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  1. Never. Its the long way why cant people turn into plants
  2. Y'know, you make me want to practice my violin. Why? Because i want to beat your stupid boasting -censorkipz-. You don't have to party whenever someone says good job to you. Jeez. I frankly don't know why i'm your friend. I need a t-shirt that says "I don't care"
  3. Twin Patronus Charms and Hexes Harry Potter? IDK
  4. Thanks! Just curious- is anyone seeing #TheDress egg as black and blue?
  5. I have 18/62 so far (the dress looks white and gold to me)
  6. Can't wait to catch them all! What colors are y'all seeing #TheDress egg as?
  7. What I am allergic to? Stupid people I haven't found anything I'm allergic to except maybe pollen, and hopefully it will stay that way.
  8. Pretties! Thanks TJ and spriters
  9. My pretty souldpeace and... her dark brother?
  10. Why am I so sad? Can anyone recommend comforting music?
  11. Literally exactly how I feel.
  12. My gemstones grew up and i have one of each color
  13. Which are the cookie dough dragons? I saw someone saying that...
  14. A summer class, specifically, College Algebra. I also want to do volunteering, if i can convince myparents
  15. Pretty hatchlings! Well I guess my guess was sorta right