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  1. i'm probably the last one to realize this but HOLY CRAP
  2. I've noticed this happen before in the past, usually with newer releases. They always eventually end up being assigned a color value, you just have to keep checking.
  3. I use my dragons' codes as their names! I fix the capitalization and turn the numbers into letters (1=A, 2=B, 3=C, 0=O, etc). Here are some of my favorites: Qlomy (Ql0my) Xiofe (xi0FE) Dinim (DInIM) Gbbok (7bBOk) Ebhoo (5bH0O) Arawi (Ar1WI) Kwele (kWEL5) Smude (SMu4E) Utina (uT9n1) Ushul (UsHUl) Khosr (Kh0sR) Hayek (8aY5K) Lagia (LaG91) Tohro (TOhrO) Esvar (EsvAR) Greap (gR5ap) Axiqa (ax9Qa) Ceyra (C5yR1) Phwo (phWo) Bwael (bwAel) Cinue (CiNu5) Bayiq (2aY9q) Owinn (Ow9nn) Xmene (XM5NE) Moyph (MOYPH) Boker (b0k5R) Aomyn (a0MYN) Jacen (jAc5N) Hanis (8ANIS)