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  1. This. All if this. However, I think the blade goes two ways here in this particular circumstance. The first would be from the user side, and I feel like there are some users who don’t read the entirety of the thread or a post before posting. That or they cherry pick what they want to read and respond to. In doing either of that they miss out on key information. I’ll admit, I’m pretty guilty of that sometimes as well because it does take a lot to read the entire thread for full context. The second would be - as we all are discussing - from TJ himself. I don’t think that TJ has any malicious intent when it comes to his decisions. And as stated in either this thread or the other thread by someone (example of me not being too clear on details here) what might seem clear to TJ might not be clear to the user base. I defended him in the last thread saying that yes, he did give a response to our questions. However my criticism was that it wasn’t clear enough. “Original intent” is a very vague term that could either indicate that he is just being purely obstinate and stubborn because he’s putting past intentions over current wants OR he’s honoring the original spriter’s intent out of respect or legalities. I was hoping for the second but feared the first because the first would mean that he was being stubborn for the sake of stubbornness and that is frustrating. But since it’s cleared out that TJ is wishing to respect the original spriter’s intent, then that’s that with Sweetlings. As for his communication, however, from what I see with his writing style, TJ writes and thinks very much like an engineer. I work the tech industry as a technical writer who reads and listens to engineer speak all day everyday, and I spend a lot of time asking them to explain things to me and their response is usually “uuuuh but I thought I did D:” and my response is usually “yes, but I’m not an engineer.” While what TJ is writing isn’t tech speak, it’s showing symptoms of engineering think. The details are there but they need to be parsed out which means things get lost in translation and some things are omitted without realizing how crucial those bits of information are - for example the distinction of what kind of original intent he meant when talking about original intent. It might benefit TJ to step back and see that just a bit more details will help. That or have a mod or two read his response to see how an outsider would respond to his post. Just another set of eyes and opinion because what is clear to us might not be clear to others.
  2. I definitely agree with all of this, and I feel like what we really need is for TJ to explain why is he putting original intent over current wants/needs. As so many people have pointed out things change, times change, nothing ever stays the same. The ball already dropped. The milk has already been spilt. The mistake is already done. What should have been done eight years ago wasn't done, and the userbase as whole adapted to that mistake and were okay with it. We weren't happy, but we saw that it was "okay fair-ish" even if it wasn't a great or ideal station. Then all of sudden... BAM! Time to retire these babies with no warning because originally they were never meant to breed true and were supposed to be like Spriter Alts. Okay, cool, if we were to have discontinued this breeding habit that should've been nixed a year or two after the mistake was found. Why was it allowed to stay for so long? And why is TJ hell bent on keeping with what was originally supposed to happen but didn't? I get the addage of "better late than never" but that only really applies to positive changes that improves quality of life - the 8th egg slot, Trader's Canyon, etc. Better late than never shouldn't be applied to things that doesn't improve quality of life, and this whole Alt Sweet thing that happened? It doesn't just not improve quality of life, it just frustrates the userbase. It's been eight years, and I do agree with users who are asking "why does the original intent matter today?" especially since many Alt Sweet owners don't care and are happy if other people got the sprites as well. Again, if we're wishing to preserve the intent of the Spriter's sacrifice of their alt to the masses, then for me that's an acceptable answer because it is a moral or logical reason. Moral because he is acknowledging that he respects the original spriter's intent and sacrifice of their original Spriter alt. Logical because there might be some legal component behind this whole situation that we're not aware of. I don't know if the majority or minority of people are okay with that answer, but for some it is and I have no real argument against it. There might be legalese involved and I'm a psychology major, not a law major.
  3. That is entirely my bad. >__< Ithoght at right after I pressed send and went back to edit immediately. But a visual always helps too to keep things straight! :3 Thank you.
  4. Ah okay, that makes sense. Thank you! Whelp. RIP gorgeous alternating lineages then because the only way those can happen would be between fellow Alt owners who chose both sprites. EDIT Wait, no, I’m wrong. RIP alternating lineages in general because Pinks can only produce Pinks now.
  5. In that case, I have 0 idea how all this is supposed to retire Alts any faster. If babies don’t Alt after they are traded then, okay, theoretically this will allow them to slowly die out because the only way to ever get an Alt is if you breed it yourself and kept one of the babies you bred. You can’t have an Alt baby from anyone else’s Alt. But if the baby still Alts on someone else’s scroll, then we’re just back to the way things are... but Alt owners can now have both versions if they abandon one of their Alts in favor of a Pink? So now they can breed and trade both Pinks and Alts? So... how does this even help Alts retire? And thank you Skilisor for the clarification!
