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  1. ((Moving done... kind of)) Akil recieved the relayed information from Atlas about the human that runs the place called sundown, and what she like. "Be careful, our mission come first, nothing else right now." She said. "Do not try to be a hero." ============================== Azera watched for a few seconds longer before he looked at Kathia. "Just a snake in the distant caughting prey, as for the information, it based on spinx and some history of shadow wind." He said to her. ============= Lucian saw yopple charge at him and had almost no time to react to dodge, but to counter the attack was an option. When yopple anti magic range hit Lucian, the armor man turn into a blue dragon, bigger then yopple, as he went for a bite to yopple neck, not really seeming to care about yopple own attack. ================ Juna saw the crystal glow more, as the Phoenix seems to have some control over her heat. "It not bad, but you also cooking everything else around you as well, not just the glass." She said as she was some distant away. "You can raise your temperature, but you need to control it to a more pin point location."
  2. ((Currently in the act of moving, sorry for the delay, also red I did Reply to the person who had questions.))
  3. Akil waited around the corner for Atlas, till she mentally told her they were not really helpful. 'Well that annoying, I guess it best if you might wonder around for right now looking for anything, or overhear anything about this location. Ill stalk around for a bit till I find something on my end, maybe.' She though back to Atlas, as she wonder around for a bit, looking for or even trying to hear anything of interest. ============================(really all i could think of))======================================= Azera looked at Kathia for a moment before he ask. "So, it clear you kind of know who that is, or what they are, am I correct?" He asked in a quieter voice, not to alert anyone on their conversation. "I really do not care on what you really do to him, but I need Information from him, that could be of some use to...." He stopped as he looked behind Kathia. Something have caught his attention. =================================================== Lucian saw the fire and the poison pollen coming at all three of the armor unit. The one with the fire jumped back a bit to avoid any real injuries, while the poison pollen ones seemed to vanish. "Two poisons, and one fire breather, a bit of an weird combination, but what ever suits your fancy." He said as the scythe scraped against the ground before the unit spun and throw it weapon at yopple, hitting the anti magic zone and disappearing. "And a Anti-magic field as well, So keep my distant away from you." ======================================================== Juna looked at the harden piece of sand in the dragoness talons. "It is impressive, but it not quite glass. " She said. "It not as clear as glass, and requires a bit more control of your heat." ((Sorry for the long wait, but just recently lost my job, so been on the hunt for a new one.))
  4. ((Same..ish, working in my reply, just dealing with some stressful things right now.))
  5. Unlike the students, Azera saw her reaction. She know who this was, and what he was. After she was done, and she examine the now healed up body, but almost with that hidden disgust. "Um Kathia, may I speak with you privately?" Azera asked as he started to walk away from the group. He stopped over by a few trees, about 30 or so feet away. ========= Juna saw the Phoenix dragonness land on the ground near her. "I want you to target a place out there and glass it, completely turn the sand to glass." She said as she sat down in the now warm sand. ========= The blue armor just shook his head. "Roast me, please. Do what you want, but I have another mission to do. Fifteen minutes is all you got to try and roast my ass. But then again-" he said as another voice popped up from their left. "You can never really tell which one is the real one-" that one said as another appeared to their right, "Or the fake ones." The three identical beings ready their weapons and waited for one of the to make the first move. ========= Akil followed Atlas down though the foriegn city lanes. There was weird glances at those two, because one had no collar and the other one did. As they continued though the city lanes, Akil heard two ladies talk about a human only city that is plan to be built called sundown, and it seemed to be the maid that know where it was at. Someone named Kathia was in charge of the town to be built using her father construction business to help her with that. 'So a wealthy person building a town only for humans, why does this bring a distaste in my mouth.' She thought to herself, but slightly stopping Atlas as well with her information. They know the plans for the city to be built is on it way, they still do not know where, or the direction they need to go. ((Mekarth would just him to himself for a bit will get it in next post. Ps phone screen broke and my internet have been down for a while, back up and ****, still dealing with bull****.))
