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  1. Nope you aren't the only one. I think so too. I was pleasantly surprised to see his talking sprite and am guilty of talking to him just to see it again.
  2. Thanks now I have completed all of today's tasks. The delivery one was the most annoying to complete, but I'm glad they brought back the Valkemarian Tales event.
  3. Nope Hand definitely said Gladys, I checked five times. Edit: He changed it to Janus when I checked the sixth time. Took him long enough to change it to someone who wasn't broken. Where do I go for the maze task?
  4. Gladys still won't accept my package and I tried everything. I've tried clearing my cache, restarting, everything that people have suggested over the last 20 pages. And yes she is who the guy says I have to deliver to. All she says is "Oh. Hello!" and nothing else.
  5. Gladys still won't accept my package and I tried everything. And yes she is who the guy says I have to deliver to. All she says is "Oh. Hello."
  6. OOOhhh they look so pretty! <3 Can't wait to see what kind of dragons they are :3 edit: wow I'm early 0.0 and I have 2 of each egg yay ^u^
  7. Happy Halloween everyone. Hope I get at least one of each of the Halloween dragons including the new one. Can't wait to see what that egg grows up to be.
  8. I love the new layout! Thank you, it looks so sleek and modern now
  9. Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I got my eggs and now for the event...
  10. Yay, sounds great! I already got one of each past valentine dragon eggs, now I'm looking forward to the new one.
  11. WHOOT WHOOT!! Halloween dragons here I come!! <3
  12. Yay new updates. I can't wait to see the new Halloween dragon Thanks TJ
  13. I only got the coast, forest, and jungle ones. The other three aren't appearing in the cave for me.
  14. Pretty! Can't wait to get all 6 versions so I can see them all grown up Thanks a lot guys!
  15. Oh no. I'm so sorry to hear that she passed. My condolences to you and Adrona's Family. Thanks for keeping her site going bbik. She will be missed
  16. Cool! Thanks and Happy 9th birthday DC!
  17. Thank you for keeping us informed. I wish you best of luck in keeping AoND up and running. I would love to see it keep going as I have been using AoND since I started on DC.
  18. Oh my god. When I first saw the new look I was surprised by it. BUT I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! The coloration and redesigned logo are gorgeous and now we have a clock yay! Thank you so much for the new look Random nyan cat
  19. My handsome Royal Crimson has attracted a beautiful Golden Wyvern! Do we keep their attracted dragon?
  20. Happy Valentine's day! Finally got one of each of all the past valentine dragons and my two new ones. Now to dress up my dragon's hoard to get him a companion :3 Does anyone know what mostly magic and shiny items attract?
  21. Thanks for the update TJ! I can't wait to see what the new valentine's day dragon looks like! I bet it'll be beautiful
  22. Yay thanks for the update TJ I wonder if I'll get the original coloring or not
  23. The link isn't working, and I already have a mentor, I just wanted a second opinion on some fan sites
  24. what are some good fan sites that you recommend?