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Jon_.png My Lineage Project "Cidan"I breed on request, and yes that includes prizes.Currently looking for an ND partner. Please PM to discuss.I accept IOUs.

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    When trading non-metals, I really like HATCHLINGS of:
    CB Pink Dragon
    CB Magi Dragon
    CB Red Dragon

    I can't resist chickens and papers (Would love to freeze and collect an army of those!!!) and Golds (I love how they always look so full of themselves XD)

    Not too interested in Dinos though, I've collected enough of those :D Nor am I a fan of pygmies.

    Currently HOARDING low-gen Shimmers! Blood swaps are welcome, but I'm mainly trading CB Metallics for them :D I have a small collection, so chances are I won't have what you'd like to offer!
    IOUs I owe:

    IOUs owe to me:
    Azhure (tahli) - 8 CB Summers