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    What do I do with this? I found it in the abandoned area and have no idea what to do with it.
  2. In the Twilight series, it takes three books for the girl to get together with a sparkly vampire. Three books. Utter waste of time. And the characters are all so Mary Sue and Gary Stu. Ugh. Plus, I was expecting some epic awesome fight at the end but nooooo. A diplomatic solution that really isn't all that diplomatic and would probably spell the end for the clan. And seriously? Some of the pairings! IT'S CALLED PEDOPHILA, PEOPLE!!! At least Eragon has characters with some measure of originality. But I'd take Lord of the Rings any day of the week.
  3. I really like green and Rai is a nickname of mine so yeah, my name was born. I'm usually known as Rai though, but I don't mind being called Midori. As for my real name, it means pretty and peaceful in Chinese.
  4. (How do you think that could happen?) Horror set her heart pounding, blood rushing to her ears making her dizzy. The voice of her new master seemed so far off, so distant, yet years of conditioning had her body automatically move out of the cage. Heavy manacles clink together in dull rings as she struggles to get out, malnutrition and injuries weakening her body and chains throwing her off balance. Still, she eventually stands before him, eyes to the ground, head bowed submissively, trembling not from fear, but from exertion. Will he be cruel? Will he lock me in? Will he let me go outside? I'd like that. I... enjoy... is that the word? Enjoy? The feeling of wanting it, wanting to stay, a lifting of spirits? Yes, I think that's the word. I enjoy being outside. I... it... it feels... I want... It makes me want to fly. Her new master spoke, voice soft and edged with a strange tone that made her feel... warm. Odd. So different to him. He spoke loudly, sharply, ever edged with anger. His temper, lashing out at whoever was near, usually her, it made her feel cold. This man was different. His voice, his tone, the difference made her confused. She titled her head up till she could see his face. Grey eyes met blank purple, a strange soft expression in the grey. Black hair framed his face in spikes, giving him a roguish boyish look. His face was lifted in a soft way, lips curving upwards in a expression she'd rarely seen, and never directed at her. A smile. He gave her a smile. Is that... is that... is that really a... a... a smile? It looks so warm. Bright. It makes me feel. It makes me feel something. An emotion. Warmth. It's... I've... I can't remember feeling this way before. Astonishment shone in her eyes, an expression flitting across her face in a rare show of emotion. It transformed her, making her seem innocent, childlike; making her seem her years instead of the silent unemotional robot she'd been. She stood, unmindful of her blood dripping from her wounds, unmindful of her cracked ribs, thinking only of the smile Gray gave her. (Waaah! Now i really hate Baikeko! That jerk! That such a common things like sunlight, smiles and emotions are so foreign to her makes me so mad! I don't know why I'm tormenting poor Inaseiko so much! By the way, if you think Inaseiko's reactions and thoughts are strange, she hasn't felt any positive emotions or had any directed at her since her enslavement.)
  5. (Finally read through all 89 pages of this role play! Hey kingcobra2018, you wanna make our characters meet up with the others? It would be quite amusing to see Maddi and Sam's or Tybalt, Zella and Rachel's response to the silent, unemotional Inaseiko. It's okay if you don't want to) As darkened night slowly fades with the pink flush of dawn, heavy footsteps can once again be heard echoing through the building, striding purposely along till they stop in front of a cage wedged in the corner. A tiny body occupies the cell, dark eyes staring unnervingly at the man. He shivers at the blank emptiness of those purple orbs, the hairs on his neck prickling at the creepy sight. Shaking his head to clear him of his wariness, he examines her with a critical eye, exclaiming in anger as he saw her wounds. "She was not to be damaged!" The shout was directed at his companion who'd followed him in. "But it doesn't matter!" The shorter man bristled at the accusation, protests bursting out. "Almost all the slaves at the auction are damaged-" "You idiot!" snarls the first. "She would fetch a much better price at the slave shops! She's got the looks and is young enough to be mouldable." The other man felt heat flushing his face, his embarrassment clear. "Well whatever," he snaps. "Just get her into the van." Throughout the whole dialogue, Inaseiko's eyes never wavered from the taller man, her body never so much as twitching at the discussion of her value. A clang announced the opening of the door, callous hands dragging her out. Greedy eyes stared at her lustfully, and the shorter man bent down to whisper in her ear. "You'd better behave sweet thing or you'll regret." His harsh breath