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  1. I have to say, I'm quite frustrated with the constant "no passwords on hatcheries, it would be too much work" argument. Every browser out there will remember a login for you! So you bookmark the login page, your browser fills it in, all you have to do is click the "log in" button and then add your scroll. One mouse click is not adding any work or frustration to you! But it will add frustration to viewbombers and make it that much harder for them to kill our eggs. I find the argument specious, while the addition would make it infinitely safer and less frustrating for those of us who HAVE b
  2. Happened yet again. I have a bunch of hatchies a friend bred me as eggs. They're all around 3.3-3.7K views - except the sick one who is around 7K. All of them were in the same single hatchery. It's an avatar, and I'm thinking of fogging the gold as well even though it hasn't been bombed just because I'm posting here and now people are going to go look at my scroll. What is WRONG with people????? (yes, that is rhetorical... sigh)
  3. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: Shalora I'm stuck at level 10...
  4. That does not account for those of us who have had eggs viewbombed *when we have not put those eggs into clicksites*. It's not just a question of random chance, these are eggs that were caught fair and square and kept quiescent on the scroll, no clicksites at all, and then you log in the next day and they are sick. It is deliberate, it is malicious, and it is hurtful.
  5. The overburdened message showed up for me, just like always. Might just be you.
  6. GORGEOUS eggs! Thank you, TJ!
  7. Um, they've only been able to breed for half an hour. Give it some TIME, they'll be breedable for the whole week. Half an hour is *nothing* in the course of a week!
  8. New dragon will come out on Halloween. In the meantime, we have this lovely Carnival and the trick-or-treat to play with. Also, if you have any of the previous Halloween dragons, they will now breed and have babies of the Halloween breed. That will happen all week long. And if you're missing previous Halloween dragons, there will be eggs in the AP to collect as others breed theirs (I've already sent several Shadow Walker eggs that way!).
  9. Go click on your dragon page. There will be a link there to the Carnival. Also, as you click around the site, you will periodically see small images. If you click those, they will be added to your "trick-or-treat" page - just little images to collect.
  10. Halloween! Stayed up late to see what was on for this year!
  11. I'm O and rh positive. They like it when I donate - O+ is not the universal donor, that's O-, but they can and do use O+ for someone who is rh positive and whose blood they don't have on hand, to save the O- for the ones who haven't been typed yet. Say someone is type B+, and they're out of B+ blood, they can use the O+ for that person and save the O- for the ones whose type they don't yet know.
  12. Category: Breeders - Breeds Title of Record: Most Waterhorses Name of Submittant (forum name): Shalora Scroll Name (link): Shalora Proof for Record: I have 270. My scroll is grouped by breed, so I have 2 at the top of my scroll for a project and the rest towards the end (pages 4 and 5 if you're on 250 per page). That 270 is counting adults only, not including my frozen hatchlings.
  13. I'm not getting a "too many connections", I'm just getting an "Unknown MySQL" error. With the flood of new eggs, though, I'm not surprised that the main hatcheries are going down!
  14. Plus, the people they're funneling to are thus not catching, so it's a wash.
  15. This. Turps aren't my cup of tea, but they are very striking, and frankly I think the olives are adorable.
  16. Makes me think of Koi fish, you often get black caps on them.
  17. The OP says they're in the coast, so you won't see any in the other biomes, no point looking there.
  18. Since you're using control anyway, holding it down and hitting W will close the tab you're in (and it responds faster than clicking the x on the tab, then waiting for it to be "ready" to close the next one). I use control + r to refresh, control + click to open in new tabs, and control + w to close the hundreds of new tabs that don't have eggs. Super simple.
  19. Actually, that's down quite a bit. Could be very encouraging.
  20. That's an awesome code, for those who know their Mayan folklore...
  21. That's why you report them. What's to stop them is having their scrolls burned.
  22. Yeah, but now those users CAN'T get any more eggs. So now there's more chance for the rest of us to get some. And we're barely an hour into the release. Every locked user, while maybe frustrating in general, means one more person who CAN'T be competing with you for the eggs YOU want.