  6. Can someone please clarify this for me: but if an Alt swere owner breeds a Sweet and trades it with another Alt Sweet owner, would the offspring Alt or not? Because from what I’ve read, and I can be grossly wrong on this, once and Alt baby is traded it will not Alt regardless of scroll. IF this is the case, then... we’ll, I don’t know how this will force them to retire faster. I can kind of see how but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s unreasonable to suddenly up and retire the Alts entirely to revert things back to how it should’ve been when that ship has sailed.
  7. Then channel this energy to keep the Alt. Sweet train moving? Because, again, my biggest concern is that by next year all this won't matter because it's been a full 365 days since the debacle and if TJ doesn't introduce the Alt. Sweets in by next year, he won't at all becauseif changes are going to happen, we won't see them until the next Valentines Day event. However, we did say this about Bright Pinks and Frills, and somehow they came back. @Fuzzbucket My statement was towards the fact that he's been silent ever since his last post on Page 13, not towards his opinions on Alt. Sprites. Essentially what I'm saying is "He's been silent since page 13 because after saying "No" to us, his opinion hasn't changed and to add to that, he's probably not interacting because he doesn't want to give us false hope by saying "I'll consider the changes you suggested" and he doesn't want to keep saying "No".
  8. Because his opinions on this subject hasn't changed. I would've liked for him to say "I'll consider bringing back Alt. Sweets and will take everything you say into consideration while I think it over." But, my interpretation of his post is that he gave us a hard "no these are never coming back and the reason why is because "IMO the original intent of these At. Sweetlings is very important."" Bad quoting is mine. Which is what frustrates me, because how do you argue against a hard no that is, to me, very opinion based aside from continued frustration, throwing out ideas, and praying one day an opinion gets changed?
  9. Because I think he's trying to go back to the way things "should've been" ...five years or so too late... and hoping that this will be the new normal we're used too and the subject explodes only once (this year) and never again. Like I said, he gave an explanation, it's not a good explanation... but it's an explanation.
  10. Because they were "never meant for broad distribution" - I'm assuming it means that he never wanted them to be bred and have Alt Sweet lineages in the first place. Again, if you actually read my posts, I'm agreeing that this is not a good explanation. However, what I am defending is the fact that he did give an explanation. It's not a good explanation, it's not a popular explanation but it is an explanation.
  11. @Brekke @JavaTigress But what is there for him to say? He already did explain why he doesn't want the Alt Sweets back: His words, bolded is mine for emphasis. It's not an explanation we want because it essentially boils down to one of two things: He's honoring the Spriter's intent to have them be exclusive OR he's honoring the original reason why they were limited and that is VERY important to him. As I said in my previous post, he gave an explanation for his decision. It's a firm "no, he doesn't want them back and wants them discontinued, but he's leaving the thread open so people can voice their opinions on his very unpopular opinion." He can't agree with our alternative ideas for Sweets because he doesn't agree about bringing them back, and he can only say "no" so many times before we start getting angry at him for stonewalling us. He already said that he heard us, here's an explanation for his decision... now his hands are relatively tied. All we can do now, is keep reiterating the fact that this is a hot topic we would like for him to change his mind on. Until then, unless his stance changes, I don't see what else he can say. Am I agreeing with him that this is a good idea? No. It's not. But from his perspective, he did explain his side of things, we just don't agree with it because, again, unless it's because he's honoring the artist's intention, it's not a very solid argument. As for saying him not wanting to poke at the wounds again if the Alt Sweets don't come around next year, I just pointing out that if they're not out next year, there's high likelihood they won't come out at all because by then not having them at all a new normal for us, and this whole thing gets swept under the rug. Is it ideal? No. But I'm pointing out why I have a feeling we're never seeing these babies again because it's easy to just forget about the crusade for them to be widespread unless TJ does something to bring that crusade back to the forefront. I'm hoping we can keep this conversation going for longer than a few months, but with new things coming out, it's very likely this conversation will get buried and eventually "Ooooh, right... well, I guess this is the new normal."
