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  1. Tchezrek put his hand under his chin and thought for a second. ''Ah, that's the demon Linchi right? Big shears that she's very fond of using? That girl has no sense when it comes to being quite and not being seen by humans. A little bit of a lunatic but everyone loves a lunatic right?'' Tchezrek chuckled. Some demons knew how to dotheir job and some were just running around in a rampage in hope of accomplishing their set goal.
  2. ''That's some hospitality Ahren.'' Tchezrek chuckled. Sentimentality, a thing he wished to have. It did nothing but cause emotional problems. Though he had to say, kindness was something he could appreciate at times, especially when it was to his own benefit. Tchezrek walked into the room where Ahren was an looked around, it was some hall alright. ''That demon girl hadn't caused too much damage has she?''
  3. ((A small battle happened and then ineteractions between angels and demons. Feel free to hop in C: )) Tchezrek had enjoyed his long warm shower and had put on dry pants but let the shirt of. He had heard voices from the other rooms and wondered who had come with Ahren to his house. Tchezrek yawned and stretched, it was nice to feel his muscles rippling and moving again.
  4. Tchezrak wondered why Linchi always caused such a havoc. Couldn't sh just stay in the shadows and do her job right?! As always he was getting pissed off by everyone and everything. and now he had a new bunch of emotion to figure out too, how cute. Though food had sounded really nice, since he hadn't eaten in a while, he didn't really need to either.
  5. Tchezrak let Ahren carry him so that he stayed less wet than necessary. His house was truly impressive and he hadn't counted on that an angel would have guards outside their houses. ''Alrighty then, see ya'' Tchezrak took of his wet clothes which consisted of a worn out tank top and pirate shorts. He took of his soaked clothes and decided that he'd take a shower.
  6. ''Nope, dry and safe place sounds nice...you're going to carry me bridal style, aren't you?'' Tchezrak groaned. He hated feeling like a sissy, and to be carried by an angel?! Oh well, at least no rain so it's a win...right, right?! ''Okay, let's go then, I'm too tired to argur anyway.''
  7. Tchezrek looked at Ahren almost a bit dumbfonded and you could almost spot a blush on his cheeks. ''Carry me? Your palce is somewhere high up? Because I could teleport there if that's the case and I'm weighing over 180 pounds dude.'' Tchezrek crooked an eyebrow. ''Messing with Earth itself? That must Linchi then. Stupid letting yourself be seen by humans and create such a havoc, better take the man from behind instead.'' ((He's refferring to a sneaky tactic where you surprise instead of just creating chaos))
  8. ''Damn this weather. Sure, if it's fine and dandy then let's go because I don't want to get soaked to the bone!'' Tchezrek rose from his sitting position and even though he didn't really get cold from the rain, he didn't really fancy it unlike other demons. In the distance she heard sirens go of, and a lot of them. Thanks to supernatural hearing, screams and cries could be heard. Who would wreck such a havoc?
  9. ((Rabid dandelions Don't get eaten now!)) Subconciously, Tchezrek had huddled even closer to Ahren, and like a dog he stayed stil and close. the hand on his back, stroking and patting his dark skin was nice and comfortable. Maybe he needed a break from being a demon sometimes. But he is what he is, and nothing can be changed with that. Tchezrek closed his eyes a bit and leaned his head lightly on Ahrens shoulder.
  10. ((It's guy loove~ KISS ALREADY TCHEZREK DON'T BE SUCH A WIMP)) Tchezrek huddled closer to Ahren. It was starting to get a bit colder, and even though he wasn't the one for human contact, he kind of liked the warmth and the angel served a good purpose too. That tingling lust gnawed inside of Tchezrek, something every demon had inside of them to some point.
  11. Tchezrek just hummed. ''Well, you aren't exactly an angel, you've confused me to the point where my brain has gone into haywire, it kindof stuns me. I want to slit your throat for making me even more confused but I wont, and you're lucky lad. And you're sort of protecting me from the rain, so that's a benefit for me.'' Tchezrek made eyecontact with the other male. He felt safe this way, if this was what safe felt like, then he'd like to stay like this. He had discovered a lot of new things today. But Tchezrek was Tchezrek.