  6. ((Ok back now ish, slightly out of my depression and maybe bad luck, maybe.)) Azera watched as the group started their search for the white dragon that have impacted here in the forest. Azera looked around the impact site as the party fans out and pressed on, when he notice something, well someone that was hidden under the fallen brush. The brush was on top but not in a way that it looked as though it fell on them but rather to conceal them. He moved aside the brush and found an unconscious man who had been badly injured. "Hey kathia, I found an unconscious man over here who been badly wounded." Azera yelled for her as he moved the rest of the brush so he could get a clearer image of who it was, until he saw them. He know who it was right at that point, and he kept that information to himself till he found out what the hell just happen. Someone of his strength in healing magic should not have went down that easily, or the fact he should at least be slowly healing. ======================================= Mekarth wonder around for a second around for a second, looking at different buildings and other things around the center of the city sector, when group two came to him. "Ah, group 2 you have arrived. So let's get straight down to business, I need to know your strengths and weaknesses." He said as he continued to look over the area. ======================================= Juna and the Phoenix landed out in the middle of the desert. "This looks like a good spot to stop at." She said as she landed. There no animals or water anywhere near by they were a good 3 hour flight from the group. Anything that happens out here no would find out till it was later thought the day. Juna simple waited for the Phoenix to land. ======================================= The blue armor slid down the side of the building slowing his fall from the disrepair building, using his scythe to slow his decent. "Nice to know someone notice my present." He said has he spun his scythe around behind his back. "Sadly, this is where you stop at outside dragons." He said as he stood in their pathway.
  7. ((Hey sorry I have not been around, dealing with two deaths in one month, a lot of BS from work, and a few other things. I have plan on what juna, Axle, Mekarth and Lucian does, but these events are hitting more closer to home then normal. This is just a quick update.))
  8. ((Holiday season over now, will post asap, kind of got ran down by my work for a whole month.))
  9. I would not say no one is not, it a rather interesting plot line you have. If i can make something up for your i will send it to you, but i have made many and i mean many creations in the past few years. Cheers
  10. Azera followed the group for about fifteen, before they came to the dragon crash site, do to the large amount of destroyed trees and torn up earth, with blood splattered around the area. What caught Azera by surprise was there was no dragon in sight, no trails of a dragon to follow. He looked around the area to find any clues about the dragon, but he soon stopped and wonder. If he did find something should he tell Kathia, simple because the dragon is mobile, and it still have strength to fight, even giving the wounds and the impact crash, but then again, something like that could not get far, nor keep itself going very long without help. "Kathia, the white dragon may be wounded, but if it was able to leave from here after that impact, and with minimal traces of it present leaving, It mobile and may still have the strength to fight, but even with that it would eventually succumb to it wound without help." He stopped for a second, and crossed his arms. "But that raises a new question, what did that much damage to this dragon? Something is not sitting right with me at all, Kathia." Azera said to Kathia. ======================================================= Akil shook her head. "That dragon is suppose to be dead. Lucian, more know as the master illusion, was a dragon lord, and a dear friend, not just to me, but all of Incarus family. He-" She started to say before she fell silent and looked at the floor. "As for sundown, I have zero idea. It not a know marker on any maps we have seen, or recently heard, but we can check around to see if anyone have heard of such a place." She said, but with a mix of sadness and anxiety in her voice. Something to do with the blue dragon haves made Akil rather depress about his current delima he is in ======================================================= Somewhere over seeing the large body of ocean, to see the crisp horizon of the new coming day, A blue armor arm came to view as it ashed a cigarette over the building edge. It was over looking a rather strange outsider group, a few dragons that was wondering around the area, that may seem to be forming a plan. "Lucian, we have a mission for you, so hurry up with your current mission. You know the price for disorient action, and next time it will be worse." A voice came from behind Lucian. Lucian crushed the white tube in his hand and turn at the person. "You leave her out of this, away from all of this, and I will be your damn dog as long as I have your word you will not harm her again." "We will see, now get to it, Dog." The man said as he vanish from sight. 'I'll kill you all if you lay a single hand on her again' Lucian though to himself before he grab his full helmet and scythe, and started his decent, down towards the dragons. His mission is simple, Study, measure strength, and any flaws in their defense, and report back. No more then about 15 minute sprawl with them should be enough. ((This is overlooking Yopple and them, Red. Though Lucian is not a main, His story it rather something I am fond of, so a little reveal here and there, if that is ok?)) ((Juna simple will have the Phoenix come with her out to the desert, very deep into the desert. like 3+ hour of flight alone))