  12. Actually, TJ did come in and respond in this thread yesterday - Page 13 to be exact. He gave an explanation for why he's choosing the current path he chose for Alt Sweetlings, and while it's not a response most of the community wants him to take, he did chime in. It's not that he didn't make a decision, it's more that he did, we didn't like it, and we're hoping to still change his mind on it. At this point, the circular talk is the community wishing and hoping that maybe we can find a way to convince TJ not to phase Alt Sweets out entirely. However, since his prime reasoning for phasing them out was because of the Alt Sweet's original intent to be extremely niche and not meant to be as widespread into lineages as they are today, I don't think we are going to be able to convince him otherwise. Speculation says that it might be him honoring the original spriter's intent. Others think it might just be him honoring the fact that they were meant to be an apology gift that went very very wrong. Either way, if it's spriter's intent then we're going to need to wait for the original spriter to weigh in - and that seems like a dead end from what this thread is saying. If it's TJ wanting to honor the fact that these babies are supposed to be a niche apology gift... what can we as a community say that will change his mind on that? My two cents is that it would've been nice for TJ to embrace the mistake rather than fight it. The Alt Sweets have been released into the wild, they were allowed to breed more Alt Sweets, and for a long time people were just fine with things being the way they were. Alt. Sweets were rare but their offspring never dominated the trading market, and most owners gave their babies away for free. However, trying to phase them out and discontinue them entirely is... well... why? Again, if it's honoring and respecting the original spriter's intent, I'm all for it. But it's to honor the fact that they were an apology gift, many Alt Sweet owners don't seem to really care if other people have access to Alt Sprites. Things change, years change, and this mistake has been left to fester. It's a wound, a scar, and to try and make that scar go away as it never happened isn't going to happen. So why not just embrace the mistake and work with it instead? Is there a fear for a snowball effect where if this one thing goes through then the community is going to demand more? To be fair though, allowing everyone to have Alt. Sweet sprites might take a ton of work, but people here have made some great suggestions on how to go about it. However, at the end of the day, it's TJ's call. Will he change his mind in the future? Well, no one here is a fortune teller, but if the Alt Sweets aren't going to make a comeback next year, I'm more than willing to bet they won't come back at all because I don't see why TJ would want to poke at this wound again after all the drama it caused this year.
  13. I think that having a list is less a list of demands but rather a list of suggestions on what kind of transparency the userbase and the mods would like to have. This is because we can talk about wanting transparency all we want, but without giving examples of what kind of transparency we would like it all becomes moot because everyone has different ideas of what transparency even is. I do agree that TJ does not need to explain his every action - and I am part of the very minor group who is perfectly content with a "Because I said so" answer. However, most people aren't, especially for major changes that can be perceived as fair or unfair. Yes, fairness and unfairness are subjective to each individual but these concepts lead to a lot of heated discussions among those who have and those who don't. So, that's pretty much what I feel like this thread is about: discussing what the users would like TJ to address and how we would like it addressed. Meanwhile, it's also a thread for TJ to come in and see what we would like to see, weigh our opinions, and maybe even chime in every so often to explain his rationale. Having a list is to make this process clearer and easier for everyone to see what the main arguments are and pros and cons of each.
  14. Oh! I didn’t realize that Jazeki’s been updating the first post >___< I’ve been jumping to the most recent stuff and didn’t notice. My question mostly stemmed from suddenly seeing talks of breeding mechanics and I got confused about whether we’re asking for transparency on subjects we want more info on or what kind of transparency we want. x___x my bad. But thank you @Jazeki for compiling everything for everyone!
  15. A quick suggestion for the thread: Can someone please compile a master list of what kind of transparency the user base - moderators and admins included - would like from TJ? That way everyone can be on the same page about what needs to be discussed and what doesn't, and TJ can give better input on why he chooses to give us certain information and withhold others?
  16. I just wanted to say, thank you TJ for responding to our questions at 1 in the morning on a weeknight of all things as well - especially since you also have a big boy job to take care of in the morning as well. We can definitely wait for a response to everything, but... yeah... thank you. >__<
  17. I do agree that things were veering off topic, and I apologize. But I feel like as Dragon_Arbok says, this might be a live example of communication being lost in translation that leaves the userbase dissatisfied. You gave us a reason, but we're confused by it. When we get confused, we speculate, and speculation creates a mess of things because facts get lost in the heat of emotions and words get stuffed into other people's mouths. I think when it comes to transparency, it's more about being clear about why you make certain decisions and less about having monthly updates about what you're planning on doing - as you said, it leads to expectations and more anger if you decide to do or not do something because someone will say "But you said..."
  18. From what I gather with TJ's response, I think his reasoning is something along the lines of he sees little reason in releasing the Alt Sweetling because 1) it's supposed to be niche thing that got out of control and 2) it doesn't make sense for him to release a "new" eight-year-old event sprite. For example: Back when old pinks were an "alt" everyone was unhappy because of how unique they were and that only a very few select people had them. However, when TJ re-released these old Pinks, they were all replaced with the new Aria sprites. All of them got replaced and no one got to keep the old sprite. Please, someone, correct me if I'm wrong. I only really pieced this together when I thought back to how and why Bright Pinks/Old Pinks made a return to the caves. But this might take the discussion entirely off topic, so if my post must be deleted, please do so.
