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  1. Hey TJ! I love the work and thought you and the spriters put into this! I was just thinking how I'd gotten used to summoning every two weeks. I failed at summoning tonight so now I'm back to it. For a free game it's by far my all-time favorite. As for games I pay for.. Dragon Cave is still my all-time favorite. For those who don't have GoN's.. I am going to be breeding all my trios and will release them into the ap.
  2. I forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY DRAGON CAVE!
  3. I bred this on my husband's scroll http://dragcave.net/lineage/rrBpO
  4. I am wondering this as well. I don't see a summon button.
  5. Yay! I'm so glad I decided to let my GoNs grow into adults! Now if the cave gets up and running I'll try breeding!
  6. I LOVE the biome feature! So cool! All seven of my tri-horns are from the desert. O.o Maybe I should actually get one from the correct biome! Lol
  7. They're both beautiful! <3
  8. I have no patience. Still almost 24 hours until TJ's grow up. *dramatic sigh*
  9. I had a funeral to go to yesterday and still was able to catch some new eggs after it. YAY! Definitely a bright spot to a very sad day. The eggs... They are soooo beautiful! It's maybe a good thing we can't freeze eggs. I'd have like ten thousand eggs, hatchlings and adults on my scroll. I'm not sure if I want four of each or six of each. I guess I'll see what the adults look like and what they are. We don't exactly know "what" they are yet, do we.. just that they aren't two-headed, metallic or drakes.. no idea if they're rare or uncommon.. I guess I'll be stalking TJ's hatchlings and see what they look like when they grow up. But already I love them! BTW.. dragons are known hoarders. Kinda silly to play a game where you collect dragons and get upset when people collect lots of them. Bwahahahaa Just sayin'.. Peace
  10. Yay! May has become a great birthday month for me! My girls were born on May 5th and May 7th, my grandmother was born May 4th, a dear friend was born on the 17th and Dragon Cave on the 21st. Dragons for ALL the May birthdays! Plus I should be home and able to catch them. Wheeeee!
  11. Caught 'em for my whole family.. a little of both for each scroll. Go me! Even though I'm sick with the plague (or maybe a cold.. feels like the plague) I was able to do this.
  12. Yaaaaaay! The leetle tree is broccoli again!
  13. This would be awesome. Carrot Cave is still my favorite April Fool's. I was hoping the leetle tree would be broccoli again.
  14. These are both excellent dragons to add to my collection. mwahahahaa *hoards the beauties* And YES! Someone said the Brutes look like Halloween dragons.. I thought so too! They'd look so cool with Black Marrows.
  15. I'm guessing the one click, view and unique view is from you.
  16. To whomever sent the hunger games card and pretty flower to my daughter.. thank you! It put a smile on our faces! It read "May the odds be ever in your favor!" Love that. I'm sure it was random but just so you know.. it was appreciated.
  17. Happy Valentine's Day! I have two shiny new eggs and a growing garden. I'm just waiting for one to grow UP! Or maybe I managed to pick toys-r-us seeds.. if you get what I mean by that you're as exhausted as I am. Good luck everyone!
  18. I want to chime in with the rest saying I NEED MOAR ROOOOOM! This has been a lot of fun. I miss snow. Especially playing in it. This helps. Also? This event ends and my birthday begins! There's something appropriate about that. I would love to design six or seven forts and connect them with ice bridges. Is anyone else already wondering what Valentines will bring us? I'm such a nerd.
  19. So. Much. This. *nods emphatically* But.. I think there are lots of people out there who will be breeding just for the ap and won't be collecting them. We'll see. *knocks on wood* *says a prayer* *wishes hard*
  20. I'm so planning to collect an army of these. WANTZ ALL THE SOLSTICESESSSSS Myyyyyy preeeeecioussssss
  21. SOOOOOO GOOOOOORGEOUS!!!! *collapses*
  22. Yes! Thank you spriters, TJ and everyone for a super awesome Christmas event and beautiful eggs! I cannot WAIT to see these beauties hatch and grow up! I've caught them for my family. Now I can sleep.
  23. You can't. You can only keep one. But you could tell that other person when you're releasing them. They'd have to have excellent timing. It has worked before. good luck!
  24. Fifteen minutes to catch my two. Since I'm catching for my whole family it's going to be a long night. I may see Santa. heh