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  1. Sounds Good! Also, here's an example of a female straight: I don't think I have any gender spirals. I might just have straight lineages.
  2. I also added this to the FAQ section to help clear it up. That would be correct. So here's a screenshot of my Male Straight two-headed dragon lineage: All females here are caveborn while all males are the offspring.
  3. Hello there! You would be considered #1 in the member roster! The egg gen would be 2, since that is the generation egg I will be providing. For the lineage type you could go either female straight or spiral since I will be providing a mate egg along with the lineage. Straight female would mean that the shadow lantern babies are female while the cb mates are male. Male straight is the opposite, male lineage and female cb. The spiral just flip flops between the two. The first gen baby will be female, the second will be male, with the third female again. Right now I am waiting for my current pairs to grow up, so you have plenty of time to decided which one. For now I will have you listed for straight female.
  4. What is the difference between a straight and a spiral lineage? A straight lineage entails a specified gender. For example a male straight would have the lineage dragons be male with a female for CB mates. It will look a little bit like this here: In this example the lineage eggs are male while the CB mates are female. Here is an example of a Female Straight lineage. A gender spiral would swap between the two genders. The first gen baby will be male, the second gen baby male, and so on. Another type of spiral lineage can also keep the genders straight like the example above while the species changes. This would mean having a lantern egg every other generation and a Skysilk every other generation. Species Spiral lineage is not available for this lineage, unfortunately. Your only options are Male Straight, Female Straight, or Gender Spiral.
  5. This lineage is a mix of Skysilks and [insert 7/21/19 drag]! The heavenly silky dragons add a soft and gentle mix to the flaming lantern dragons. The lanterns help light the way for the silk dragons who are lost without their guiding lights. Together they lead the way to a new place of living and a better world for all dragon kind. It is said their offspring bring any wary traveler luck and grants safe passage to the travelers' destinations. Will you help continue this quest for a better future? Welcome to the Shadow Silk Lineage! This lineage was created on the same day that the [insert name] was released: 21 July 2019! This lineage will start off rather small and exclusive. We will only open five (5) member slots at a time for every four (4) generations of dragons. The first five members to join this group will be given a gen 2 egg for this lineage to start their project lines. The first three will be given a lineage egg AND a mate egg. These eggs will be influenced depending on the type of line these three will be breeding. First three members will have a fcfs choice of breeding either a female straight, male straight, or gender spiral line. The last two members will receive only the one lineage egg. All gen 2 eggs will be produced from my own pair. With that said you are probably wondering which dragon will be the lineage and which one will be the CB mates. The [insert name] will be the lineaged dragons and Skysilks will be the CB mates. Gen 2 eggs will be given to the first five members ONLY. The next five to join the project will be given gen 4 eggs. The third round will be given gen 8 eggs and so on. I will have badges made for member types that you are welcome to have shown in your signature. I will be keeping a record log of all our official dragons. This record will be recorded in a journal on deviantart. In order to have your dragon recognized as an official lineage dragon you will have to send me a PM with the link to said dragon. After I verify the lineage I will record your dragon. Let's get started and create this pretty lineage together! There will be no bullying within this lineage project. Any bullying found will be reported to mods and all of your dragons will be removed from the official list. Any dragons descended from your dragons may be exempt if owned by a different member. Their ancestors might no longer be official, but the offspring could remain official. Gen 2 eggs will be given to the first 5 members. Gen 4 eggs will be given to the next five. Gen 8 eggs will be given to the following five and so on. Do not mess up this system please. This will help keep us small and will be easy to manage as the group grows. I will be making badges to help sort who is who and will have members listed under what generation egg they started with. First three members will be given a fcfs choice of either a female straight, a male straight, or a spiral lineage. They will be given a lineage egg and a mate egg to start their lineage. The last two members of the first five group will only be given a lineage egg, but have free reign of what kind of lineage to follow. By having the first three pick ensures that at least one of each type of lineage is available for members who wish to breed a specific lineage. [insert name] will be considered the lineage dragon and the Skysilks are the CB mates. Mates for the lineage eggs MUST be CB. DO NOT mix lineages please! Any and all mixed dragons will not be considered official and will not count for this group. We do not require you to breed a certain number of dragons per week. Just keep in mind that 75% of members must reach the generation mark in order for this group to open up for more members. Membership will only be open for every four generations. You will respect all mods and admins for this lineage, the forum, and the game itself. Any disrespect will be handled accordingly and fairly at the discretion of the mods. Eggs will not be sold or shared without my permission. This lineage is private. If you have eggs that you no longer want, you may post about it here and give the egg to another member or myself. Any eggs abandoned will result in the loss of officiality of all your dragons. You will also be kicked as a result. Have fun and enjoy this project! Please name these dragons to match the themes of: heaven, silk, lantern, guide, travel, traveler, guard, guardian, and elegance. To Join Reply with this form and add a pretty color! Name: Member #: Egg Gen: and if you are one of the first three, add this: Lineage Type of Choice: Lothuialel - All Lineages; Lineage Creator; Lineage Owner Jaxalope - Straight Female Lineage; Egg Wait List
  6. Name for dragons....not the name of the lineage
  7. This is OK with me. It will at least give an idea to what I'm doing. Does anyone have any ideas for a name scheme for this?
  8. I was actually thinking of doing that with them too
  9. How about a honey and morpho drake?
  10. This sounds like fun! Sadly, however...I don't have any clean holiday dragons. I missed all the holiday years.
  11. Will make a template somehow... For now here is one pairing that I am preparing for: x I just got a red dorsal egg which is why I am putting that there. Not all the dorsals will be red, but I though the rainbow of purple and red dorsal dragons would be cute. x or x If I were do this by the male side: x or x The moment I have a template made I will show you a bit more of what I mean in this. EDIT: Here's the male checker. I added a couple of red dorsals to show some theretical breeding possibilites. Not all the babies will be red dorsals. Plus I wouldn't do a checher line either. Just a simple bred x cb line.
  12. I love the third to last one. I would need help finding those though
  13. Does anyone know what they are called yet?!?!
  14. I don't see any eggs in the biomes what's going on? I'm missing the sheen egg...I need two!!!
  15. Ugh. That moment when you're trying to get two of each and the blue egg doesn't appear for you at all
  16. Bump. I have the male bred x female CB line finished and ready. I will make a female bred x male CB line next.
  17. ((Thanks for bumping. I'm waiting too...))
  18. I apologize for my absence. I went to see family for Thanksgiving.
  19. The spiral lineage is not yet complete and I am still working on the bred male x CB female lineage.
  20. Lou read through the papers quickly. Her quick reading skills were perfect for situations such as this. "The soil...it is changing." She completely disregarded his rude attitude as her thoughts and worries were deeply focused. Yes, she would need a couple of missions done. First, she would need to consult with Quir as the two leaders would be going on two separate missions. Mystfire claimed to have found an old urban legend about dragon eating plants and was wanting someone to look into it. "I shall speak to Quir at once. Don't leave or go too far, I'll be having a mission or two assignments to be handed out." Lou rushed into Quir's private quarters with Iga's papers and records. "We need to discuss a couple of missions. Since there will be two I thought you and I could get some fresh air and go with the teams. Iga found some evidence of soil movements and flora growth problems in Falkys Vale and Mystfire found old records of legends about a dragon eating plant. I would rather go to the vale than see a plant three times my size wanting to eat me, but what would you like to do?" Festival smiled at Ahlvi and nodded at Grover. "Good morning to you all. I hear that the leaders have been busy in their studies lately and I haven't seen either of them." the little Yulebuck watched the Nebula walk away in search for Lou and proceeded to follow him.