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  1. Northern Lights by Philip Pullman
  2. 100... Bring twenty aggressive, mud covered geese in and let them run through the school kitchens.
  3. I think I'd be a Ravenclaw. I seem to get it quite a lot when I take HP quizzes, plus Luna's my favourite character.
  4. I got 4. I was really surprised since the test seemed quite hard. Struggled mostly in the pink section.
  5. I just wanted to say that these are amazing! I love them all!
  6. Nearly every night I have some kind of crazy dream. Ages ago I had a dream where me, two of my friends, my mum, my sister and her friend were all in the car. We then had to stop the car because in the middle of the road there was a giant slug. We then went to a theme park where we took the slug on various rides before taking it to a snail factory to turn it into a snail. I had another dream where I was a dragon. I was fighting in some kind of army against loads of creatures that looked like Gollum cross Yoda. I was flying over forests of books when my entire army disappeared. I then
  7. I love wolves. I find them interesting and amazing creatures. I like reading fictional books about them though it is not my first choice of fiction. I'd like to be a wolf they seem so free and they are really beautiful.
  8. I like horses they are not my favourite animal but I like them. My favourite breed is Shires, my grandmother used to have one but he died when I was quite young. I've always enjoyed riding them though I don't have a horse or pony of my own. My best friend is obsessed and there are horses in the field next to our house so I see a lot of them.
  9. A Pegasus is not the same thing as a mushroom
  10. I have a dog his name is Mungo and he is a Gordon setter. Gordon Setters are big dogs which are black and tan. He is pretty pathetic as he's huge but still wants to be a lap dog. He begs all the time and wines but we still love him.
  11. DustyBelle died from being eaten by a huge carnivorous chicken!!!
  12. I love the adults they're gorgeous!!! Definitely the best drakes yet. I think I'll have to start a collection of both.
  13. We used to have four cats but we don't have any any more. My mum really wants some but my dad doesn't. He says that they would scare off all the wild birds. I don't see why we can't get one and but a bell on its collar but there's no changing my dads mind.
  14. HopeDragon


    I've now read Temeraire but only the first two. I intend on reading the rest but I'm currently reading other books which I need to finish. I really enjoyed it, I can't say it was my favourite but it was a good book.
  15. I LOVE CHICKENS!!!! They are my second favourite animal (my first being dragons). I have eight at the moment, though I hope to get more. I started off with one chicken who was a stray cockerel. We took him in and named him Harry. He turned out to be a complete psychopath but we kept him anyway. I don't know what breed he is though I'm guessing he's some kind of hybrid cross Cochin. We bought him three hens to add to the flock. Two Cuckoo Marans called Hepzibar (Hepzi) and Hippolyta, and one Buff Orpington called Hecate, who turned out to be a Pekin cross. We let our chickens free range over