  11. Akil was gathering her thoughts for a moment till Atlas asked if she was feeling. "I am fine." She snared at Atlas, but not becuase of anger, but because her body was still sore from her encounter with Lucian last night. She stretched a bit, as her bones slightly popped. "So what of your new friends?" ================================= Axle staggered down hallways after hallways holding his side. His hand was pressed against his side trying to reduced the flow of his blood from the open deep gash that he sustian from his fight with this new enemy that was brought into this world. The mad half blue dragon have done quite a number on him internally and externally, well passed the point of Axle own healing abilities when he was hanging upside down, being slowly drain of blood on another dragon. But this lead to a second problem, Axle could feel his magical flow, but could not tap into it at all, almost as if it was a foreign magical energy to him. Axle could hear the scraping of talons come from behind him. He started to move as fast he could till he came across a door and open it. What he saw was that of open air with land far below. "A breath taking sight is it not, the open sky, the blue sea, the green life filled trees covering the ground below. What better is the camp smack dab in the center there, the one busy with life down there. That camp is going to the end of your journy." The half blue dragon said as Axle turn to see them. What he was close to recieving was a chest full of talons from the half dragon, but manage to dodge him, but losing his footing before falling though the door. /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ Azera kept on looking up at the sky for a second before he turn his attection to kathia. "First, I have to thank you in some way now for saving my life now three times, which is rather annoying to realize. Second we have a stationary-" he started to say before a shadow flew over them, and a rather large one too. He look up to see a rather wounded white dragon that was trying it seems to get airborn or stop it from crashing into the ground, either of which was in vain. It was however able to slow itself down to avoid death from the impact. Blood dripped down from this dragon as it passed over the camp and crashed into the forest near by that was away from the shelter building crew. "What was that about?" ((Sorry for the delay, trying to write this on my phone is not fully easy and can only do this during stops. Also been grinding the hell at league to get gold for me and two friends, not easy.
  12. The desert air was crisp, as the cool sand embrace the new morning glow. Juna slowly open her eyes, as the sinlight blinds her for a moment, as she blinked her green emerald eyes a few time before she streched her legs, wings and arched her back as she slightly yawn a bit. What seems a bit of a suprise was she could not remember herself falling asleep, not after she try to bring group 2 to a private meeting. She turn her head towards where mekarth was suppost to be sleeping at, to not her suprise he was not there. She head down the building and out the door, as she did she quickly side step Mekarth trying to land on her back, as he made a small scrap sound above her. "Still to loud Mekarth." She said calmly as she continue to walk into the greeting sun rays. Mekarth came out behind her, revealing the scar he haves from dracul curse that was inflicted on him from their fight. He spoke in his soft tone. "You seemed a bit destracted by something." He said as he blinked a bit before his eyes adjusted to the sunlight. Though majority of his eyes are fine, there was a slight hint of a dark shade of purple in them, and Juna did not seem to notices about them. They both walked with each other to the building next to them, as they discussed about next steps for training and other plans. After a bit of talking they went into the building and summoned group two to meet Mekarth in center of the replica of the city sector, minus the phonix dragon who would meet Juna outside the replica. ================================= Azera heard the sound of workers and large trees falling. His main focus was something in the sky that seemed like it was stationary. "Kathia, we need to discusse about something rather importain." ================================= ((For the sake of Axle little part, which is rahter big, It will remain hidden just pm only/Red devaintart stories.)) ((For Sphinx, he is making his way to sundown, with determaination to kill Azera once and for all.)) ((Dracul and Arch are plotting stuff, nothing major, just how to handle the clan dragons if they become a threat to them.)) ================================= Akili at some point in the night tossed and turn around, almost as if she was having a bad dream of some kind, and when morning she woke up panting from her dream. She could not remember what it was about, but she had a bad feeling about something that might happen, and soon too. ((Yes i know this took a bit but finally i have my work to listen for once. Time to get to thing i love doing, and have a life for once away from work.))
