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  1. Well. It's Christmas time... I wish everybody a great rest of the year!
  2. Don't know. I'm waiting for Narvix to respond, so I'm kinda stuck.
  3. Just caught up to the eleventh episode of Parasyte. I swear, this is one of the best animes I have watched in quite a while. Planning to watch Steins;Gate and Monster. I've heard a few good things about Steins;Gate, but it doesn't look too good, and Monster just looks downright creepy.
  4. Just wanted to say thanks for putting all the character sheets together, it's now easier to keep track of everyone.
  5. Hey, Zakku, forgive me if you've already done this but... Do you mind composing a list of our character sheets? I'm having a hard time locating everyone's, sorry for all the trouble...
  6. Ah okay, thanks for letting me know. Scratch my original post then, I'll try and find a suitable place to introduce Viventa.
  7. Thank you so much! I'll get started right away.
  8. Sure, but I'm not sure when I can play, I'm currently preoccupied with a huge amount of workload, so I don't have time for a full game, although forums are fine.
  9. Yeah... I prefer not to mention which country I live in unless the person I am talking to coincidentally lives there too. Anyways, it would be nice to play with you sometime, so yeah...
  10. Just edited my previous reply as soon as I reread your comment, but then you posted. I play on the NA servers, but I'm quite far away from it and the closest servers (China) don't work for me for some reason. I also have an EUW account, which is only level 3. How's the ping in EUNE? Never tried it before.
  11. Thank for the warm welcome (back)! And I'm relieved that the RP hasn't closed. As for Orianna, I am interested in her, but she isn't my main. My mains are actually Wukong, Jayce and Fiora (but I've stopped playing them for individual reasons). So I guess that leaves Ori as my last resort. But anyways, it's nice to meet you on here too, I don't meet many players (actually none) on this forum at all, so I was especially surprised to find you here, I guess.
  12. Hi guys, I joined Dragcave a while ago but I haven't posted in ages. This RP looks like it will last long and I hope it's not too late to join. Username: BeardedKumquat Name: Viventa Age: Six years-old. Modeled to look sixteen years-old. Gender: Female Race: Enchanted mannequin Power/s: Telekinesis. Viventa is enchanted and can move any object in her mind at will. Although the larger an object is, the bigger the strain is on Viventa's mind. As a result from her enchantment, she is indestructible unless a spell can counter her enchantment. Description: Viventa is a handcrafted puppet made from indestructible cursed mahogany wood. Her bob cut is painted honey-colored, her wide eyes green, her lips cherry and her skin pale. She also has a metal wind up key on her back. Viventa is around five foot five and has the average figure of a sixteen year-old. Viventa a loves to dress herself up is different types of outfits, but she often sports a blue top matched with a dark-gray skirt. A brown, leather pouch is strapped to her waist that contains her wide array of clothes. History: Viventa was created by a greedy wizard named Excorius that craved a very young wife. First, he crafted a body for his future bride out of mahogany wood and then, he began to steal magical items from Nightfall's citizens to create her. But Excorius needed two crucial ingredients: A living creature's brain and heart. Not knowing that he could potentially create a malevolent force of evil, the wizard assassinated the mistress of a powerful vampire and cast the remaining ingredients into the mixture of the enchantment before dousing the mannequin with it. As soon as he performed a chant and named her, Viventa was brought to life. Suddenly, the wizard's belongings lifted from the room as he stared in confusion and with a brief clap from the newly made figure, Excorius was crushed, leaving a messy blood splat on the wall. Before exiting the house, Viventa grabbed all of Excorius's money and put on a dress especially prepared for her. Personality: Eccentric and very awkward. Others find her strange and tend to stray away from her. Due to her curious personality and lack of knowledge of living things, Viventa tends to ask difficult questions about the human/any other creature's anatomy. Also, although she looks young, she acts mature for her "age" and is rather serious. When in danger, Viventa sheds her innocent cocoon and becoms a rather dark, violent object which results in more than a few organs being pulled away from her enemy's body. Sector: Varies. Viventa has no need for sleep or a home and therefore spends her time traveling from sector to sector. (Not sure if this is okay, but if I had to choose, I would class her as a B or a C) Other: Viventa does not understand figurative speech and therefore takes everything literally. By the way, nice avatar Kuro. I'm guessing your main is Thresh?
