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  1. Are you still having this problem? I haven't been able to play for the exact same reason.
  2. I wish to announce a new Targaryen! Name/link: Gaerion Targaryen / https://dragcave.net/view/MJu3x Gender: Male Parents: Mother: Aeya Targaryen / Father: Aelor Targaryen Generation: 5 Scroll name/link: Cyanna / https://dragcave.net/view/MJu3x Also I need to edit a previous entry as Maenyra Targaryen is actually female. I made a typo in my previous post.
  3. Lots of news today. I wish to announce a new Targaryen! Name/link: Maenyra Targaryen / https://dragcave.net/view/a14YF Gender: Male Parents: Mother: Mother: Oucfim Targaryen / Father: Osofpi Targaryen Generation: 6 Scroll name/link: Cyanna / https://dragcave.net/view/MJu3x Also I wish to announce a new Targaryen! Name/link: Aelor Targaryen / https://dragcave.net/view/DqysG Gender: Male Parents: Mother: Callysto Nogard Targaryen / Father: Ganymede Nogard Targaryen Generation: 4 Scroll name/link: Cyanna / https://dragcave.net/view/MJu3x Also Aelor and his sister, Aeya, are new parents. Now that I know they can be a breeding pair... The Prince and Princess wish to help! Name of Prince: Aelor Targaryen Name of Princess: Aeya Targaryen Generation of both: 4 How you would like to be contacted: PM
  4. Summoned a Guardian of Nature on the first try.
  5. I have a daughter who was given one of the top for the year at the time (Sophia). I was really reluctant to name her as such....but the hubs pointed out since when have I let the tastes of other dictate my own and also the fact that this name had only gained a surge of popularity recently. MY name (Catherine), on the other hand, never seems to go out of fashion even when it's not a top 10. If I can live my school years with at least one other kid sharing my name, I think our kid will survive. If I have another daughter, I want to name her Verity but hubs hates that name. As a weird coincidence, I married a guy who had the same name I would have gotten had I been born male.
  6. Still a hatchling right now but she just gendered so... I wish to announce a new Targaryen! Name/link: Aeya Targaryen - https://dragcave.net/view/SnfBG Gender: Female Parents: Callysto Nogard Targaryen & Ganymede Nogard Targaryen Generation: 4 Scroll name/link: Cyanna - http://dragcave.net/user/Cyanna Relieved that I have a princess on the first egg as all my pinks are male. Thanks again arya10.
  7. I'm afraid of most bugs. I can handle black ants, fireflies, ladybugs, some butterflies/moths/caterpillars and teeny tiny spiders but that's about it and not all the time. I know it's irrational and stupid. My brain KNOWS there is no danger. But there is this strong fear/revulsion to the point I experience phantom itching for a few minutes afterward like I'm being crawled on. I can't even really bring myself to touch an image of a bug...even a bug I'm not normally afraid of.
  8. *jumping in* I was really glad to see this episode get made period. I kinda found the whole leaving town and burning bridges thing a little unsatisfactory. The more the series went on, the more I wanted to see Gilda and Dash (and Pinkie as an added bonus) reconcile. After all she was a significant part of RD's past and it does make me sad to see that relationship come to a harsh end. I don't mind seeing villains redeem themselves especially when they have to earn their happy endings. My 3-year old daughter absolutely LOVES Discord and refers to the two Equestria Girls movies as "The One Where Sunset Shimmer is Bad/Good"
  9. Watching Sound! Euphonium as it gets released. It's making me really nostalgic for my own band days. Also getting through Kill la Kill when I have time for it.
  10. I like this. I wish to fight with the Targaryens! Forum name: Cyanna Scroll name/link: http://dragcave.net/user/Cyanna Preferred lineage (if any): 4, 5, or 6. I'd like to start in the middle of the tree. Number of eggs: (1 or 2) 2, siblings please