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  1. ive only gotten a white. no matter what i change she wont leave.  dry.gif

    It takes quite a while before I can get it to change. I just put random amounts of different items (sweets mostly, as well as magic items) to make different ratios. I can't hold the breeds for long though, they keep switching back to balloon.

  2. If you breed holiday dragons with non-holiday dragons though, you'll get the non-holiday egg of the two, so it might work. However if it is the holiday egg you want then, yeah that would be an inconvenience.

  3. Eragon is so much better. My sister watched the Twilight movies, and even though I don't like it, from the few moments I did see the movies, it just seemed boring. I only saw 5 minutes of the first movie and then the very end of the last movie, and I still understood the plot. It's like the movies were all the same. I'd much rather read Eragon. However I don't think the Eragon movie was as good as it could have been, but I've seen worse.

  4. My brother had all of the seasons (including ten) however currently his lending 1-9 to his fried. I only ever made it half-way through the first. sad.gif When he gets them back I am SO watching them.