rasped next to her ear, his grip tightening on her arm. He got no reply. Purple locks were abruptly seized and yanked back, her eyes forced to meet his. "Answer me when I talk to you!" The taller man intervened before anything else happened. "Calm down idiot! She was Baikeko's slave remember? The one that never talks?" Rough fingers reluctantly loosened their grip on her hair. "Oh yeah. That one. Inasekka or something, right?" "It was Inaseiko, moron." Her tiny body impacted with the van's boot, the door slamming, a reminisce of last night. She listened to the continuous bickering of the men and wondered if that was normal human interaction. Strange. They sound strange. Weren't Royals supposed to be happy and full of emotions? The conversation between the two sounded... strange. Sharp. Is that what happy is? The van's door opened and again, she was forced out. Another cage. Another barrier. Soon there'd be another master. But it was different. This cage was different. Made purely of reinforced glass, it let in light. Sunlight. Warmth. Brightness. All something she barely remembered, never experienced in her enslavement. Curious eyes, lustful eyes, calculating eyes all stared up at her, yet deep eyes never met theirs. So beautiful. It's... warm. It that the word? Warm. Yes, it's warm. And bright. Dazzling. Brilliant. But it's soft too. It glows. Curious hands move tentatively into the sunlight. The radiant beams shone on her skin, brightening it. Pale lips part ever so slightly as the warmth of the light sent shivers of delight down her back. It was similar to candlelight, yet more natural, less yellow-red and more glowy white. It was beautiful. Indescribable. Her attention riveted on the new sensation, she barely acknowledged the black haired male asking for her. But she did notice. She heard herself being described, detached nothingness showing in her eyes. Yet a spark of alarm passed through her when she heard of his intension of making her talk. No, she wouldn't. She'd obey all his orders as she'd obeyed his but for that one. She wouldn't talk. Even he had given up on that. No, no matter what he may do, she'd keep this last bit of her. She had to. (Sorry, my muse sort of ran away with me here. I'll try and keep future posts shorter)
  6. (Sure. I don't mind who owns Inaseiko, so long as they can give me a recap on their personality and description) A tiny, frail-looking body sits wrapped in shadows, still and silent, not a single muscle moving. Ebony locks tumble from her head to the floor, blending in with the dark of night. Purple eyes, so dark and deep they look black, stare solidly ahead; unseeing, unfeeling, as if their owner were not on this world. She sat, like a pale porcelain doll, beautiful, fragile, so easily broken, the illusion of being stone broken only with slender fingers moving, twitching ever so slightly. I wish... I want... I want to write. I want to... record this night. So beautiful, so serene. Truly inspirational. Fingers gently trace patterns on the floor, words flowing one after another, invisible but to her eyes. An unheard melody weaves itself around the slender figure, now bathed in moonlight peaking from the high windows. Silver light shines on silver blood, the glimmer catching her eyes. A spark lights up dark orbs for a mere second and her lips curl ever so slightly upwards. Her first smile since her enslavement. I want to remember this. I don't want to forget. Please, I want this night, this brief emotion to be immortalised. I like... feeling. The same pale fingers dance purposely across the floor, this time leaving elegant flowing trails behind, liquid silver drying in the cool night air. The pain of her bleeding fingertips does not reach her as her written melody sings in her head, a lyrical song of vast indigo sky, infinite brilliant diamonds imbedded in it, of cool night's wind caressing her limbs and soaring to the skies with a freedom she could only dream of, of soft glowing moonbeams weaving themselves in her tresses as the lunar light embraces her in its purity; a symphony of night. This is my heart. This is my spirit. This is my soul. This is what I want... this feeling, these emotions. It's familiar. I know it. It's called... it's called... it's called... Freedom. (Hope you don't mind me developing her character and feelings)
