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  1. I was gifted a beautiful Purple and when I should have been leaving the house I managed to catch a gold. With my two speckled I now have t least one of each. Okay, hubby was not happy and dyalisis was not happy that I was late again but I have some eggs that will grow up into dragons. While I am at it I thought I might mention that I love the sites Daily Dragon Fix and the site Silvi's Lair. I visit the first daily and the latter is always running on the computer. It may add to some of my lag problems, more likely I have too many tabs open, But it is my way of helping everybody.
  2. I clicked in just the right moment and there was 1, one, ONE of the new eggs. Really, tht is all that was there. I did not get it. Big surprise.
  3. I have yet to see anything but older eggs in alpine or forest. I try to watch for the time change and click then but it has not worked and I am too sick to keep this up for long
  4. Mine is doing a definite mix and match. Ghost, Ravenclaw, and now a parrot. Just adorable. We liked going through the grandparent's trunks and Parent's closet to make up homemade costumes.
  5. It is, and making things worse I am NOT a morning person. But I go when My ride goes and I have a first shift on time.
  6. Still hoping to grab a couple of cb pumpkins. But I have to head to bed soon. I have Dialysis in the am and 4:30 comes early. LOL
  7. huh, I guess living in Arizona I see scorpions where there are none.
  8. here is a screen print (I hope)
  9. Some of my visitors are wearing ghostly scorpion tails and pincers, how do I get them?
  10. back from the hospital and hoping to be able to find some of the new eggs now.
  11. So it is not just me that thinks the drop is stingy. I was in ICU and could not have used a computer even if I felt up to it so I have not idea if the drop was better at the beginning. Now I am in the telemetry ward I can use the computer there do not seem to many eggs to catch. I love the changes and yeah for 8 eggs. This is wonderful.
  12. Okay, I just noticed one of my eggs is Hitchhiker's Guide inspired. Love it
  13. I agree the Tetras look like very Merry Dragons and I am looking forward having a small herd of them in time. I have grabbed two and will wait until they are grown and others have had a shot before I start breeding a herd.
  14. I don't see that as being any worse that trying to track the Lunar Heralds. I use a cheat site or I get a headache. In fact, I would rather like that. Since I am hunting Blues I remember they are 12,3,6,9 and back to 12. The rest are easy to figure from there.
  15. I know we will not know till we have adults and are breeding them, I was asking more about rumors. I just worded it poorly. I never hold anyone to something they speculate about. For one thing it does no good and for another it takes the fun out of guessing. LOL
  16. I am still seeking Blue fire gems. It does not help that we tend to be very busy during the hours they drop. Has anyone heard if these will breed true to color or will they be more like striped dragons and the mates color influences the color of the offspring?
  17. Darn, I missed the blues entirely. Trying to fix dinner and catch an egg is a pain. Well I suppose I will have to try again at Midnight site time.
  18. I have a guardian of creation avatar looking for a good home. Not sure if this is the right place to offer a 14th gen dragon egg. But if someone is interested it was just laid this evening. It can be seen here. https://dragcave.net/user/JoyLeaf I ask for nothing in return, it is a true gift.
  19. Am I the only one having trouble finding a time-wimey egg? Are they to be rare, so rare we do not all get a chance to get one?
  20. Wow, short release, I had one day with out access due to our moving and it is over. May be I will be able to get some snd gen dragons.
  21. I love this site and have done so for some time now. I loved it when the import all was added. It does make my life easier, I have bad eyes that have trouble making out the codes at times. I have noticed I am hitting end of clicks more often and quicker. My progress bar does not reset as often, is that the only reason? Or do we have fewer eggs to click most of the time? In any case thanks for your work and improvements to the site.
  22. Is it just me or has this been an incredibly stingy drop? Normally it gets easier a day or two into the drop of new eggs to get them but that has not been my experience at all this time.
  23. Having only found this site recently I find it soothing to click while I am sitting in the evening while we watch a show or read to each other. A great service and I hope to do my part.
  24. I liked the Dragon Cave on facebook and that Artwork is fantastic.