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  1. Tigger Was Unavailable [That 'A Message from Metro was because of its parents' names]
  2. http://dragcave.net/lineage/Mu0yn Well, I'd love to catch a Heartseeker that would be the same thing as this, except the third generation would be a Heartseeker. And if this hadn't gendered wrong I would have found a Valentine's mate for it... http://dragcave.net/lineage/xym9F
  3. Maple and Syrup, underneath Pancake and Waffle....
  4. Evolette, if I had won, I would have used these. Could you make some more for different themes?
  5. Darien Simple enough... I really ought to post after a longer one.
  6. I didn't win, but at least it was free to play. I didn't lose anything, but I won an epic Snow Fort.
  7. Here's something for you to wonder about-what's wrong with hatchlings in the wilderness?
  8. I want to request(Drawing): Size: About the size of the mint dragon drawings. Idea:(you can add some picture) A Non-Alt Black Dragon playing with a ball? Text: None Background: No
  9. I keep them, but I don't breed them on purpose.
  10. Really? I caught one and traded it for an IOU of fifteen black hatchlings and an alt. black hatchling.
  11. Bit a CB Golden Wvyern today-it turned and stayed. Haven't bitten anything else yet.
  12. I tried once and failed... my next slot is the eighteenth.
  13. Personally, raising hatchling limits would be great during the holidays for me. I try my best to grab the holiday eggs I want and then grab as many other eggs and hatch them as I can. As soon as I get the three other holidays I need, I'll only have to keep three egg slots open.