  7. (Thank you! And can someone give me a recap?) He was dead. Gone. No more. That mean her personal hell was over. Inaseiko felt... curiously empty. No joy. No relief. Just... a blank acceptance. Why? She knew most people would feel something, but it had been so long. So long since she'd been able to feel. Maybe it was because she'd be sold again soon? Perhaps she'd get a worse owner, not that she thought there'd be much worse. Would she submit to a nightmare of torture, of cruelty, just like that? For the first time in years, dark purple eyes flickered with emotion. Not likely. Brutish, strong looking guards came to take her away to the slave auctions. They held heavy manacles and a collar for her to put on. She didn't resist. Fight here? No, no chance. The chains weighed down her small frame, almost a fifth of her body weight, but she didn't complain. She wouldn't complain. Small, bare feet stumbled along the rough ground, battered and bruised but not faltering. The moon, so beautiful. So full. I wish... I were as complete... as pure as that. The men tugged her along roughly, almost dragging her across the gravel. Dark silver blood started dripping, staining stones and grass, painting them pearl. Her body smacked against a bench, pain blossoming in her side and she heard a faint crack. Yet still, no sound passed pale lips, not a whimper, not a cry, not the barest hint of a whisper touched the cool night air. The sky, so vast, so many stars... I think we are like stars, merely one in the infinite sky, yet different. Rough hands shoved a tiny body into a cold,metal cage. The slamming of the door echoes through the vast storehouse, the clicking of the lock so ominous in the silence. Heavy footsteps slowly fade away, leaving the silence of night hanging, almost tangible, around the cages. So long since I've seen it. The sky. The night. Outside. It's been too long. Ebony locks spilled like ink on paper onto the cold, clean floor of the cage. Shadowed eyes gazes at her pale, slender fingers, silvered from her blood. She felt... something. She felt... a strange, foreign feeling. She felt lifted. The memory of a breeze wove through her hair. Is this... happy? Is this... hope? Is this... is this what feeling feels like? (Sorry. My style of writing is kinda different from everyone else's. Hope it isn't too confusing)
  8. Can I still join? If so, here's the character info. Name: Inaseiko (pick a nickname if you want) Age: 9 Appearance: Deep, serious purple-black eyes which are slanted like a feline's, long black hair with natural purple highlights, pale alabaster skin, pointed ears and a small, petite body. Class: Slave History: Found wandering around on her own when she was 4, the first person she met was a greedy slave-owner who saw the potential for a large amount of money to be made from Inaseiko as a slave. Roughly handling her, it is unknown what he did to train her, but the end result was a quiet shadow of a girl who refuses to speak. The slave-owner ended up keeping Inaseiko till his death, which results in her being sold at the slave markets. Personality: She refuses to speak, and has not spoken a single word or made a single sound since her owner conditioned her. She does her tasks in a silent, efficient manner and shows no emotion, seemingly shattered emotionally. In actuality, she is not as broken as she seems and may be able to heal under a caring master, although they will find quite a challenge in her, Other: She may be a elf or fae from her pointed ears, but she has only fragments of memory from before her enslavement. She may not talk, but she writes and draws by the light of a stolen candle at night, although no-one knows.
  9. I'm well aware this is only a fraction of subjects but its all I can think of at short notice.
  10. I may sound ignorant but by evolution, we are talking about natural selection, right? By natural selection I mean that traits that help an organism live longer so as to allow it more time to breed would eventually be dominate in the species because the organisms with such traits survive longer to breed more.
  11. Yes! Someone else who loves lightning! I love watching a thunderstorm with the lightning flashes and dark clouds. If lightning doesn't count as an element, then I suppose wind would be next. Favourite periodic element? Hydrogen. The most common element, found everywhere but still unique in its own way.
  12. I've pretty much had cereal for breakfast for the last 5 years.
  13. I love mint chip! It's my favourite, with green tea being a close second.
  14. If anyone at school asked me that, I'd say art, reading and writing. If anyone online asked me that, I'd say art, reading and writing. If my parents asked me that, I'd say art, reading and writing. If I asked myself that, I wouldn't have an answer. Why? Because I don't know what happiness is defined as. Is it contentment and joy? Is it feeling light and warm inside? Is it the the fierce pride in completing a goal? I'm not quite sure how everyone else can answer that question so easily, but it doesn't seem normal not to be able to answer. Do they substitute 'things that make you happy' for 'things that you enjoy'? I do. Do you?
  15. I'm for green all the way. It's an indication of my love for mountains, forests and spring. Although blue isn't bad either. Pretty sky colours.
  16. It's cold, windy and cloudy with light rain. It was sunny and warm a minute ago. -sighs- Melbourne weather changes way too quickly.
  17. Oooh! 1. A dragon. Because they're awesome, can fly, have special abilities, are unique, can easily defend themselves and multiple other reasons. 2. Thunderbird. Just because I love lightning. 3. Hmm... Either a wolf or a leopard. They're both awesome.