  12. ''Well, I'm a demon. De-mon, as demonic, as a spsawn of Satan as something evil, as something from Hell, I don't know love.'' The sudden warmth of another body, and arm around him surprised Tchezrek and he had no idea about how to react . He felt his heart speed up but had no idea whatso ever why. Usually it did that when he was high on adrenaline from a kill. ''My life has no real purpose either, I'm merely an entitiy that's supposed to serve as a human side ya' know'' Tchezrek raised an eyebrow again, those angels really had too much faith and hope in those whom are lost and forever trapped in the dark.
  13. ''Okay. I'll admit that that is a bit interesting and not in the way as I want to eat or destory it. But dude, seriously, an Angel's Grace? That only comes once a lifetime, and now I don't mean human lifetime, but as in thousands of years.'' Tchezrek chuckled and couldn't help but to smile. Angels really believed in those human pests wandering the earth. He himself couldn't care less about them. ''I myself live for myself and no one else, eaiser that way, no need to get hurt either, not that I feel any hurt or regret, but trusting people is stupid, because everyone is aaaalwaays so honest with each other no?'' ((he's sarcastic and a liar ))
  14. ''Why in Heaven's name would you give up your powers and Angel's Grace for a human?! You know, there's already too much of these pests wandering about this huge rock called Earth!'' Tchezrek just shook his head. How could someone be so stupid to give up something as supernatural powers? And an Angel's grace wasn't something you gave away if you had a VERY good reason. ''Don't tell me you 'love' her?'' Tchezrek raised a snowy eyebrow.
  15. ''An angel of night and cold, look at that. That can be some nasty stuff. Did you loose your grace or something? Usually you angels have very symbolic or ''holy'' powers as you and those fanatical humans put it'' Tchezrek scratched his chin, this guy seemed to be really interesting. And Tchezrek didn't find much interesting. If it was, he was interested in killing it, eating it or just do something else bad towards it.
  16. ''I'm always going to be a scum and something that shouldn't be. The feeling you get is because I'm made of something that comes from the depths of all of us. Well, maybe not angels, but many of them are hypocrites. Home and home, I just stay there because there I wont have to bother with people and uneccessary feelings.'' Tchezrek sat down in the grass sighing heavily. He hated this heavy feeling, talking about deep stuff made him confused too. ''I'm Tchezrek, a demon of hate, and you are?''
  17. ''Hmm...yes...thank you.'' Tchezrek was confused. what was this feeling. Grateful he was for the sleeve, but what was the feeling or rather act the angel showed towards him? ''Concern...if I'm not mistaken?'' Tchezrek looked at the boy with a slight frown. He didn't mix well with unfamiliar feelings, they confused him even more than what he already was. Tchezrek put the sleeve on and looked out over the sea.
  18. Tchezrek hissed. Whenever his arms cracked by his anger it took it's time to heal, even though it made him stronger, it was like a huge wound on his arm which could after a time, bleed him out, not to death but make him bedridden. ''You're not an average angel, are you?'' Tchezrek looked over at the other male. He seemed to have been a fairly young age. Technically angels and demons could live for a very long time, they just aged slowly. Tchezrek himself looked like he was around his early or mid twenties. He could feel the unholyness from the other figure.
  19. ''Demons are demons gal...''Tchezrek just sighed and shook his head. Was that angel girl crazy? Love didn't happen for demons, it was pure lust, both parts loning only for something temporary but love? One chance in a million then. Tchezrek disappeared into a cloud of smoke to god knows where.
  20. ''Oh and you angels always think you have thr right answers. I'm a demon, and demons don't love, duh'' Tchezrek let out a small snarl. ''This, gives me strength, the strength to be beat your angels buddies into pulps!'' Tchezrek showed his now glowing arm. Warm cracks appeared from underneath his skin like scales falling of. ''Niice, sounds good. Tchezrek, and remember that name when you see your friends in the battlefield, bloody, wounded and dead. Maybe I'll take you wings as a trophy I wonder?''
