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My scrollMy WishlistMy Profile infoI accept IOUs.Looking for Prizefails and 2g magi from alt Sweetling.Things about breeding please see my profile.33740_f44913874612145fc40606843b5d0.gifKannji.png~English isn't my mother tongue, sorry for my poor English. 另,欢迎勾搭❤~

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    The list is closing now!( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

    Notice:*List is full! Sorry!!!* *It is a very long process,we have to be patient.*

    ZzelaBusya(with Green Nebula) 2.18 fail/3.14 fail/3.31 fail/4.9 Done!
    Kallistrate(with Winter) 2.11 fail/3.24 fail/4.17 fail/4.25 no interest/5.8 Done!
    milkaq66 2.25 Done!
    Evolette(with Harvest) 3.6 Done!
    lilacamy931 5.21 no egg/6.3 fail/6.14 fail/7.2 fail/7.13 fail/7.24 fail

    If I forget you, please PM me. :P
    I won't accept trade for prize now, sorry. :3

    Kannji 2014.4.9