  13. Still watching Mekakucity Actors, the script is a bit weak though, it doesn't explain some stuff and you have to listen to the Vocaloids. But I started watching Shingeki no Kyojin on Ep 11. It's pretty awesome.
  14. Hey Ryu, do you want me to control your battle? No one else is so...
  15. "Oh, come on." Alv smiled. "Don't be nervous, I won't bite." He gladly accepted her handshake and so did Chubs with Sin's handshake, Chubs squeaked in delight when she shook hands with the Ralts, happy that she had made a new friend. "I'm Alv, by the way." He said. "This is Chubs, my Dedenne, but my strongest Pokémon is Flots, my Buizel." Alv took out a Pokéball and sent his Buizel out. "Bui!" Flots barked. He was in a braced formation, and growled at Sin, thinking that Gwin was the next opponent. "Whoa!" Alv shouted, "Easy boy, this isn't a competitor, this is a new friend." He then turned back to Gwin. "We should get out of the arena, the next battle is coming." Alv walked back to where all the competitors were, signalling Gwin the follow.
  16. "I'll, uh, look out for Frank next time. Thanks for informing me." "Thanks." Chimichanga said, he totally had them fooled! He started prancing around in circles, unaware that he looked absolutely stupid. He stopped a few minutes later and turned back to the group, eyeballing the man's cans. He bet they trusted him, he was acting very friendly... but wait, if they did trust him, they would have introduced who they were. "So what are your names?" He repeated, maybe he knew them, from before... Chimichanga's mind flashed back, he saw two separate images of them for a few seconds in his mind, before the pictures disappeared and he went back into reality. Yes, he had known them before, but where, and when? Were they friends or foes? "You've seen him before? Where?" The woman was trying to find out more about him. Chimichanga raised an eyebrow, so she was interested in him. "Oh, well I saw...Frank in the bathroom where I met my companions. We were talking about getting rations when he walked in with a Twinkie in his mouth, shouted something about 'getting our own' and sped out of the room. The guy in our group with a mechanical arm gave chase. Seeing as a fight wouldn't be great considering we could all barely stand, I raced after the two only to run into another guy. The guy with a mechanical arm came back later saying that he failed to catch, uh, Frank and that was the last I saw and heard of him." Chimichanga couldn't believe how stupid this guy was, he really believed he had a twin brother named Frank? "No, he doesn't." The yellow dialogue box said next to him. "Deadpool, you're smarter than this. You're not stupid, you're just incredibly immature." The box was right... Chimichanga thought, the box also kept on referring to him as Deadpool, was that actually his name? "Yes, it is." The box replied. Well, I'm going to miss my old name. Deadpool thought again, people always stared at him weirdly when he talked out loud to the box, maybe this box was some sort of weirdo or something? Deadpool didn't want to risk it, if people didn't like him talking to the box, he wouldn't, but he still could communicate with him in his mind. He should be careful now and play along, he had to earn their trust first. "Okay, so what are we going to do now?" He asked the two people.
  17. "Thanks!" Alv said happily. "You did well too!" But Dave had already headed back to the tent. Alv shrugged, picked up Chubs and held him up in the air, making the crowd cheered once more. The Dedenne was enjoying the victory and waved at the crowd, so was Alv, but he noticed a girl a small distance away from him cheering at him. He put Chubs down and walked towards the girl. "Hey!" He called to her. "How are you?" Alv couldn't believe it, he already had a fan! ((Don't be offended, Alv is just a bit arrogant.))
