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I am currently on a long-term, possibly permanent, hiatus.


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    In your closet. Naw, I live in the Philippines. :)
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    A GOODBYE RE-TAKE: I have just realized that my original goodbye did not really explain my reason for leaving - if at all. I have no problem with DragCave and its' users and it is most definitely not anyone's fault that I have to go. Due to some personal issues, I have not been able to make time for DC. But, maybe, when the tension has died down and I can actually get things done again, I'll come back to DC.

    A GOODBYE: Most of you probably don't know me because there are just too many users here but I am now leaving DragCave. I have a few IOUs to deal with and I will be logging on from time to time to check on PMs, make sure my dragons' names are still mine, and catch some holiday eggs but, otherwise, I will no longer be taking requests, trading, et cetera, et cetera.

    If you would like to contact me for any reason, see the list of other sites I'm active on at the bottom of this text.


    Hi. My name is Evolette and I'm a proud Filipina. I play the violin and I'm the youngest 'crazy cat lady' in history. Naw, I wouldn't know if I were. My main language is English and I couldn't utter a word in Filipino/Tagalog to save my life. But I can understand my local tongue just fine - as long as it's spoken to me slowly and clearly.

    I always reply to PMs sent to me. It's basic courtesy and I find it rather rude when one of my PMs is ignored. If I don't respond to a PM you've sent, please feel free to let me know - either I've missed it, forgotten, or there's some sort of glitch I'm unaware of.

    I honor IOUs because of my obligation to do so, and also because it gives me a sense of satisfaction when I've successfully completed my side of the trade. :3 It would be unfair for me to offer someone an IOU - only to never fulfill my side of the deal in the end.

    As of now, I'm hoarding caveborn Blusangs. If you happen to be trading those, shoot me a PM and we'll work something out. :)

    > My IOU list can be found on this page: https://sites.google.com/site/evolettestuff/ious/ongoing

    > I hoard Blusangs: 16/100.