hour when I'm hunting at the coast, and even more magmas when I'm at the volcano. green coppers are... well, one usually appears within three hours.
  21. Congrats to everyone! Congrats to you too Hope Luckiest Catch will be cooperative in your remaining breedings I'm glad you like my lineage project This is such a beautiful spiral I haven't seen this CB in trade posts before, it's one of the 2014s right?
  22. Four CB silvers would be the minimum price.
  23. Anything between 1-2 CB Golds would be a rather fair price.