  18. Guys, sorry I don't have enough time for another RP, could you please remove me from the list?
  19. The flames charred Chubs badly, but it wasn't enough to burn her. She staggered around, her whole body trembling with pain. "Chubs!" Alv shouted. "Are you alright?" He wished that he had called his Buizel out instead of her. Chubs closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and puffed her chest out. "Ded." She confirmed. Alv smiled and turned back to Dave's Pansear. "One more shot ought to do it!' He said. "Chubs, use Thundershock!" Chubs clenched her fist and concentrated hard. "De- Denne!" A huge bolt shot out of her and hit the Pansear. As this happened, Alv knew that they could beat the whole tournament.
  20. Sorry, I didn't know there was an OOC thread, if there was, I would have posted here.
  21. ((Hey, this Rp looks interesting, if Dialga and Groudon havent been taken yet, could I have the reserved? I'm currently on a small crappy phone eight now so...))
  22. "No, and I don’t think that you’ll want to repeat that." Chimichanga sagged his shoulders, disappointed. "Are you sure?' He asked. "You're missing out on a lot. Maybe some other time, when your head is more clearer." He winked at the lady, but only a stern glare back. She still had her gun to his head, but he just laughed and turned to the man. "Spider-Man? That sounds like what some teenager would call himself. Do I look like a nerdy teenager to you? No wait, don't answer that. I see my error." "Nah don't worry about it. I'm just making up names for you, spider-man-person-dude." Chimichanga replied, he had caught a glimpse of a few cans of food in the man's arms, but they seemed to be wrapped around in some sort of thin, white, web-like rope, and intended to take it. "I know you! You're that guy who had a pastry in his mouth and ran away! Oh wow, that took me forever to remember. You'd think I remember someone with a costume like yours but apparently not." Chimichanga examined the man, a blue and red suit covered in a black, webbed pattern. Where had he seen this before? Yes... yes... it had all come back to him now... He was probably with the metal-armed man that had chased him before. "Um... Sorry, I think you have the wrong guy, I haven't gotten something to eat all day. Maybe you must have seen my twin brother... Um... Frank." He lied. Even though the lie sounded completely stupid, it sounded perfectly fine to Chimichanga. He could feel his stomach calling out to his brain, it wanted foooood... "My name's–" Chimichanga quickly up a name, something that they wouldn't suspect. "Deadpool, what's yours?" Hey winked back at the lady. "Hey, do you know where I could find some food? I'm starving!"
  23. Chimichanga let out a half-whine/half-scream sort of noise, he could feel all the bones in his body shattered into a million pieces like shrapnel. He was definitely alive, but he couldn't move at all. "Don't make any sudden movements." Even though Chimichanga's jaw way broken, he managed to let out a small chuckle. How could he? He was in agony and he wouldn't be able to do anything anymore, he might as well lay here, curl up and die. Suddenly, he felt a tingling sensation all around his body, the pain was slowly deteriorating and he could move everything again. He got up in a flash and bent his knees, making jerky movements. "I'm moving around!" He shouted out loud, followed by another jerk. "Whatcha gonna do? Shoot me? Huh? I just survive a freakin' long fall, you think I'd be scared–" He stopped. The woman he was gazing at had fiery, glazing hair. She was extremely beautiful and tight, black suit outlined her slim features. Chimichanga immediately stood straight and said in a flirtatious tone: "Hey, sorry about that, I get... carried off sometimes. Say, you look gorgeous, could we maybe get dinner sometime?" He didn't feel threatened at all, the woman was still likely going to shoot him, but he didn't care. "Whoa, keep it easy there." Chimichanga's head swivelled up at the sky, did he just hear the air speak? Wait, he saw two people on the way down, not one. He suddenly caught sight of a man dressed in blue and black clinging onto a building, wow, he thought, he's pretty high up. "You know what you remind me of? He called up to the man. "A man. I mean– A spider. No, wait. A man-spider– No, even better... A Spider-Man."