  13. ((Sound good to me. I will be a bit delay, but the idea for juna was teach the phonix dragon why some timing fight fairly is not always the best course of action.))
  14. ((I have hit a brick wall for so long, so cool with me. work been you know killing me to the point where i can no longer think))
  15. ((For Sai, Our fellow Rper who we will never get to see again. Who words we will not be able to read, and who can not be replace. May your soul be taken in to a place where you may be safe, where no evil deed can be committed. May you walk among the stars, and watch over those you cared for, and everyone who may have known you. May you travel to places that was once out of reach, to explore in a way once we could never known. May you travel passed lust fields and over soothing rivers, as you take your parting farewells. We, RedDragonette, LordTorch18, Picknick10, Draco8967, RainbowTheAlbinoServal, and the rest of your dragon cave family, say our last farewells with your parting from us. Where ever you go, may it be safe and filled with joy. What ever you did in your past, may it be forgiven. We, as one family, say farewell Sai, and we may we all meet one day in those safe fields. Farewell Sai, our Rper of this great Dragon Cave Family, you will be missed.))
  16. ((I will reply by the end of this week, been getting worked to death. (50+ hours a week) sorry for the delay. -Draco))
  17. ((So been using my phone for all the post, for some reason my computer would not connect to the site, but it works now, and hoping from now on.)) Azera looked down at the table a bit with a sigh. "We are aware of that possibility, and as the current moment stands, no I do not know, nor does the Myst know." He said as he look back up at her. "Also you do not need to hide your distaste about dragons or dragon kind around me. I did hear what you said a bit ago to her." He sat there for a second before he look up at the sky. It crystal clear orange to blue sky was a warm sight to him, but something caught his eye though. A little black spec, very high up in the sky. To the naked eye, or a normal eye, that would not be viable at all, but he saw it. It was clear he was looking at something as his eye traced it a bit. 'What is that thing?' He thought to himself. ============================================================= ((This takes place in morning.)) Axle hear the ticking of some type of clock among the vial of black mist that swirls in his head. He felt drowsy, more of a painful throbbing in his head, but that quickly changed when a large amount of water slashed on his whole body. That when he notice two things. One he was in his dragon form, and two he was bound tightly, while suspended into the air, and he was upside down. When is vision came back he saw only a bit of a few things. First there were four anchor points, second was a circle with runes of magic he had zero idea what they were and their reason, but he had a bad feeling. Third he was a good 20+ feet in the air, and last directly below him was a white dragon body, but without the body wounds, and it scales were clean and well maintain. It slow rising and falling meant the dragon was alive. His first thought was to change into his human form, but as soon as he try to, it not only failed, but the chains got much more tighter, by first loosing up a bit before they snapped hard around his body. He growled loudly from the snapping pain in his body. His wings bound around his bottom half of his body, blocking his front legs, as his rear legs and tail were chain to the ceiling. He heard someone chuckled a bit, and he turn his head towards the sound. "Well what a wonderful surprise. You are finally awake, and you tried to use magic, how interesting." The abductor said in a weird accent. Axle could now see the abductor as a halfling with blue wings and a white lab coat on. He was standing on water, which acted as a solid but still was floating around in the middle of the air, bending to his weight and movement. He begun to walk closer to fully bound Axle, till the point where he came within Axle bite range. "Oh the question you must have, or the anger that swills with in you? All of this integers me. You see I w-" He started to say as Axle too a changes to try and bite him in half, but what Axle got instead was a metal device shoved into his mouth, that did two things, one kept his mouth wide open and pushed his tongue to the bottom of his mouth, two, stopped him from