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  1. After reading The M|ortal Instruments, I'm reading The Infernal Devices. i'm currently on The Clockwork Princess
  2. bread and fruit, then a milkshake
  3. hehe, I beat u... I see the blazing Yule before me ^^
  4. Planet? Then it would be Gallifrey for me... But then I would love to live in Olympus, Idris, and Narnia. They dont really count a planets though..
  5. Forum Name— Diamonde Links I Need to Put In— instagram, tumblr, scroll, blog What Colors?— the dark purple in this poster *click here* Specific Fonts?— narnia font, if not then either percy jackson or divergent will do Size of Signature?— just to fit signature space, with enough room for the 'breeder of ... banners' Text Color?— white Decoration Needs?— the fandom logo in my avatar and sig scroll link pic thank you, sory if this going to be compilcated for you ~ diamonde
  6. two books: looking for Alaska, by John Green TMI: City of Glass by Cassandra Clare
  7. changing a lot, cloudy then sunny....