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  1. I've been lucky enough to catch all 3 colors. As such, I'd like to help some other users out. Just make sure I can look at your scroll and make sure you don't have this color already.


    Current egg: Blue veined new egg, code is all lowercase


    Will accept the first dummy egg from a scroll without the color on it.


    Edit: GONE

  2. Oh reddof-f6. If I may ask, how did you get these answers? ohmy.gif I'm particularly interested in how you know we won't be keeping the dragon we attract. Lol. So like... what's this whole thing about? Do you know what'll happen by the end once we do successfully attract the mate?


    Also, from what I've noticed, if the visiting dragon is too picky because there's not enough of one thing (say, Magic), it's probably because of an excessive amount of something else (like Meat or Sweets). Reducing the other things will automatically increase Magic without the need to add more Magic items. I believe that's the case?

    It says on the event page that there will not be a match until the end of the event...

  3. Ugh I remember that... mine was CB Spring Seasonals, and then that year when spring came around they were *impossible* to get, so I had to wait ANOTHER year! Talk about frustrating!


    Back to Valentines... is it tomorrow yet? xd.png I want to keep hunting! I love this holiday! My favorite RA pairing is Pyrope, but Silver, Blusang, and Fever are surprisingly awesome too!

    Not sure how I feel about Fever, but Pyrope and Blusang... Love how they look with Sunstones too.

  4. Yay, I managed to collect all the V-Day dragons from the years I missed! /stoked

    Congrats. It's incredibly frustrating when you are trying to get every dragon and the last ones you need are holidays/seasonals. The last one I needed was a winter seasonal and it was irritating me to think that I couldn't get that dragon for a few weeks.

  5. So I realized I have no female Blusangs. I must change that over the year-next year RAs are being bred with them. This year my second may go to a sunstone if I have a CB female...

    Edit: Apparently I need a CB Female Sunstone. I have a nice Pyrope though... That would look nice...