speaking or attempting to bite down. "Rude. Trying to bite me while in a middle of a long speech, and I was so excited to tell you about your history. Well we can skip that whole phase and get straight to the fun part." The derange halfling said as chains wrapped around Axle throat and yanked back, hard, choking him, and held his head above the other dragon. Axle hardly could breath as he watch the halfling land on the ground with water swirling around him, before it started to head towards Axle. It floated below him, before it shot straight up thought his mouth and down his throat, and soon it felt like someone just shoved razor thin swords down his throat and pulled them back out as the water shot back out, and blood soon followed suit. The water floated just bearly inside his mouth before it did the same thing to the roof of his mouth and the top of his tongue and the side walls of his mouth. He reared a bit in shear pain, but the chains held firm, and when he try to heal the wound, it recreated every single one, as blood flowed down onto the other dragon below. =========================================================== Spinx wonder around the forest a bit before he came back to windfall. He wear blood bandages, a torn rope and carried a broken sword, as he wonder though the city, passing people and on looker. He passed an area of people that what seemed like a fight was just recently defused. His scent alone was death stanching, and he was not masking it this time. ((i would go into more detail, but not in this post maybe next post. Juna&Mekarth next post with more Azera.))
  18. Missiva look at the tent exit and sighed. "What got into her all of a sudden?" She asked out loud. "She dislike dragons and dragon like kind. No idea why, or how that came to be, but you being here evidently puts her into a bad disposition." Azera replied back to missiva. She turn to Azera and frown a bit. "But i have done nothing wrong to her? Why should she hate me, let alone class me with them. I don't even know what I am." She said sounding a bit upset. Azera got up from his position and headed for the tent exit. "Your best bet is to either wait here, or sneak out of camp and sit up in a tree nearby." He said without waiting her respond, and left for the breafest table. When he arrived the place was a bit empty to start but more and more people were arriving. He found kathia sitting by herself and came over and sat down in front of her. "Twice now you helped save my life, so now the question is how am i going to repay you back for both those times.
  19. Azera position have change from laying on the floor to him sitting the the ground with his sword leaning against him. His eyes were closed and his breathing was slow and shallow, like he was either meditating or in a deep sleep. However a certain little dark pygmy was missing. She slowly sneaked9 up behind kathia in her half dragon form, and placed her hand on kathia shoulder. "So want to explain what that scream was last night?" The half dragon asked kathia. ================== ((Will post more when it a good time to do so))
  20. ((No problem, though can you do a post for kathia in the day time, azera not going to wake up till then.))
  21. Juna nodded her head. "Yes would make sense for him to give up willing. His magical powers is linked to his dragon ancestry line. However, his comes at a great cost, much more than mine does." She said as she open her hand and a very black shadowy energy formed in her hand, before she crushed in in her fist. "There are magic in this world that should never been messed with, and his is that ability of teleportation that allows him to go and be part of the wind itself. If i had to guess why was when your friends hit him with spell that almost broke his focus on his own ability, which in return would have killed him." She said before she laughed a bit. "But that not the reason why i called you all here. Tomorrow you phoenix will be with me, and the rest of your group will be hunting for the whole clan in the morning." ====================================================== The woman turn and looked at the new dragon, who to her seem to come in peace, but her cloaked shifted a bit like a breeze came though, as she said something harsh and quick. "I'm simple here to just watch over her and her companion." she said as she started to walk by. "Atlas I will be scouting around." She said as she left down the hall way, passed the water dragon.