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    Hey what's up, the name's Nox and welcome to my profile.

    My personal philosophy when it comes to DragonCave is that there are two types of players: catchers and breeders. Catchers spend their time patrolling the caves for rares. Breeders enjoy their shiny lineages. While anyone can land anywhere in the spectrum, I fall in the "breeders" category because, well, I have zero luck catching rares. That being said, again, welcome to my profile where I'll be showcasing my lineages for those who would like a dragon from my lineage projects. You'll also find here my wishlist for dragons. Why? Because let's be real here, breeders can't make awesome lineage without some help from the crowd right?

    Everything I breed, I breed for free. Shoot me a PM and I will attempt to fulfill your request in a timely manner. However, I am super busy which means it might take a while. Don't be afraid of poking me with a stick to get me moving on it. Just keep my time schedule in mind and the fact that pretty dragons are so vain and don't like giving out eggs.

    - - -

    The Lineages

    - - -

    Apparently I can't link links here. So, eventually a google docs is going up for this.

    - - -

    The Wishlist

    - - -

    + The Prize Pool +

    2nd Gen Shimmers or Tinsels
    2nd Gen Shimmer!fails or Tinsel!fails

    In fact *any* lineage Shimmers or Tinsels would be appreciated. However, I would prefer them to be clean and not inbred. Staircases make pretty arrows/double stairs. Even-gens make amazing checkerboards.

    + The Thuweds +

    3rd gen Thuweds (because I need a mate for mine)

    + The Rares +

    CB Pyralspites (Almandine or Spessartine)
    CB Golds
    CB Silvers

    2nd Gen Spessartine (Orange) from Graves
    2nd Gen Almandine (Pink) from Rosebuds
    2nd Gen Almandine (Pink) from Sweetlings
    2nd Gen Pyrope (Red) from Alt Sweetlings
    2nd Gen Pyrope (Red) from Radiant Angels
    2nd Gen Pyrope (Red) from Heartseekers

    2nd Gen Golds from Holidays
    2nd Gen Silvers from Holidays

    2nd Gen Golds from Commons
    2nd Gen Silvers from Commons

    Any Gen Gold with an Even-Gen Lineage : Clean and not inbred
    Any Gen Silver with an Even-Gen Lineage : Clean and not inbred

    + The Commons +

    2nd Gen Pinks from BRIGHT Pinks and ANY Valentines

    Pinks (CB or nice even-gen lineages)
    Reds (CB or nice even-gen lineages)
    Nebulas (CB or purebred lineages)
    Falconiforms (CB or nice even-gen lineages)
    Pygmys (CB or nice even-gen lineages)
    Black Teas (CB or nice even-gen lineages)
    Sunsongs (CB or nice even-gen lineages)
    Frostbites (CB or nice even-gen lineages)
    Gemstones (CB or nice even-gen lineages)
    Striped Rivers (CB or nice even-gen lineages)
    Soulpeace (Nice even-gen lineages)

    - - -

    Thank Yous~!

    Thank you StrikeFire for giving me a Pyrope x Alt Sweetling Baby~!<br>
    Thank you Pippyspot for the perfect mate for my Rosebud x Lunar Baby! :D<br>
    Thank you ytak for gifting me a mate for my Golden Wyvern x Heartseeker child! ^____^