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isammisam.png2zpp9o8.jpg>>>Valentines 2015 will be looking for Radiant Angel 2G<<<DO NOT SUBMIT MY EGGS TO CLICK SITES! I will submit them if needed, for now, I am experimenting.gZZMm5.png

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    ~-[Regarding PMs]-~

    I will not bite I promise... Mostly. But I will respond as quick as I can. Please do not bombard me because I do not check for pms avidly, in other words, I do not see that I have a pm right away. Sometimes it takes me a while to see that.


    This is the thing, I know people sometimes do post other scrolls on hatchery sites, and I use them too, but if I have a low time egg, with absolutely no views or clicks... Then it's very likely that I intend for this. *timing how long it takes to hatch at the last possible moment*

    So as a note before hand, thank you for thinking of me, but otherwise, don't do it. I do have it open for ya'll to do that. Just know which ones are a 'no no.'

    Uhm, I'm still working on this aspect of my profile I guess. So I'll give ones that I know for sure that I want to get.
    [] CB Gold (0/10)
    [] CB Silver (1/10)
    [] Radiant Angel 2G
    ~~~~From Silver mate
    ~~~~From Gold mate
    ~~~~From other mates (unsure of which are compatible will update later.)
    [] Avatar of Creation 2G
    [] Avatar of Destruction 2G
    [] Avatar of Change 2G