  19. This is absolutely pure speculation but I'm assuming the reason why TJ shuts a thread down once he says "no" is because he doesn't want people chewing the same topic over and over again once he already gives an answer... ...which doesn't make sense because that topic will inevitably be revived again some how some way because it's a hot button topic. I can count how many times the whole raffle prize dragons had been brought up over and over again back when they were a once a year thing and only so many people could get them during that time. I do get him not wanting people to keep repeating the same arguments over and over with nothing new being added to the conversation because no new information has been released, but at the same time maybe those threads shouldn't be shot down because they will always end up being revived again down the line.
  20. Looking to gift THIS lovely third gen Sweetling egg. However, since this is a lineage I really want to see grow, I'm only looking to gift this egg to someone who has BOTH of these criteria: 1) Their scroll must be for ALT Sweetlings 2) They must also have a CB Female Gold Dragon to mate with If you would like to continue this lineage and meet the criteria for it, please, message me and I will send you the teleport link ASAP!
  21. That also means absolutely no holiday breeding, which is the second thing I really really really look forward to all year. And not only THAT but no collecting OLD holiday dragons either, which is the third thing that I really really really look forward to all year. >_____< Anyways, if we are going to do any GIANT RELEASES (be it a steady stream of new eggs over a 12 day period or HULK MASS RELEASE OF 5+ BREEDS) I vote that it be done in the worst downtime of DC: the summer. Anything holiday "off month" related (November and January) related should either be small (2 breeds) or none at all (as it has always been). Holiday breeders need time to plan, coordinate, and create their lineages, please. :3 As for summer, those months have always been the most dead because nothing really happens during it. There's no events, nothing to keep my interest. After DC's birthday, it's hard to really keep up with the caves aside from occasionally looking in to see what the new releases are. If there's going to be marathon of eggs to drop, it should be in the deadest months of the year. Though, this is just my opinion. I play DC super weird.
  22. Stupid question, what would you consider to be a "small release?" oo Strictly 2 breeds per month or 2-3 breeds per month (with 3 being a sort of "treat" release month when TJ and the spriters are feeling extra special/generous?) or 3 breeds per month? I am slowly coming back form my hiatus and so my sense of timing of what has or has not been released during the past couple of months is hazy at best. Because I completely agree that having bulk releases every months is extremely overwhelming. I would absolutely detest DC if I saw 4+ breeds released monthly. So I'm just curious if it would be possible to find a sort of compromise on whether or not 3 per month is too much or not. I'm suggesting possibly 3 because for people who have 7 egg slots, we would get our 1 m/f pair of each breed and a favored spare egg during the release. It's not like a 2 breed releases where we get a 2 m/f pairs of our favored breed, 1 m/f pair of our not favored breed, and a spare. I can see how a 2 breed release would feel slow as molasses since it's so easy to eat our fill right on release day.
  23. Popping into say that necro'ing is a huge turn-off for me when reading new suggestions. I kind of hate going through a suggestions thread and realize that the OP isn't even active anymore and that the arguments I'm reading are from years ago. I just end up leaving the thread and not bother going to the end to see what's "current" because, well, where does it all start and where does it all end? I understand that necro'ing is to keep all the ideas in the same place so that there's not a bajillion of the same threads floating around. However, I agree that a 1 year limit before lock down would be great. It keeps things fresh, new, and current. I also feel that telling people who have started a new thread with amazing discussion to go necro a thread to be, well, counter productive? I followed a thread on Site Discussions before where the OP was trying to generate fresh discussions about why there seems to be a decline in playerbase in DC/DC forums. The instant people were told to move the discussion to "Site Feedback" or "Cave Feedback" all discussions on the matter dropped immediately. And to be honest, I don't go to read the Site Feedback or Cave Feedback thread because of how many pages there are. Human beings enjoy shiny new things and the more pages there are on a thread, the less likely we are to jump in unless the information is current - not several years old. Anyways, just my two cents on necro'ing.
  24. 1) noxlyx 2) 42 3) Nope! Good luck with the raffle/giveaway!
  25. Dropping my two cents in here pertaining to trading, as a casual player of DC what really gets me about trading is the fact that everything rare goes well above my range. >____< I've played DC since 2010, and I can count the number of times I've seen a CB gold/silver egg on one hand in all of those years. Hell, I have yet to see a CB Almadine or CB Spessartine when I hunt in caves anymore. It kind of kills my interest in the game when I can't do breeding plans I really want, when from trading ratios are something like 15 Almadine/Xenos being roughly worth 1 CB Gold. (I read this on pg. 430 on Question about a Trade? And was absolutely floored by the ratio.) I honestly just don't bother with trading because ratios are insanely awkward to deal with, and seeing ratios like that makes it so that breeding pretty common lineages or pretty but long prize lineages just doesn't feel worth it.