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  1. I totally agree about the little Reindeer Balloons! I'm hoping to see more of the frozen hatchies dressed up like that. I'm saving the dragons that are decorated to my hard drive so I can remember how they look when they get switched back. I also like the raffle idea.
  2. YAY Ghost dragons!!! And I caught one! SWEET! Thanks TJ
  3. I wonder if our Halloween dragon this year will be a ghost or something from the story
  4. AH! "DC down for regular maintenance" Are they cleaning the haunted house or something? lol
  5. 40 items. Rainbow Chicken. Badge. EPIC WIN!!!!!
  6. Since most Dorkfaces are inbred, I checked mine. My White Dorkface has at least 11 repeats in the lineage.
  7. YEAH!! More fun! More dragons! More Win! (I sound like a Billy Mays commercial) YOU ROCK TJ!!
  8. Had trouble at first but when it got down to around 500-600 on the page I was able to catch my 2. Also helps to clean out my entire browser history, download history, etc. which speeds up the browser. So I also bred my 2009 Vals, and released those. I am happy I have one less thing to do tomorrow. Still haven't been able to get any of last years' eggs. But other than that (and keeping an eye on my scroll for sickness), I am done and I can concentrate on cleaning the apartment-yeah that's how I'm spending my Valentines day. Yay TJ, Yay DC!!!!
  9. I don't celebrate Christmas so I've never decorated a Christmas tree before. This was my first. Didn't win any prizes. Let me know what you think-constructive feedback is appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Can someone make badges for the prize winners' forums? That way the rest of us can look at the badges and see "Bronze Tree Contest Winner", "Gold Winner", etc. Prize eggs look awesome!! Congrats to the winners
  11. Why are people being criticized for their opinions? The fact that they are OPINIONS mean there is NO RIGHT OR WRONG answer. And if there are 8,000 trees then around that many will more or less (hopefully) vote. It's a fair contest because we all get to vote. If you don't like something, vote it lower. One person shouldn't be criticized by another because of their opinion, just like one person shouldn't criticize another because of their favorite color, or music, or hobbies, or spending time playing DC instead of a different game or whatever. That's why we have CHOICES. LET'S AGREE TO DISAGREE and all get along. (Off my soapbox, now) (By the way, this is NOT directed to anyone specifically-this is a general statement) Thanks.
  12. I judge on everything-the tree, topper, present area, floaters, too cluttered/plain, etc. If I can see it, it counts. Busy doesn't always mean bad-sometimes the stuff looks like its been well thought out and nice. Using areas like the presents and stuff for me shows creativity. I haven't given any 1's yet-I only plan to use the 1's for completely empty trees with no decoration at all. I see those like taking an exam and handing in a blank test.
  13. I'm glad to be reading this now. I'll wait to submit my tree, either until people say it is working, or until the 8th just in case I want to change anything.
  14. Aren't we getting one more batch of ornaments tomorrow?
  15. Congrats on getting your cheese, but I should let you know that all cheese and paper dragons are caveborn because they are unbreedable. But a cheese is still rare so I don't want to disregard your accomplishment.
  16. Hard to pick one. I would say at this point my GoN and pair of Yulebucks. I also have a couple of white dorkfaces, a cb pink (frozen, I was still new at the time), 2nd gen. gold and 2 cb silvers,
  17. Thank you TJ. I got my 2 eggs, not much lag, and I was surprised to be able to get them so soon (I thought I would have to wait until more people reached their limit). Also started to decorate my tree. This is the first tree I've ever decorated in my life (and I'm a grown-up), as my family doesn't celebrate Christmas. You did an outstanding job with everything, and I wish you and your family the happiest of holidays. I can't wait to see the hatchlings and the adult dragons. Thank you again, TJ, for this special holiday treat and for providing us with this free website for us to forget our troubles of the world for a little while.
  18. Maybe a new thread can be started, for "rare AP breeders". People can volunteer to breed their metallics, but instead of sending to a certain person, they will be doing it and releasing into the AP. Just an idea.
  19. This sounds awesome-Thanks TJ. I wonder when we'll see any/all of these happen.
  20. Got my 93 treats, 4 Halloween eggs in spite of the lag (influenced 2 of each gender) and my Pumpkin egg hatched on Halloween! Yay me!
  21. I got all 92! I didn't realize I had so many until now-yay me!
  22. Just got treat #42 (TJ's fave number). I want to get at least 1/2 of the treats tonight-that's 46.
  23. Trick or treat? This is a trick!