  21. ''I like to cause little angels traumas and cause humans pain what do you think or have your angel knowledge run away silly girl?'' Tchezrek chuckled and smiled even more. His eyes were glowing, like he wanted to tear something apart to sate his bloodthirst. ''And might I ask what it is I'll never truly have? A soul, a family, emotions? Psht! Such things make you weak. That's what makes humans, and they are weak, can't even lift anything heavy without hurting their puny body.'' Tchezrek sneered and shifted to rest on his right leg.
  22. ''Well well well, isn't it a little angel girl. You shouldn't be alone out in the woods, it can be veeeery dangerous out here, hehe'' Tchezrek appeared from a smokey cloud. His appearence rather grusome and cruel looking. He had his hands in his pocket, as if the victory, if a to be fight, would already be his. Tchezrek smiled a broad and teethy smile, revealing his sharp and pointy rows of teethe. ''I could tear those fragile wings from your back in an instant, wouldn't it be quite a shame if a angel didn't have ANY wings at all anymore?'' Tchezreks tail swayed back and forth, he seemed pleased by his threat. He loved putting those angels on egde, always fun, he never got tired of it.
  23. Username:TheFutterwacker Name:Tchezrek Age:567 Gender:Male Species:Demon Powers/Symbolism:Tchezrek is a demon of hate, destruction(death) and anger but aswell intense guilt and regret. Plants withers if he's around them for too long and things die in general faster around him. He also has the ability to suffocate souls which puts the person in question in a coma. He can also drain people of their life energy, making himself stronger, but only for a small time. Tchezrek can easily summon what he represents within someone and he's a master at manipulating people. When he's around, what's good instantly turns bad. He has supernatural strength and agility and his breath reeks of something rotten which is a reflection of the 'rotten feelings' he represents. Personality: Tchezrek isn't the type to get sentimental or emotional, such as crying. He doesn't show much empathy, because he hates everything and everyone that's pretty and just appears to have a 'perfect' apperance and past and stuff like that. Tchezrek likes to play jokes on people, as well being sarcastic or ironic (in the mean way) which can hurt people really bad and he distances himself from people because he don't think anyone would ever want to be his 'friend'. He's actually really angry at himself and therefor easy to piss off when sometimes all Tchezrek wants is a hug. Appearance:Tchezrek is 6'0 tall. His skin is a darker shade of grey, tinted purple. He stands like an animal on it's hindlegs so he basically stands on his toes with nails that's longer and more clawlike. Tchezeks horns goes slightly backwards but the out an then curves to go along his face. The horns are screwed at the tip so they point outwards. his horns are black but at the end they tone out into a strong red colour. His eyes are pitchblack with a bloodred iris and a white pupil. His has a round diamond shape with high cheekbones. His jaw is nothing to play with. It's bigger than on a regular human and his smiles are very broad. His teethe are many and meant to tear flesh from bone. Tchezeks ears are a bit pointy. He muscular and sturdy but not buffed up and more slender in a way. At the end of his back he sports a long slender tail with a double arrow shaped tip at the end of it. Tchezek also have 3 inches long nails on every finger on his hands which is melded with his fingertips. When angry, red cracks crawls up his forarms thanks to his 'burning rage'. His hair is silvery white and goes down to his chest, but most of it is tied up in a knot where it also has to pair of braids on each side of his head. (I might actually cook up a picture for him later on) Background: Tchezek is breed and born from what he represents and there's a myth going on around him that he's a descendant from Death. he usually resides within a dark cave or in Hell. Tchezek is a loner and has never made a bond of friendship or loyality with anyone but the bats in the dark cave in his world where he lives. If you've seen some upside down turned crosses it might have been him because he loves when priests go crazy about it. An angel tried to challange him once and he wondered why and was told about the war. The angel 'sadly' did not survive. Tchezek joined the war because he was bored and wants some action. Other:Tchezek finds it very hard to trust people and he's often jealous of other people who has formed bonds with others because even if he's made of hate and destruction it does get lonely and he's actually very insecure and lost.
  24. I had to choose between so many I'm more for metal and hardrock bands though Thousand foot Krutch and Volbeat are my favorite bands for now though I think