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  1. [ Well, I'm waiting for next day since my character is asleep and my professor character, someone should talk to him or he has nothing to say except he's eating. ]
  2. [i'll leave if everyone else is leaving, I don't want to be in an RP with only 2 people]
  3. [ I would've joined Archios' RP website and rp there as well but he needs to activate my account! ]
  4. [in the dark side, they have cookies! Why am I promoting slytherin? Kevin is Ravenclaw!]
  5. [You always get ninja'd?]
  6. [ I know, we're too kind ]
  7. [Everyone got sorted and most people are eating at the great hall, Gwahanol and Kevin are in the Ravenclaw common room.]
  8. ----- Kevin ----- Kevin walked up to the boys dorm and sat on his bed, he was wondering how his life in Hogwarts would be. He was also nervous about the dementors.
  9. ----- Kevin ----- Kevin climbed inside and noticed all the people, "Well, I'm going to sleep, see you later!" He said.
  10. ----- Kevin ----- "Is it both?" He replied...
  11. ----- Kevin ----- "Sure thing Hannah! I want to sleep!" He replied.
  12. ----- Kevin ----- Kevin was slowly dozing off, "When will we get too see the common rooms?" He asked Hannah, "I woke up really early today, didn't get enough sleep!" He then looked at the flying bird and yawned. He wouldn't usually yawn at that time of day but he woke up early to pack his bags because he didn't want to do it in advance.
  13. ----- Cruben ----- "Expecto Patronum!" he shouted, a blue figure of a bear appeared, it was so bright. ----- Kevin ----- Kevin was amazed as he saw figures of animals appearing all around the room, he saw many creatures, he saw some that were bigger than himself.
  14. ----- Kevin ----- "I want it to be a wolf but I don't really know..."He replied. He then looked behind Hannah noticing a frog gone loose. ----- Cruben ----- Cruben turned towards Merlina, "Why do you think the dementors attacked the train?" He asked. He then looked at all the first years to see if they had been harmed or had been shocked in any way.
  15. ----- Kevin ----- "Sorry, I was half asleep but I'm nervous and tired..." He replied. He then finished eating his food and sat there and listened to their conversation.
  16. ----- Kevin ----- Kevin then looked very confused, "Isn't the patronus an advanced charm? Why are they teaching first years?"He replied. He then continued to eat his food.
  17. [ I'm in Britain and I barely say mum, I and some other people say mom, but I agree British people do say mum instead of mom ] ----- Kevin ----- "I don't know many people here, only the people I spoke to on the train and now." he replied. He then looked around to see if he could spot anyone else he spoke to. "So have you met anyone around here?"
  18. [ What's wrong with mom, and is gwahanol going to reply?]
  19. ----- Kevin ----- "Yes, I have heard of them, my mom told me about them and what they do!" He replied.
  20. ----- Kevin ----- " Hey, that's pretty sweet!" He replied, he was now getting nervous about the amount of people he was meeting and didn't know how to react to it all.
  21. ----- Kevin ----- "Yes, I did wish to be in Ravenclaw." He replied, "You've been looking at that girl a lot, do you know her?"
  22. ----- Kevin ----- Kevin introduced himself to Morgana, "Hey, I'm Kevin, nice to meet you..."
  23. ----- Kevin ----- Kevin was thirsty so he drank water while he watched the sorting ceremony, all the other older Ravenclaw had their eyes on The Sorting Hat.
  24. ----- Kevin ----- Kevin congratulated Gwahanol and Morgana and asked them to sit next to him. ----- Cruben ----- "So he got into Ravenclaw..., the other first years look like they could be good students" He thought to himself.